2021 Dalat travel experiences the most detailed

Dalat travel experience will be indispensable luggage. If you want to have a tour, travel, vacation. In the most beautiful and meaningful city of flowers.

If you are planning to choose for yourself and your family to come to Da Lat in the upcoming vacation. Then in addition to the knowledge of the best quality Da Lat hotel booking experience in 2021Then another indispensable luggage is the Dalat travel experience.

As before, it is a matter of finding related information. The supplementary knowledge for me and my family to have a trip, vacation, … becomes difficult and it is difficult to fully understand the necessary information. Nowadays, the information pages, the social network. Or refer to relatives and friends, these issues become quite easy.

Dalat travel experience
Dalat travel experience

But that will be quite difficult and inconvenient for you. When to select the right information and knowledge for your trip. That is why the following article of www.vinlove.net. Will synthesize all the most useful information about Dalat travel experiences. So that you and your family have more for themselves suitable luggage. To make your vacation in Da Lat become the most complete and wonderful one.

Overview of Dalat travel experiences

If you “ever” had a trip to Da Lat. Surely before you depart, you must have also. Supplementing with knowledge about travel experiences in Da Lat, right? Or have also consulted through the reviews, sharing. New visitors have the most complete and wonderful tour of Dalat. Just for that purpose is to build your own Dalat travel guide . To come to this beautiful and romantic city. Do not feel surprised and also let yourself have a meaningful and wonderful trip.

Overview of Dalat travel experiences

There is a lot of useful information. Synthesized by Vinlove from many different sources. Which is Da Lat travel experience self-sufficient, cheap Dalat travel experience, … Just for the main purpose that is to bring you more useful information.

Perhaps it will be true for one person or not for the other. But if you know all the information that we will share below. It will definitely make your vacation more wonderful. Why? Because Dalat is a beautiful place, very poetic and romantic. It is impossible to discover it all once in a while. But sometimes it takes many times to understand more about this romantic land.

Experience cheap Da Lat tourism 2021

To be able to give yourself a complete and meaningful trip to Dalat. Then in addition to prepare the appropriate luggage and travel knowledge. Then also need how to “measure, measure, measure”. How to spend the most reasonable and appropriate way. Just can guarantee a full and wonderful tour. While you can save unnecessary costs while traveling.

Experience cheap travel Da Lat

This is probably going to be a problem that many of you are interested in. Especially young people want to visit many beautiful places in Da Lat. Still want how can you save money for the maximum travel.

If you do not understand the necessary information below. I would like to guarantee that you will have to spend “useless” expenses on your travel there. So the best way you should consult in detail this article by Vinlove. Or, if not, consult relatives and friends. Those who had the most wonderful travel to Da Lat.

Be sure with the information we provide. Along with that are the luggage you have available. Then you will have a wonderful trip for yourself.

The most detailed Da Lat tourism experience in 2021

During the last days of 2019 and the beginning of 2021. Surely you already know the stress situation of the Corona Virus epidemic, right? However, during this time in Da Lat, tourism activities were still happening normally. Only in April 2021, the tourism situation in Da Lat was suspended due to the social gap to fight the epidemic.

Experience cheap Da Lat tourism 2020

Because of the epidemic, visitors to Da Lat have a little decrease. However, at the new Da Lat hotels, tourists were most preferred. Then safety measures are still recommended for visitors. Which is antibacterial hand sanitizer, free mask, … That’s why you should feel secure when choosing to come to Da Lat!

Before that, in the period of early 2021 to April 2021. In Da Lat, there were hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to visit and relax. This is also the Lunar New Year holiday, so tourists are extremely crowded. The majority of tourists choose to come to Da Lat because they like the atmosphere here. It is also to relieve the tiring stress after a long stretch of work and study.

That is why, if you come to Da Lat during this time, prepare well and be very attentive!

Update on Covid’s situation – 19 in Da Lat

As far as you know, the Corona Virus (Covid 19) is an epidemic. It has a presence all over the world and our country in Vietnam is not an exception.

Covid 19 is a virus that seriously affects the health of people. This virus originated in Wuyan City, Hubei Province, China.

With the situation of joining hands together to fight against epidemic “anti-epidemic rather than anti-enemy”. In Vietnam and typically in Da Lat in general, measures were also taken to combat epidemics.

Tourist sites were in strict compliance with disease regulations. Willing to “pause” activities to reverse the epidemic. Hotels, places of business and accommodation services in Da Lat. Observe the regulations on guest notification as well as safety measures. Most hotels provide free hand sanitizer. Some hotels also give out masks for free to guests.

Update most accurate information. As of 06/04/2021 in Da Lat and Lam Dong province. Van has not confirmed any case of infection with the new strain Ncov! That also saw Da Lat as a beautiful tourist city. There are also extremely effective anti-epidemic measures.

What should be prepared when traveling in Da Lat during the epidemic season

Social quarantines were in compliance with government regulations. Then in Da Lat the establishments stayed. Or the locations of tourism service business. Do not welcome any visitors. Almost all citizens have Bluezone software installed. To detect people returning from epidemic areas to take timely and appropriate response measures.

After the end of the quarantine period, the social exclusion was in accordance with the regulations of the government. Service activities related to the tourism industry are put into normal operation again. However, there are still appropriate measures for everyone to join hands to fight the epidemic. Such as equipping with antiseptic hand sanitizer, wearing a medical mask in public.

If you have scheduled and selected Da Lat as a destination for you and your family on this occasion. We should prepare ourselves well for measures to prevent and prevent epidemics. Like wearing a mask in public. Prepare to produce dry hand sanitizer for yourself and your family, …

Traveling to Dalat to explore and experience, visit beautiful places. HOT locations in Da Lat. However, health safety issues also need to be ensured.

What kind of virus is Covid 19?

Corona virus (covid 19) is a virus that causes diseases of the respiratory tract on our human body. This is an extremely dangerous virus. Can be spread from person to person. Especially for those who are not sick (already infected) can still spread this virus. (The incubation period will be 14 days from the date of infection).

When sick, people infected with covid 19 will have symptoms such as: cough, fever, difficulty breathing. Symptoms associated with covid 19 should begin to appear within 14 days.

Until the human body becomes sick, this virus can seriously affect the lungs. Lung damage, respiratory failure and possibly death.

The phone number for Dalat tour 2021

Traveling in the current “era” is not too difficult at all. But to have the most complete and meaningful travel. Especially when choosing to come to the romantic city of Da Lat. It will be a difficult job that everyone can complete well.

That is why you need to refer to Dalat travel experiences. From friends, relatives, articles or from travel agencies, … So that you can draw your own experiences. Get your own experiences to get the most complete travel.

Da Lat tour booking phone number

Fin! If you are planning to come to Da Lat in the near future. Despite being a seasoned person when traveling to Da Lat. Or someone who has never been to Da Lat once. Want to contact Vinlove to book a hotel. Most especially contact to book tour. 

Dalat travel experience self-sufficient

The current! There are many travel agencies, or tour operators. Organizing tours and tours to Da Lat City. Or the tour programs through Vietnam, tours to beautiful places in Vietnam. But in those destinations, Da Lat will also be a place not to be missed.

Dalat travel experience self-sufficient

However, if you choose to travel to Da Lat on your own. There will also be a lot of interesting things. But if you join the tour programs to Da Lat. Certainly, it is impossible to experience and feel it all.

Especially with this article about this Dalat travel experience. Will give you a lot of useful information. Let you and your family have the best self-sufficient tour of Da Lat.

Here are our selected experiences. Taken from the practical experiences of many other travelers. There have been many times to travel to Dalat, as well as lead the group to Dalat. It can be seen that these are all “bloody” experiences that we share with you. Just with the desire to help you somewhat in your trip.

How much does Dalat travel self-sufficient?

If you want, you have chosen for yourself a self-sufficient Dalat tour. Perhaps the information that we provide below will be extremely helpful. To have a tour to Da Lat within 3 days 2 nights. Not including the cost of car tickets or air tickets. Then the estimated cost for an adult is about 2 million to 2 million 5 hundred thousand dong.

