The ‘road through the sea’ is 500 meters long

BINH DINH – From March to September, visitors to Hon Kho (Quy Nhon) can explore the “road through the sea” that is over 500 meters long.

In recent years, Hon Kho Island (also known as Hon Kho Island) has become an attractive destination for young people who love to move. In addition to the pristine and original beauty inherent with fine white sand, clear blue seawater, and fresh seafood dishes, this place also attracts visitors by the unique “cross-sea road”.

Hon Kho is popular with tourists by possessing one of the most beautiful cross-sea roads in Vietnam.  Photo: medium
Hon Kho attracts tourists by “the road through the sea”. Photo: Medium

Seen from above, “road through the sea” is about 500 meters long, connecting two mountains. The interesting point is that it is not always possible to see this unique street because the water level rises and falls depending on the season. Every time the tide recedes, the rapids began to rise out of the water, opening the path between the sea

According to locals, the cross-sea road has appeared for a long time in Hon Kho. However, this area is unspoiled so little is known. In recent years, sea and island tourism has developed strongly, many young people come here to visit and experience very excitedly with the “cross-sea road” so they should be introduced on social networking sites. Thanks to that, Hon Kho welcomes more tourists, people’s lives are also improved.

A fisherman on the island said that the right time to visit Kho Island and explore this unique route is from March to September because the sea is quite mild now, the climate is harmonious, with little rain.

The road through the sea viewed from above.  Photo: toan.blu.
“Road through the sea” viewed from above. Photo: @ toan.blu

Hon Kho is located in Hai Dong village, Nhon Hai commune, about 16 km from Quy Nhon city center. From the center of Quy Nhon, tourists can ride a motorbike or take a car across Thi Nai bridge, cross Nhon Hoi economic zone, along Mai Huong bay and then cross a pass road to reach Nhon Hai fishing village. From the fishing village, visitors can go by boat or canoe for about 10 minutes to Hon Kho isle.

Visitors to Hon Kho can snorkel and admire the beautiful corals along the cliffs. The coral population in the area is diverse and colorful. When the tide rises, visitors can enjoy the waves with motorcycle games, surfing rubber canoes. On Hon Kho Island there is also a wooden bridge close to the cliff leading to “the road through the sea”.

Hon Kho wooden bridge - a unique check-in point in Quy Nhon.  Photo: Nguyen Chi Nam.
Hon Kho wooden bridge is an attractive check-in point in Quy Nhon. Photo: Nguyen Chi Nam

In addition to the unique check-in points, visitors here also enjoy a variety of fresh seafood on floating cages in the middle of the sea. Her nipples, crabs, crabs, sea nymphs … or fragrant grilled fish are worth a try when coming here. Follow vnexpress