A unique population of the Great Buddha at Thien Duc Park

Only about 10km from Hung Temple, Thien Duc Cemetery Park is a solemn spiritual tourist destination with many unique wonders of Buddha statues created by the golden hands of the sculptor Thuy Lam, sending many messages about “eternity” to everyone.

Do not go to India, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, or China to see the famous Buddha wonders such as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue in India, Trung Nguyen Buddha Statue (Great Spring Buddha) In Henan – China, Laykyun Sekkya Buddha Statue in Monywa Myanmar or Great Amitabha Ushiku Daibutsu Buddha Statue in Ibaraki Japan. Just travel more than 1 hour along the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway to the immense land of palm hills – Phu Tho, you will see the unique Great Buddha statues at Thien Duc Park.

Thien Duc Cemetery Park is praised as a “5-star hotel” for eternity by its luxury, harmony with nature and spirituality. The attraction of the park is not only due to the element of feng shui, but also by the unique wonders of Buddha statues and beautiful natural ecosystems.

Unique population of the Great Buddha at Thien Duc Park - Photo 1.

The solemn Zhuan Falun in the afternoon sun at Tiande Park

Each statue has a different look and message, if the statue of Buddha entered Nirvana in a lying position with a length of 56 meters and a height of 23 meters, it sends the message of peace, liberation because life is impermanent. Is the statue of Amitabha standing on the lotus, 48m high, handshake like the spectrum of sentient beings. The Bodhisattva statue, with a height of 12.8m, represents the light that dispels darkness. 

The Statue of Maitreya, sitting posture over 20 meters high, carries a symbol of happiness and gentleness. The 25-meter tall Zhuan Falun is a reminder of the fact that the Falun Gong wheel was officially operated, leading sentient beings to enlightenment. The spiritual path is 1km long with 500 Arhat statues on both sides of the road interspersed with rows of bodhi trees, the sound of the temple bell ringing dispels the fatigue of the hustle and bustle world out there.

Unique population of the Great Buddha at Thien Duc Park - Photo 2.

The statues of Buddha Amitabha and Maitreya Buddha are on the poetic Luc Thuy Lake

Following the spiritual path will take your steps to Trinh Temple and Thien Long Pagoda, where the Buddha blood relic is located from Myanmar, stepping on the mossy stairs on a sunny afternoon. On the first day of spring with the fresh space of the palm hills, the immense tea hills of Phu Tho, the sound of the wind swinging gently on the green branches feels so peaceful.

Unique population of the Great Buddha at Thien Duc Park - Photo 3.

Thien Long pagoda is quiet in the afternoon shadow that falls on the steps.

As can be seen, Thien Duc Park tells the story of the philosophy of life by Buddha Dharma through the wonders of Buddha statues here, making the soul feel revived, awakening the “pure nature of humanity” in each person.

Besides the unique spiritual wonders, Thien Duc Park also holds people’s hearts by many beautiful and poetic natural landscapes. This March, coming to Thien Duc, you can not only watch the green Luc Thuy lake for four seasons, have fun with wild ducks, fish swimming in the lake, but also see triangular flowers, purple flowers, pure white. of the fragrant grapefruit sounds confused …

Unique population of the Great Buddha at Thien Duc Park - Photo 4.

Family visit the grave and take commemorative photos with triangular flowers in Thien Duc

Perhaps that is why, if anyone has ever been to Thien Duc Park, they will never forget every branch, blade of grass and the very rustic sound of this place.

During the Thanh Minh period and early spring festival in 2021, we invite you to Thien Duc Park to admire the unique wonders of Buddha statues and enjoy the privileged natural flavors here. All travel expenses from Hanoi are covered by Thien Duc. Follow Theo Nhịp Sống Kinh Tế