How much does Dalat travel self-sufficient?

Or if you want to shorten your travel time in Da Lat. Due to many different reasons. As far as we know, it will take about 1 million 5 hundred thousand. For those who choose to come to Da Lat 2 days 1 night. This cost is very comfortable for you when coming to Dalat already. Stayed at 1 star hotel Dalat near the center . Eat delicious and unique food, … Note that this fee does not include car tickets or air tickets!

These are all the most necessary expenses included in the program then! And if you want a longer trip in Da Lat. In places “luxurious”, the cost will change a little more!

These are all estimated expenses. As for details, I think no one can speak clearly. Or if you can schedule the most specific for yourself. From there it is possible to estimate the specific cost there.

Dalat travel experience seasonal

There are many tourists when contacting us. To book Da Lat hotel, newly built cheap price. Or when we need it, we advise on the cheap 1-day tour of Da Lat 2021. We all have the same question that is “Which season is the best in Dalat?” But for us, a child has lived and worked for a long time in the beautiful city of flowers. Every season in Dalat is beautiful, each season has its own beauty. If you need, you are someone who knows how to discover and feel. Then surely when you come to Da Lat in any season, you will feel beautiful. Also, feel interesting.

Dalat travel experience seasonal

It can be affirmed that each season in Dalat has new things waiting for you to discover and experience. Such as the flower seasons, specialty seasons, … Or the tourist destinations change to best meet the needs of your visitors. So we have a very sincere advice for you. That is, if you have free time, please come to Da Lat right away. Because what season to travel to Dalat is a very simple matter. So do not worry too much about this issue.

What is the best season to travel to Da Lat?

As mentioned above, every season in Dalat is beautiful. Every season has its own beauty and characteristics. Any season you want to come to Da Lat. Or it feels like if you have free time to come to Da Lat, you will also feel a lot more wonderful things. According to the perception of many people as well as their own feelings. Then the beauty comes from the selves of each of us. Each person has their own opinion and assessment. Can not force anyone according to any rules at all.

What season is the best season to travel to Da Lat?

For example, you see Da Lat in the spring is the most beautiful. Because there are a lot of Mai Anh Dao flowers. Along with that are the scenes in Da Lat that are blooming. And you feel that Da Lat summer is the most beautiful. Because during the day it feels a little warmer. But the night falls with a characteristic chill of Da Lat.

Beauty and beauty are due to the feeling of each person. But this article we will also share with you all the seasons in Dalat. For you to refer together and be able to choose for yourself the most suitable time to come to Da Lat.

What’s HOT in Dalat?

According to the visitors. It’s also my own feeling. So I like Da Lat best in spring. The season of traditional Tet.

The streets here are filled with flowers. Nature and heaven like changing a new shirt to welcome a new spring. The weather in Da Lat also changes to welcome a spring of peace and happiness.

What's HOT in Dalat spring?

The quiet and peaceful space has bold characteristics of Dalat. Fresh, cool air with no smog at all. Flowers are racing to show off all the open streets of the neighborhood. People then take advantage of their work to buy food. Tet items for my family.

If you have the opportunity to try once to Dalat in the spring. Time to change from the old year to the new year. Then you can feel all the beauty. All the so-called “quintessence” of heaven and earth in this romantic land.

In addition to Mai Anh Dao flowers, in Da Lat at this time there were also Ban White flowers. Surely there will be more for you to many great choices. To be able to explore the beautiful land of Dalat. You can have for yourself the best photos and experiences.

Da Lat travel experience from February to April

This time in Dalat still “lingers” a little “aftertaste of spring” season of traditional Tet. In addition to the Mai Anh Dao flowers are racing to bloom at the streets in Da Lat. During this time, there were flower gardens and tourist attractions in Da Lat. Dress up in a new shiny and colorful outfit.

In addition to Mai Anh Dao, there is another flower. Equally beautiful and unique that you cannot ignore when coming to Da Lat at this time. That is the purple phoenix flower. This is also a flower associated with beautiful Dalat City.

These are the places for you to take pictures, “virtual life” delightfully under a beautiful natural landscape in Dalat. Surely when you come to Da Lat at this time. Then prepare yourself for beautiful clothes. The outfits are gorgeous. To get yourself a lot of beautiful photos, lots of “million views” photos!

Da Lat travel experience from May to August

Da Lat from May to August is also the summer vacation time of the students. This is also the peak tourist time in Da Lat. The number of tourists coming to Da Lat at this time is extremely crowded. According to my own point of view and also the contributions of many other tourists. I was in Da Lat at this time, although it was in the summer. But the air is still very fresh and cool, the natural scenery is also quite suitable for travel or relaxation.

Partly due to other provinces in Vietnam. At this point the weather is quite hot and majestic. So when you choose to come to Da Lat, you will feel the cool and fresh climate. There are many tourists who are happy to say that. Coming to Da Lat at this time just to breathe, feel the cold, get dressed, … After coming back, I feel very happy.

Most characteristic in Da Lat at this time. That is you can easily feel the full 4 seasons in 1 day. With the beautiful early morning rays of the morning. The sound of birds chirping on the branches. The rays of sunlight pierced each leaf, the wind blew. Making Da Lat become more beautiful and poetic than ever. This is the best time for you.

Dalat travel experience from September to December

If you do not know why Da Lat was given a name. As “The city of fog”, “City of flowers”, … Please choose to come to Da Lat at this time to find out the answer together!

From September to December, in Da Lat, many more flower paths and flower fields appeared. Because this is also the time when wild flowers in Da Lat start to bloom. Which is Da Quy flower street, Co Hong hill, … At this time, Da Lat will be immersed in misty mist at dawn or late at night.

Not only that, with floating clouds covering the whole sky. Even more adorn the magical and romantic beauty of Dalat.

Note when coming to Da Lat at this time. You have to prepare yourself warm things for your body! Which are coats, scarves, wool hats, wool gloves, … How to be trendy, have your own “style”. But it must also be appropriate to participate in tour programs. Especially at this time, clouds and dew in Da Lat were more beautiful than ever. Therefore, please register to join the 1-day Da Lat cloud hunting tour. To be able to take pictures of “virtual life” with a beautiful natural “background” offline!

Experience in choosing a suitable place to stay in Da Lat

Do not always love to choose things, choose places to take pictures, to visit. Forget about choosing and booking a suitable place to stay! Da Lat regardless of season or day. The temperature here is quite cold at night. Many nights, the outdoor temperature in Da Lat can sometimes drop to 8 ° C.

It is imperative that you find yourself a suitable place to stay and rest. Avoid catching colds or affecting your health. It is considered that my trip and visit and my family have no meaning anymore.

Experience in choosing hotels when traveling to Da Lat

Therefore, a place to stay in Da Lat will also contribute significantly. For you to have the best travel. But choosing a suitable place to stay in Da Lat is also relatively easy.

What are the newly built luxury and cheap hotels in Da Lat? Hotels, homestay, resort, or fully furnished villas. Although the number of accommodation business establishments is relatively large. But to be able to choose a location that is most suitable for you. It will not be easy at all!

So you need to consult through travel experiences. To be able to choose for themselves a suitable and best place to stay.

Experience in Dalat hotel booking

Every year, the number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Da Lat is extremely crowded. Especially during the high season or the holiday season. That is why the relaxation demand of tourists is also relatively large. Grasp this essential need. But in Da Lat there were a lot of accommodation business establishments built. From budget to luxury to best meet your needs for relaxation and relaxation.

Experience in hotel booking when traveling to Da Lat

But to be able to choose for yourself a place to stay like and most suitable. Especially choosing for yourself a Dalat hotel near the cheap market. It will not be easy at all.

So if you don’t have the necessary experience or knowledge. To choose a suitable place to stay in Da Lat. Then surely you will not be able to choose a place like that.

If you are coming to Da Lat for the first time. It is advisable to book a room through travel agencies. Both quality and prestige receive many attractive incentives. If you have come to Da Lat many times. Staying at a familiar spot. If you want to change a little, then contact us immediately for advice and reservations!

Which hotel should I stay at when traveling to Da Lat?

This is probably a question that many tourists are interested in. Depending on your needs and purposes, we can advise you on the right hotels. However, in this article we will highlight only a few typical hotels. For you to easily imagine and also this is a suitable choice for you?

Ngoc Mai Phu Hotel. 1 star standard. Address: 73 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.

Hai Uyen Hotel. 1 star standard. Address: 67 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.

Thien Hoa Hotel. 2 star standard. Address 137 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.

These are 3 hotels that many tourists love and choose when they have the opportunity to come to Da Lat. With extremely luxurious and classy quality. Especially the price is relatively cheap. Suitable for many tourists whether guests, households or groups.

There are many other hotels that are also quality and cheap. If you are interested, please contact us directly. Or can refer to the article about hotel booking experience. To be able to make the most suitable choice for me!

Which guest house should I stay at when traveling to Da Lat?

It is said that “motel”, but actually refers to the quality of service. It is not inferior to cheap hotels near the center! The motels in Da Lat today are built quite a lot. Located in areas that are under extreme development.

Service quality is extremely luxurious and classy. But because the number of rooms is not enough, or because the owner has a certain purpose. So these places of stay are only labeled as motels. But it also doesn’t matter, the accommodation option is both convenient, but extremely cheap. Again, it is easy to explore Dalat in a particular way that very few hotels have.

One more point that cheap motels are many tourists choose. That is a very luxurious and cozy space. Choosing to stay here will give you the most comfortable feeling. Funny owner, enthusiastic staff, … Gives you a feeling of familiarity and intimacy, like living in your own house.

Which villa should stay in Dalat when traveling?

Referring to the full-fledged villas and villas for rent in Da Lat. It is impossible to list them all. The biggest advantage when you choose to stay at a villa or villa. That is will have a private and most comfortable space. You can organize meals, sing songs, etc. together with your relatives and friends.

Cook your own delicious dishes with fresh green ingredients of Dalat. Serve for families and relatives. Or can organize outdoor BBQ parties. Right in the garden area of ​​the villas that I have selected.

Which Villa should you choose when traveling to Da Lat?

A special feature of the villas or villas in Da Lat. It is designed in the style of French architectural style. Again located in locations with beautiful views, cool and fresh air, …

It is also because of these advantages that in recent times. There are many travelers who prefer to choose a villa for their family when coming to Da Lat. If you want, you are planning to choose a resort villa when coming to Da Lat. Then you can refer through this article to choose a suitable villa and like the best!

Which homestay should I stay at when traveling to Da Lat?

Homestay Dalat is one of the new types of accommodation known to tourists in the past few years. But this is one of the most popular places to stay in Dalat. Especially young people and couples love homestay very much. Regularly choose a homestay as a place to stay for you and your family.

But homestay in Da Lat are designed and built very simple and rustic. Directing out to beautiful landscape areas. Bring back the essence of Dalat poetry and fanciful. Designed in an open architecture style, very friendly and in harmony with nature. If you want, you want to have for yourself the most comfortable and peaceful moments. Then choosing a homestay is the most appropriate choice.

The homestay located in locations are also quite convenient and easy to move. The rooms are fully equipped with the most necessary amenities. Be as free and comfortable as being in your own home. There is a campus area and garden for you to eat, have fun, … That hotels cannot give you.

Which resort should stay in Da Lat?

If you have any intention of staying at the resort when coming to Da Lat. Then surely you will get yourself a peaceful and comfortable trip. Because most resorts in Dalat are located in Tuyen Lam Lake area. The city center is about 10-15 minutes by car. That’s why you choose to stay here. You will not feel noise, dust pollution, noise pollution, … Because the Tuyen Lam lake area has a very charming landscape. Surrounded by green pine forests again.

Not only that, the resorts in Da Lat are all luxurious and world-class resorts. There are many types of services included. Such as play, beauty, sport. That is why when you stay here you will get the best time to rest. Helps the body to reduce stress and fatigue. The worries and sorrows in life suddenly disappear.

To have the most joyful and refreshing spirit. Continuing to pursue unfinished dreams, …

Da Lat tourism should choose which means of transportation?

Currently, there are many means to come to Da Lat. Usually, young people like to choose to travel by motorbike. Traveling to get to Da Lat. Households have the option of moving by bus.

Da Lat tourism should choose which means?

Usually the tourists stay in the Thanh provinces bordering Lam Dong province. Typically Dong Nai, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, will choose to travel to Da Lat by motorbike. And tourists in Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho and other western provinces choose to travel by bus. And tourists in the northern part of Vietnam choose to travel by plane.

There are many ways to get to the beautiful and romantic Dalat city. It is important that you want to move in any way to fit. Just convenient for me only.

Because nowadays, almost all airports have flights to Lien Khuong airport. From here you can move to Da Lat by airport bus. Or you can also choose a cheap Dalat airport shuttle service. The road from Lien Khuong airport to Da Lat was about 35km. Moving also only takes about 30-40 minutes only.

In the following, we will outline a few of the most possible options. These are also safe and appropriate travel experiences to Dalat. Please refer to and give yourself the appropriate options!

Travel Da Lat by motorbike – Da Lat

This can be seen as the most preferred and chosen way to move to Da Lat by young people. Road traffic coming to Da Lat was increasingly renovated and upgraded. The road quality is beautiful and extremely safe.

Travel Da Lat by motorbike

Not only that, along the routes to Da Lat, there are also many places to visit. Tourist destination is quite “hot” built. If you travel by motorbike, you can be more active in time and places to visit for you.

The downside of traveling by motorbike is that it will be a bit tiring. Coming to Da Lat, it takes time to rest to be able to “throw around” to explore Da Lat. One more point to note. That is, those who travel by motorbike to Da Lat will have to move through the pass roads. Such as Bao Loc Pass, Prenn Pass, Khanh Vinh Pass, … If you do not know the way, as well as choosing inappropriate travel time. It will be a little bit dangerous.

For example, late at night or early in the morning. The fog is dense, the visibility is limited. There will be a lot of unsafe issues going on. So if you want to go to Dalat by motorbike, you should go with many people. People who are familiar with these roads are needed to lead the group!

Travel Da Lat by family car, passenger car

Coming to Dalat by car, many tourists choose. Especially households and couples. Cars here we will divide into 2. Family cars and passenger cars.

Travel Da Lat by family car

If your family has a car, you should choose to come to Da Lat this way. Because you will be able to take the initiative in travel time and visit places along the way. Moreover, traveling by family car will feel most comfortable. Consider this a family journey. Help family members understand each other better. Together to explore beautiful places in Da Lat. Will definitely bring you a most impressive and wonderful holiday there.

The second way is to travel by passenger car. Almost all provinces in Vietnam have garages coming to Da Lat. But the most priority is that you should choose for yourself a quality and reputable garage. Move safely and create the most peace of mind for customers.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose from Phuong Trang and Thanh Buoi garages. If you are in Can Tho or the western provinces, you can choose Thanh Buoi garage. In other provinces, there are also many garages.

Travel Da Lat by plane

When it comes to flights to Lien Khuong airport, there are many. The current airlines are also very quality and reputable. It is important that you want to choose your flight time. Favorite airlines only.

But there is one note that you need to pay attention to. That is all flights will land at Lien Khuong airport. (About 35km from Dalat city center). From here, you can choose the form to move to Da Lat.

One more note is traveling by plane. When you come to the beautiful city of flowers. If you want to visit freely, you can choose from services. Rent a car in Dalat with the cheapest and best quality. Or you can choose to join the tour program. Both can save costs and ensure safety. Just being able to have a visit and travel in Dalat is the most meaningful and wonderful.

Or you also rent motorbikes for yourself and your family. To be able to freely and actively visit Dalat in a particular way. Car rental service locations in Da Lat are also quite prestigious and quality. All are new models and the prices are very appropriate. So please consult and give yourself the most suitable options!

What to play in Da Lat?

This is probably one of the questions that are of much interest to you. Especially when tourists come to Da Lat for the first time.

As before, coming to Da Lat with the main purpose of relaxation. Well, in the past few years. When you choose to come to Da Lat, you just have a vacation, there are many more fun places. Tourist attractions to satisfy travelers.

What to play in Da Lat?

But with lots of fun places, lots of places to visit. Lots of “virtual live” and “check-in” places. Then how can you choose for yourself the most suitable and suitable places to visit.

Of course, every place is beautiful, and every place is poetic. But how to choose suitable for all family members. Again can be convenient for moving. That will be a relatively difficult problem. So you need to consult carefully and arrange accordingly. Let your tour and travel in Da Lat to the fullest!

Means of transportation when coming to Da Lat

As mentioned above. Then Dalat is one of the top tourist cities in Vietnam. So public transportation here is also very developed.

If you want to move quickly and most conveniently, you can choose a taxi. And if you want to visit and explore the tourist destinations as you like. You can choose to rent a motorbike or rent a car.

There are many ways for you to move when coming to Da Lat. But how do you guys want to move? Which means? If your group has children, you should choose to travel by car. Both ensure safety and do not affect the health of the baby. Or if it’s raining or foggy, cold. Then choosing to travel by car is the most feasible option.

And if you want to take the initiative in vi vu. Visit and explore Dalat in your own way. Especially the couples, want to actively visit Da Lat. Go to romantic and romantic places to take pictures and check in. Then you can choose to rent a motorbike.


One of the means of transportation that many tourists choose when coming to Da Lat is Taxi. This is the most chosen form of moving by families or groups of 5-7 people. Especially delegations with family members and babies should choose Taxi.

However, the option to travel by Taxi is only a certain distance. Or from one location to another. There is one issue that you need to pay attention to. That is during peak occasions or the holiday season. It is very difficult to catch a Taxi in Dalat. So if you moved a taxi already. Then take the initiative to ask for the driver’s phone number. When needed, you can actively contact to be active in travel time and sightseeing!

According to the assessment, the Taxi companies in Da Lat are very prestigious and qualified. The prices of these taxis are also quite equal, without orders. Some Taxi companies and contact information for your reference.

  • Taxi Mai Linh: 0263 38 38 383 8
  • Taxi Dalat: 02633 666 888
  • International Taxi: 02633 52 52 52
  • Red Star Taxi: 02633 95 95 95

Where to go to Da Lat?

Da Lat – The leading tourist city in Vietnam. A place called “Little Paris”. With a cool, fresh year-round climate, beautiful natural scenery. The people are gentle and likable. So in Dalat, there are many places to visit. There are so many beautiful scenes that it will be difficult to choose the most suitable sightseeing spot for you.

Where to go to Da Lat

These are valleys, waterfalls, pine forests, lakes, … These are just new places of interest created by nature. As for the places of interest built by human hands, they cannot be counted all.

Only with a 2 day 1 night or 3 day 2 night period. Then how can you visit all the beautiful sights in Dalat. So you must choose the most suitable places for you and your family. What to do when you get home then you won’t feel sorry. For ignoring this place, forgetting to go to that place, …

If you do not have any experience when visiting and traveling in Da Lat. I will definitely feel regretful for ignoring so many wonderful things.


These tourist destinations will be associated with nature and heaven and earth in Da Lat. Less impacted under human hands. Along with that, there are quite simple and rustic designs.

Although it is simple and rustic, when you come here, you will have a very wonderful feeling. Natural scenes still retain its wild and majestic features. Along with that is a little adorned by small human-built miniatures. Bring you closer to the nature and heaven of Dalat.

Pristine tourist sites in Da Lat

Certainly, when you come to these places, you will feel what is called the most quintessential nature that Mother Nature has bestowed on Dalat. Choose these locations when coming to Da Lat. Surely you will get yourself the feeling. As well as the best experiences in my trip to Da Lat. At tourist sites, this untouched feature still remains.

  • Excellent Cup
  • Cau Dat Tea Hill
  • Cu Lan Village
  • Golden Valley


Referring to new tourist sites built in Da Lat. It is making a storm with the photos “million likes”. Surely there are many in Dalat. Synthesis and introduction is impossible.

Because in Da Lat, there appeared a few new “virtual living” and “check-in” places every few days. Popular with many tourists. Which are the beautiful view cafes. Or architectural works built by human hands.

Emerging tourist destinations in Da Lat

However, the common point of these cafes and tourist destinations. That is a delicate and harmonious combination. Between nature and the sky, Da Lat along with that are the small scenes attached. Built by humans. Because of this, there are many places that are favored by many tourists. Especially young people love to take pictures and explore. Then places like this when coming to Da Lat will be indispensable in your itinerary.

  • Horizon Coffee
  • Dalat train station
  • Hoa Son Dien Trang
  • Linh Phuoc Pagoda
  • Datanla Waterfall Tourist Area
  • Valley of Love Tourist Area
  • Dream Hill tourist area


If it comes to the issue of the most popular tourist destinations in Da Lat. It is impossible to say exactly. That’s why on this list we can only recommend for you. Places that are highly appreciated by tourists. Is the first choice every time you have the opportunity to come to Da Lat.

  • Guests from Dalat floor
  • Bali Sky Gate in Dalat
  • Me Linh Coffee
  • Dog farm
  • QUE Garden
  • Happy Hill
  • Da Lat sky gate
  • Zoodoo Zoo
  • Mountain Langbiang
  • Wooden bridge for hunting clouds of Dai Ngan

Above are all tourist destinations in Da Lat. Each year welcomes hundreds and thousands of visitors to visit and explore. These locations are also the locations of travel agencies. Selected as the destination in the tour programs.

The most popular tourist destinations in Da Lat

If you had a chance to come to Da Lat. Has at least not less than 1 visit to these places. Especially participated in the tour program of Da Lat gongs with the price of 8$. Then you will feel the great things in it. Along with that are the most attractive things. Which will definitely bring you great experiences in the romantic land of Dalat.

Beautiful and poetic lakes in Da Lat

Referring to Dalat outside of natural conditions and when it comes to favorable words for travel and relaxation. Along with that are the beautiful natural sceneries. Or are tourist resorts built to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Then the lakes in Da Lat are also popular places for many tourists. With the space around the lake is very fresh and cool. Along with that are the beautiful natural sceneries. Be sure to set foot in the lakes in Da Lat. You will have yourself the most comfortable and peaceful moments.

Beautiful lakes in Da Lat

That is why these lakes are very popular with many tourists and choose to “check in” and take pictures. Not only that, the lakes in Da Lat were also included in the lyrics and singing. With a rustic, poetic, and romantic nature. Along with that are the natural scenes + heaven + mountains + lakes. So this place is also chosen by many couples to be their wedding photo spot.

So, please join us to explore the beautiful lakes in Da Lat. Let’s find out why these lakes are so popular with domestic and foreign tourists!

Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat

Xuan Huong Lake is known as the green heart in the heart of Dalat. A special feature of Xuan Huong Lake is that it is located in the central area. Around the lake, there are many surrounding architectural works. More and more adorn the poetic and magical beauty of this lake.

Describe a little bit of Xuan Huong Lake for you to easily imagine! Around the lake are green pine hills, lawns or flower gardens. The water surface is clear and romantic. That is why there are many tourists coming to Da Lat. You must set foot here to feel the beauty of the lake. As well as breathing in the fresh and cool air here.

Ho Xuan Huong in Da Lat

People in Dalat often choose this place for walking, walking, exercise, … Around the lake area, there are also many games as well as cafes. Which is couple cycling around the lake, cycling, riding a horse cart around the lake, …

Around the lake, there are also a few cafes designed very romantic and romantic. These will be the most suitable places for tourists. Take pictures, “live virtual” or sit and sip a cup of tea, coffee, … Admire the beautiful scenery around the lake.

Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat

This is also one of the beautiful lakes in Da Lat City. Tuyen Lam Lake is an artificial lake. Still keep for themselves the most poetic and wild scenery around the lake.

Tuyen Lam Lake area is the location where many of the most luxurious and classy resorts and resorts in Da Lat are located. With international 5-star standard resorts. Choose these resorts when coming to Da Lat. Surely you will have the most peaceful and wonderful vacation time.

Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat

There are many happy visitors that. Coming to Dalat without seeing the scenery around Tuyen Lam Lake is not considered to have come to Dalat. “Thinking over” feels absolutely correct. Because of the immense green pine forests around the lake, the wild flower gardens, the small landscapes around the lake have been built by humans. Has created a romantic and beautiful natural picture. If you have an artistic mind, or like nature. Then this place is paradise for you.

This is also an artificial lake chosen by couples to be their outdoor wedding photography spot. The pictures here will help you get a beautiful album. About nature and sky, Dalat.

Than Tho Lake in Da Lat

Speaking of Than Tho Lake, it will be a lake that is no stranger to visitors. Most of the tourists coming to Da Lat have at least one visit to this lake.

Talking about Than Tho Lake is going to mention a sad and touching love story of a couple who love each other but fail. If you want to have memories. Or if you want to have moments of depression, Than Tho Lake is a place that cannot be missed.

Than Tho Lake in Da Lat

This is also an artificial lake located next to a lush green pine forest. The campus around the lake is planted with many kinds of colorful flowers typical of Da Lat.

Located in a location about 6km from the center of Dalat city. If mentioning Da Lat is a City associated with sad love stories. Than Tho lake is a testament to those sad and passionate stories about couple love.

The water in the lake was clear and flat, with a little sadness. It feels like a pity for a talented and talented couple not to come together. This can be a famous tourist attraction in Da Lat. But if you understand and feel the sad love story related to Than Tho Lake. Surely you will feel more love for nature and the people here.

Which dishes should I eat when traveling to Da Lat?

This is also one of the questions. But many tourists who are planning to come to Dalat often ask Vinlove. “Eating is not only to be full, but to eat is to feel, to eat is to enjoy.” That is why you have chosen to travel to Da Lat, not just eating for meals. Eat to have to continue the excursion or travel. But enjoy the dishes when coming to Da Lat. It will also be an indispensable thing to make your trip become complete and meaningful.

What food should Da Lat tourism eat?

Again, Da Lat is a beautiful, poetic and romantic city. As a leading tourist city in Vietnam. Endowed with a cool, year-round climate by nature. The delicious dishes, dishes are made from the products here. The same is very popular with tourists. Not only that, there are many other dishes. Imported from domestic and foreign countries into Da Lat.

So how can you choose for yourself the right food. During the trip in Da Lat? Join us to learn about experiences and share delicious and unique food. From there, you can choose for yourself the right dishes when traveling to Da Lat!

Breakfast when traveling to Da Lat

According to scientific studies. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is why if you want to have a healthy body. The most refreshing and joyful spirit to start a wonderful trip in Dalat. Make sure to choose for yourself delicious and nutritious breakfast dishes.

Referring to the breakfast dishes in Da Lat. There are many dishes, these are delicious and typical dishes of Da Lat. Bold taste as well as the taste of the poetic Da Lat land.

Breakfast when traveling to Da Lat

With the list of delicious and featured breakfast dishes. Then how can you choose for yourself the most suitable dishes. Along with that are many delicious and famous breakfast restaurants. Then choose the most appropriate breakfast dishes and breakfast bars. Probably not going to be an easy problem at all.

The delicious breakfast dishes available all over the country can be mentioned. Like Hue beef vermicelli, pho, noodles, quang noodles … But in Da Lat there are some delicious and typical breakfast dishes. That many visitors want to come and enjoy. Such as commercial bread, bread can, …


According to the experience of many tourists and also our own experience. Normally, you see which restaurant is crowded with customers to try it. But when it comes to Dalat, how do I choose for me? Appropriate dishes with bold culinary cultural identity in Da Lat, right? Here are some famous and delicious breakfast restaurants. Popular with Da Lat people as well as tourists.

  • Hoang Dieu Banh Mi – Address: 37 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City.
  • Banh Mi Mai 79 – Address: 1 Thong Thien Hoc Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.
  • Banh Can Le – Address: 27/44 Yersin Street, Ward 10, Da Lat City.
  • Cay Bo Banh Can – Address: 56 Tang Bat Ho Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.
  • Pho Tuyen – Address: 429/4 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.
  • Pho Hung:

+ Facility 1- Address: 2 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.

Facility 2- Address: 11/1 La Son Phu Tu Street, Ward 6, Da Lat City.

+ Facility 3- Address: 162 Hai Ba Trung Street, Ward 6, Da Lat City.

  •  Pho Phi Thuyen – Address: 78 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.
  • Sau Dan noodle soup – Address: 7/10 Vo Thi Sau Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.

Lunch dishes when traveling to Da Lat

After a morning of experience and explore many beautiful places in Da Lat City. Lunch will help you regain your spirits and nourish your nutrients. To be able to continue to have a most fulfilling and joyful afternoon trip.

Normally, for lunch, you often choose to eat rice. Or hot pot dishes in Da Lat are also a suitable choice for you.

Lunch dishes when traveling to Da Lat

But rice also has many different types of rice, so does hot pot. So how can you choose for yourself a lunch bar that is most suitable for you and your family. It is not easy when coming to Da Lat.

Which is grilled chicken rice, hot pot rice, family rice, … The hotpot has a vegetable hotpot, one of the hot pot dishes chosen by many tourists. Simply listening to vegetables, but enjoying in Dalat. What’s more wonderful in the land of vegetables, right?

So where are the delicious and famous lunch restaurants in Da Lat, you already know? With a list of so many eateries and restaurants in Da Lat like this. How can I choose for myself a suitable lunch place.


Depending on your needs and purposes. What dishes do you want to enjoy when coming to Da Lat? Eating while watching the scenery or the eateries located in the central area for convenient transportation and travel. Here, Vinlove will update the address of the lunch dishes. Rated as delicious and cheap in Da Lat for your reference. From there, I can give myself the most suitable choices!

  • Leguda Dalat Vegetable Buffet Restaurant – Address: 2nd Floor, Robin Cable Car Hill Tourist Area, Da Lat City.
  • Huong Viet Rice Restaurant – Address: 41 Suong Nguyet Anh Street, Ward 9, Da Lat City.
  • Vietnamese Rice Restaurant – Address: 3 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.
  • Nhu Ngoc Rice Restaurant – Address: 19/8 Tran Phu Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City.
  • Vinh Ky hot pot restaurant – Address: 7 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.
  • Huong Rung Grilled Chicken Rice Restaurant – Address: 6B, Da Phu Street, Ward 7, Da Lat City.
  • Tam Nguyen grilled chicken rice shop (Ayun) – Address: Ankoet Street, Ward 7, Da Lat City.
  • 3 meals a day – Address: 37A Tran Nhat Duat Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City.
  • La Chuoi Rice Shop – Vietnamese cuisine – Address: 21/9 Tran Phu Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City.

Dinner dishes when traveling to Da Lat

After a long day of traveling and discovering beautiful places in Dalat. Take yourself a lot of beautiful photos at tourist destinations. Surely your stomach is also feeling quite “scratchy”, right?

That’s why you should choose a delicious and attractive dinner restaurant in Da Lat. Would be one of the ideas could not be better at this time. What is hot pot, what is the barbecue waiting for you. Then we have to find and choose a delicious hotpot or grill shop in Da Lat right away.

Dinner dishes when traveling to Da Lat

Talking about the dinner restaurants in Da Lat is definitely in your mind. Will immediately stay at the hot pot restaurants or barbeque, right? However, the restaurant is delicious and appetizing. Just as there is no such thing as cutting off customers, you will probably be hard pressed to know. But don’t worry, we are here. We will synthesize for you restaurants, hot pot restaurants or grill. Delicious and typical in Da Lat. Will definitely bring you and your family a happy and wonderful dinner.


This is a list of dinner restaurants (hot pot or grill) that is highly appreciated by you. In terms of quality as well as price. We also have many times to experience and explore. If there is a missing restaurant in the following list. Which as far as you feel is appropriate to have a delicious and delicious dinner. Then share with us right away (don’t hesitate). So that all visitors coming to Da Lat will have for themselves the most delicious and wonderful meals!

  • CHU hot pot grill shop – Address: 4 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City.
  • Quan Nhat Nuong BBQ – Address: 9 Thong Thien Hoc Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.
  • Cu Duc tile grill shop.

+ Facility 1 – address: 61 Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City

+ Facility 2 – address: 170 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City.

  • Aba Toa beef hotpot shop – Address: 1 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 6, Da Lat City.
  • Saigon beef hotpot shop – Address: 22 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City.
  • Tao Ngo e chicken hotpot shop – Address: 99 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City.
  • Khap Bun Kha – Delicious hot pot restaurant in Da Lat. Address: 26 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.

Snacks when traveling to Da Lat

Speaking of snacks in Da Lat, it is impossible to tell them all. Snacks are everywhere. From the alley to the main roads of Da Lat. Snacks in Da Lat may have made a name for themselves. Maybe somewhere because of these fancy and quirky dishes. Which makes you prefer to come to Da Lat, right?

If you have hobbies and passion to enjoy and explore snacks. Then surely with you one thing that Da Lat is the paradise for you. In the beautiful city of flowers, there are many snacks. Although they are snacks, they are quite delicious and famous. Received by many tourists.

Snacks when traveling to Da Lat

 If you want to enjoy snacks of Da Lat. Then just go to the night market area of ​​Da Lat. This place is the convergence of almost all Da Lat’s snacks.

Delicious – nutritious – cheap and very suitable for many types of tourists. Not only for young people! Some famous snacks in Da Lat can be mentioned. Such as: Da Lat baked rice paper, hot fix, cakes, grilled skewers, pineapple leaf cake, … There are many other snacks at the night market area of ​​Da Lat. If you want to taste it, come here “now and always”!

Drinks Traveling to Da Lat

After eating, must drink right? If you come to Da Lat, you have to choose the drinks. Bringing the right taste of Dalat is called “right song”.

Once again I would like to remind you that. Dalat is a romantic and extremely beautiful city. A City dubbed “Little Paris”. In addition to tourist attractions. Food, drinks in Da Lat are also very popular with visitors.

Drinks when traveling to Da Lat

Talking about drinks in Da Lat. It is also quite diverse and rich. The typical flavor is delicious and these delicious drinks are also rich in the identity and flavor of Dalat. These are all types of drinks you will enjoy. Appreciate very high on nutrition as well as characteristic taste. If you had the opportunity to once try these drinks in Da Lat. Then surely you will have for yourself the best feelings about this poetic land of Dalat and love letters.

There are many types of drinks in Da Lat. But once you have tasted it, it is definitely unforgettable. Sometimes because of these delicious drinks, tourists coming to Da Lat will be “held back”. Do not want to leave should also.

Types of drinks when traveling to Da Lat

Dalat is gifted by nature with a cool and fresh climate all year round. The natural as well as the soil conditions are also very suitable for the cultivation and cultivation of fruits. To process delicious and characteristic beverages with bold flavors of Da Lat.

Among the drinks in Dalat, you must definitely be relaxed when you come here. These are wine, coffee, strawberry juice, soy milk, marx, and mulberry juice.

Types of drinks when traveling to Da Lat

These drinks can all be considered specialties. Rated as the best “produce” in Da Lat. However, in other regions will also sell these drinks. But one thing for sure. If you have come to Da Lat and enjoy the above drinks. Then you will have a unique taste. A characteristic delicious taste that cannot be obtained in other regions.

Maybe it’s because the drinks are 100% pure. No impurities are mixed. Add to that being enjoyed in a very romantic and romantic space. So you will feel what is called the most quintessential of these beverages. So it will feel more delicious, more distinctive when enjoyed in other places.


Dalat cafes are not just a place. For visitors to enjoy coffee, enjoy drinks. But the cafes in Da Lat will also be the most ideal space for you to explore Dalat. For you to freely “check in” and “live virtual”.

So we have compiled for you the following list of beautiful view cafes in Dalat. These cafes are highly appreciated by visitors for their taste and beauty. If there is a shortage of cafes on our list. But you feel delicious and can “check in” to get millions of likes. Then please share with us for us to update!

  • Horizon Coffee – Address: June 31st, April 3, Ward 3, Da Lat City.
  • Dalat Panorama Cafe – Address: Roundabout 723, Trai Mat, Ward 11, Da Lat City.
  • F Cafe Flower field – Address: Mimosa Pass, Ward 10, Da Lat City.
  • Me Linh Coffee – Address: Group 20, hamlet 4, Ta Nung commune, Da Lat city.
  • Dalat View Cafe – Address: 49 Khe Sanh Street, Ward 10, Da Lat City.
  • Up Coffee – Address: 6 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 4, Da Lat City.

Other drinks when traveling to Da Lat

In addition to the delicious and unique drinks that we synthesize above. Then in Da Lat there are many other drinks. Together very delicious and nutritious that will surely make you satisfied.

Typical of which must mention vitamins, tea or ice cream, … These are all favorite dishes for many tourists. Not only young people but almost all tourists coming to Da Lat want to enjoy these drinks.

Other drinks when traveling to Da Lat

Try to feel that one evening. Under a typical cold weather of Da Lat. Sitting next to relatives and friends to enjoy hot and fragrant tea cups. Sitting and watching the streets with the crowd of people practicing back and forth. Promise will bring you a lot more experience. Along with that are many other feelings about the poetic and romantic Dalat land.

So there are dishes such as tea, smoothies, ice cream, … In Dalat, there is nothing attractive as well as any flavor that is so popular with visitors. Please also let us find out more about these dishes to find out the answer!


It can be said that the tea and ice cream dishes in Da Lat are no different from other places in Vietnam. But I do not know why when enjoying in Dalat. Under a chilly weather, watching the flow of people back and forth. Bring you so many strange feelings.

Here are the tea and ice cream shops in Da Lat that many tourists consider to have a delicious taste. Along with that is a romantic and romantic space. More especially, the price is affordable, suitable for many travelers.

Thai Ba Trieu Tea Shop – 15 Ba Trieu Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.

Thanh Thao butter cream – Address: 76 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.

Tea – Nari Ice Cream – Address: 74 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.

Long Nga Tea Shop – Address: 209 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.

Trieu Chau Tea Shop – Address: 259 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.

Tea shop – Address: 11, 3/2 Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.

There are also many delicious and quite famous tea shops, smoothie shops, ice cream shops in Da Lat. It is preferred and chosen by many tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to Da Lat. If you want to have yourself the most experience. As well as enjoy these delicious dishes. Then come right to Da Lat City and also experience it!

Experience buying gifts when traveling to Da Lat

There is one thing I would like to confirm with you. Traveled somewhere, somewhere. Make sure to buy gifts for friends and relatives. Those who do not have the opportunity to go sightseeing and travel with you.

But if you choose to come to Da Lat, this problem will be very “difficult” there. Because it is very much when it comes to gifts as a gift in Da Lat. Can not tell all. Which are agricultural products, jams, or souvenirs, …

Experience buying gifts when traveling to Da Lat

But if you know the experience of buying gifts when traveling to Da Lat. Or being recommended by relatives and friends to specialty shops. The souvenir shops are going to get pretty straightforward.

According to myself, a person has lived and worked in Dalat for many years. This is also the experience of many tourists when traveling to Da Lat. Then you should choose seasonal specialties. Or you should look to big, reputable and quality stores to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods.

Just get the best gifts for friends and relatives. The most delicious, but the cheapest, “stupid” nothing but not to buy, right?

Selecting agricultural products from Da Lat as gifts

Talking about the types of fruits and flowers in Dalat, there is not a single word that can be described. As introduced before, Dalat is a beautiful land. The climate is cool all year round. Along with that is the natural conditions as well as the soil conditions are “wonderful. That is why the agricultural products of Da Lat are highly appreciated. Branded in Vietnam as well as in the world.

Selection of agricultural products as gifts

So if you have come to the romantic city of Da Lat. Make sure to buy yourself agricultural products. But the product is fresh, delicious, and beautiful enough for home use. Also as a gift. Surely these will be very special gifts. Which is most happily received by friends and relatives.

Agricultural products for you to use as gifts. Such as: potatoes, carrots, strawberries, flowers, crispy persimmons, ripe persimmons, …

These are all agricultural products favored by many domestic and foreign tourists. Not only that, these agricultural products were quite easy to buy when coming to Da Lat. Especially, these are the products that are cultivated and supplied in the market by the local people. So it will be very cheap.


It can be confirmed that this is a fruit. One of the most famous specialties in Da Lat City. Strawberry gardens are not only tourist attractions for you. But choose ripe red strawberries as gifts. It will also be very meaningful and wonderful.

Buy Strawberry Hand Da Lat as a gift

Add a special point when you choose the boxes of Strawberry as a gift. That is you will be able to visit the beautiful Strawberry gardens. Visiting and seeing with your own eyes the process of caring and growing this typical plant. And yet you can also try ripe red strawberries right in the garden. Feel appropriate in terms of quality and price. At that time, it is not too late to decide whether to buy for use or as a gift.

Here are some famous Strawberry gardens in Dalat. You can choose to buy strawberries at these gardens!

  • Hiep Luc Strawberry Garden. Located on Nguyen Tu Luc Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City.
  • Strawberry Garden 88. Located on Thanh Mau Street, Ward 7, Da Lat City.
  • Miss Thao’s Japanese strawberry garden. Located at 162 Thanh Mau Street, Ward 7, Da Lat City.
  • Chu Hung Strawberry Garden. Located at 143 Thanh Mau Street, Ward 7, Da Lat City.
  • Strawberry garden Nguyen Lam Thanh. Located on Da Phu Street, Ward 7, Da Lat City.
  • Strawberry garden Nguyen Thanh Trung. Located on Ho Xuan Huong Street, Ward 9, Da Lat City.

Choose to buy Dalat specialties as gifts

Dalat’s specialties are also considered as the most “priceless gifts”. Talking about the specialties of Da Lat, there are also many countless. These are all famous jams in Dalat. These jams are selected from the best quality agricultural products of Dalat. Made and created with excellent quality jam products.

Choose from jams and dried fruit and vegetables. Especially, a product purchased as a gift will be very meaningful. That is artichoke tea or products made from artichoke. As a gift for a friend or relative. Or buy to sip with a cup of tea or coffee will also be quite reasonable.

Buy Dalat specialties as gifts

The biggest advantage of jams, dried products or juices of Dalat. They are all year round and the quality cannot be discussed. However, to choose for yourself the appropriate types of jam and drying. At reputable and quality stores when coming to Da Lat. It will not be easy at all!

Jams, dried foods or artichoke juices and teas are sold a lot at the stalls at the Dalat market. Some reputable stores that you can refer to are Langfarm. It sells a full range of jam products, artichoke tea, dried fruits and vegetables, and juices.


If you notice, there are many jam shops in Dalat, shops selling specialty products. But not all stores are quality, as well as affordable, right? If you can’t choose an address for yourself. Buy reputable and quality juice-drying jams and drying products as gifts. Then do not say thank you, sometimes friends and relatives will not even accept it.

Refers to the advantages of jams, dried products, artichoke juice or tea. Will last longer than raw fresh products. Transporting away is quite easy and convenient. Not only that, jam products in Da Lat are considered quite delicious. So as a gift is the best.

Here are some quality and reputable shops selling jam, dried products and artichoke tea in Dalat. You can consult and choose for yourself an appropriate address.

Phuong Lan Jam – Address: 48 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City.

Kieu Giang jam oven – Address: 223 Mai Anh Dao Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City.

Or you can choose to buy jam at shops on Mai Anh Dao and Nguyen Tu Luc streets. These are all reputable and very quality sites. It is trusted by many tourists.

Choose to buy woolen, souvenirs as gifts

In addition to typical fresh products of Da Lat. Or are jam products, dried products, juices, artichoke tea, air-free, … You can buy as gifts for friends and relatives. Da Lat products such as woolen and souvenirs are also chosen by many tourists. As a gift for friends and relatives too.

Wool products in Da Lat were trusted by many people. Not only tourists but also people in Da Lat love products made from wool. Which are wool hats, wool gloves, scarves, sweaters, … There are many products made from wool. Made by the people of Da Lat.

Buy wool souvenirs as gifts

Both bring extremely high spiritual values. It is quite beautiful and trendy, but the price is quite appropriate. That is why these products are chosen by many domestic and foreign tourists.

You can choose to buy wool products from the following shops.

  • Ba Thien Company Limited – Address: 1 Nuyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City.
  • Tuan Trinh wool weaving shop – Address: located on Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.
  • Da Lat Sunny Mai Store – Address: located on Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City.

Experience Da Lat travel on holidays, Tet or peak occasions

If you have chosen to come to Da Lat on holidays or peak occasions. Then you must prepare yourself thoroughly as well as the most necessary things. The first is to choose for themselves an appropriate means of transportation. The means to come to Da Lat and back from Da Lat.

Experience Da Lat travel on holidays, Tet or peak occasions

After that, you should book a hotel room, the most suitable place for you and your family. Usually around this time, the number of tourists coming to Da Lat was extremely crowded. If you do not have a reservation. There probably won’t be room to spend the night. It is convenient for you to choose for yourself the means to move and visit when coming to Da Lat. Usually according to their own experiences and those of other travelers. Then you should book a hotel room and transportation on the holidays. From about 15 days to 1 month. You will just get yourself the most suitable room. Along with that is the cheap price as well as receive the most attractive deals!

If you would like to receive a sincere advice from us. Then we recommend that you prepare well if you want to travel to Dalat at this time. Do not choose on holidays or peak occasion of spontaneous tourism to Da Lat. At that time, there was no time to regret it!

What should I prepare for traveling in Da Lat?

This will probably be one of the questions that many tourists are interested in. Also being one of the hot issues right now. Especially when choosing to come to the romantic and romantic Dalat city. Then how to choose for themselves the most necessary items. The most necessary outfits are both “check in” and “virtual living”. Both trendy and healthiest. Because Da Lat is so beautiful and poetic. But the weather is quite “harsh” for first-time visitors to this place.

What should I prepare for traveling to Dalat?

Surely there must be at least one warm coat in your luggage. Then there are other necessary personal items. Especially something that you cannot forget. It is a camera or a phone with lots of battery. To be able to record the most wonderful and unforgettable moments in the romantic land of Da Lat.

There are also things like booking a hotel, choosing places to visit, and traveling. Choose tour programs or means of transportation when coming to Da Lat. Then we mentioned in the previous sections. You need to pay attention and prepare yourself well to be able to have the best trip to Dalat!

What to wear when traveling to Da Lat is the most appropriate?

The most appropriate is probably not true. Or if only a certain part is correct. You guys wear stars depending on you, as long as it is not too “vulgar”. Still ensuring “pure customs and fine customs” is appropriate, right? However, according to the experience of many tourists when coming to Da Lat. Regardless of any day of the year or any month of the year, you should have a warm coat ready. Because the weather at night in Da Lat is quite cold. If you are not familiar with this type of weather. Feeling uncomfortable and getting cold very easily.

What to wear when traveling to Da Lat

In the daytime, you should choose the most appropriate clothes. For example, the weather in Dalat is hot. The period from February to the end of August. You should choose for yourself spacious and cool clothes. Girls should prepare themselves the appropriate sunscreen clothes!

Especially, you must choose for yourself the most beautiful and trendy clothes. So that when coming to Da Lat and setting foot in tourist places, we can “unleash” the freedom to take the best photos for themselves.

Hope with the above sharing. You can choose for yourself the most suitable clothes. The subject is both beautiful and trendy when traveling. Back to ensure the best for their health.

Cheap Dalat travel options are the most chosen by tourists

If you want to have yourself and your family a trip in Dalat. Both comfortable and fun to visit many places. Discover many new things in this beautiful land. But want to save costs as much as possible. Then please refer to our following options.

Be sure with these cheap Dalat travel experience options. You will get yourself a lot more wonderful experiences in Da Lat. But the expenses don’t feel in vain.

If you find that our options below are appropriate. Suitable for you. Or if you have another great option and the price is more appropriate. Then feel free to share with us. To other tourists when coming to Da Lat. You will also have such a meaningful and complete tour!

  • Find out where to stay in Da Lat for cheap.
  • Information about the garage moving to Da Lat.
  • Choose the right vehicle when coming to Da Lat.
  • Select fun places and enjoy food when coming to Da Lat.

If I have detailed for myself itinerary and specific places like this already. Then the next thing is quite simple. Just pick up your backpack and go.

Option 1: Travel cheap self-sufficient Da Lat

This will probably be one of the most popular and chosen options for young people. But this is also the plan that you will be a bit “strenuous” there. Because simply because this is a self-sufficient tour, you have to “take care” of everything.

But this plan will also give you a high self-reliance. Have more competition with yourself. And if you are the “team leader”. The qualities needed will be promoted. To have the most meaningful and complete travel.

You will have to prepare all the stages. From booking, choosing a tourist destination. Schedule tours and tours, meals and rest, … All you have to do all the work you have to do.

But if you refer to the travel experiences of Da Lat. Especially Vinlove sharing about Dalat travel experiences. Then surely you will get yourself a complete and wonderful trip.

Because of the information we have shared in this article. All are the most real money and real experiences. Many tourists self-sufficient in Da Lat. With the desire to help you have the best travel to Dalat City.


Traveling, sightseeing and relaxation. Then surely to have yourself a spirit of comfort and most refreshing. But “what if” you really want to travel to Da Lat. But there are still many obstacles such as costs as well as family. Or more of you to share with us that. I really want to “do” a trip to Da Lat, but go to work all day without any free time at all.

Going with family will also have a personal beauty. Going with a friend will also have a nice or private. Or like going with “that other” will also be great and have many sweet memories together. There will also be a lot of you choose to travel to Dalat “alone”. There will also be a lot of personal experiences. However, being able to come to Da Lat even though it is wonderful to anyone.

Then, please try to optimize your own time most. Or “find a way” to cost. To get a trip to Da Lat! If you don’t go to Dalat, you sit at home “on face”, “surf the web”. Da Lat situation updates, as well as “million likes” pictures were shared. Or my friends just “showed off” a trip to Da Lat. Then for sure, you will feel very uncomfortable. Probably will not be able to complete work or study well.


Refers to the issue of booking a hotel or place of stay while traveling. Especially when choosing to travel to Da Lat. Then this problem is relatively easy and convenient.

Just go to google to search for hotels, motels, accommodation facilities in Da Lat. Then will appear a lot of necessary information for you. Just contact and make a reservation. As you can have yourself a suitable and satisfied room in Da Lat.

Young people like to stay at the homestay. Households prefer to choose hotels near the central area. If many households or a group of friends, they prefer to choose villas or villas. Depending on your needs and preferences and prices. But please choose the most suitable and ideal place to stay!

Choosing the means of moving to Da Lat in this 4.0 era is also quite easy. The garage has a hotline number for booking tickets, and so is the airline. Only which garage do you choose? Which airline? How the seats are most suitable for me and my family.

If you choose to travel by motorbike to Da Lat. Please note that you must choose the most appropriate travel time when you come to Da Lat.


After you have booked a room, you can book a car ticket, and an airline ticket. Or have chosen the right means to move to Da Lat.

Then next you need to make a specific schedule for yourself and your family. Arrange for the most appropriate and convenient to visit! If you come to Da Lat 2 days 1 night. Either 3 days 2 nights or more. What are the places to visit when coming to Da Lat. Whether traveling is convenient and appropriate or not. Are there any eateries or restaurants on the road moving to those locations?

Another note that you should pay attention is the cost of entrance as well as the cost of food. You should be prepared into a separate account. Or you can arrange the best free and paid attractions.

Or you can take a careful discussion of the experiences that I have summarized above. Certainly with this inherent knowledge. Then we are sure that you will have a wonderful and meaningful journey for yourself.

These experiences are synthesized and updated continuously and most accurately. So, please rest assured that you will not be “left behind”!


After setting foot in the romantic city of Da Lat. Check in a hotel or accommodation location somewhere. Then, in the next step, you should choose for yourself the most suitable means of transportation.

If you want to rent a motorbike, you can contact me directly at the hotel. With the latest models of cars, it is easy to control as well as the price for motorbike rental in Dalat is quite appropriate. And if you want to rent a car.

Note to you that, if there is someone in our group who knows how to operate a car. You can choose to rent a self-driving car for yourself. Or you can choose to rent a car with a driver.

The traffic road in Dalat is very easy to go. Or if you are not familiar with the road, you can use google maps. Or else you can ask the people on the two sides of the road. The people of Dalat are very gentle and hospitable. Will definitely guide the most detailed and specific for you. So please rest assured about transportation as well as choosing a means of transportation!

Option 2: Travel to Da Lat in the form of semi-self-sufficiency

If you choose to have yourself and your family a trip under this form of self-sufficiency. Then you will be less strenuous from 50% – 60%. This option is also quite appropriate. Many tourists choose.

This plan is also quite simple. It’s also very easy to do. That is, you must contact yourself to book a hotel room, stay location in Da Lat. Book your own car tickets, air tickets and choose a means of transport to Da Lat.

After I got to Da Lat, where did you check in to stay. Then the next job is quite simple. You can see and choose for yourself the tour programs. In the list of one-day tours in Dalat by Vinlove. With a total of up to 16 hours per day. Prices range from 160k -550k depending on your choice. How many days do you come to Da Lat, choose to book as many appropriate tour programs! Choosing is okay, please contact us immediately. According to Hotline: 02633 526 777 for advice and tour booking.

Another point to note is the tour programs as well as rooms in Da Lat. On peak occasions or public holidays, the situation of “sold out” often occurs. So if you come to Da Lat at these times, you should book your tour early!

Option 3: Travel Da Lat cheap package

This third option that we introduce to you. As an almost 100% package. You don’t need to prepare much. Just prepare the necessary personal items. And choose for yourself a suitable tour program only. Then just contact us and you will get yourself a most meaningful and wonderful tour.

Almost tour programs Da Lat 2 days 1 night. Or tour program Da Lat 3 days 2 nights. Or there are many more programs. All travel companies introduced and put into service to tourists.

When choosing this package tour Dalat package. You will be supported almost as much as possible. Which is the hotel room, the place to stay. Places to visit, travel. Restaurants or eateries with the most specific schedule of each day that you register for tickets. Not only that, you are also supported with transportation such as booking car tickets or air tickets.

More precisely when choosing this travel plan when coming to Da Lat. Then you just need to select a date and pack. So you have an extremely easy and convenient travel to Dalat.

Da Lat travel experience 1 day

When it comes to Da Lat tourism for 1 day, you will feel “regrettable”. Why? Because of a beautiful, romantic and romantic city like Dalat. But you only came to this place for only one day. Then how can you visit and discover all the beauty and features of this place.

However, the travel experience of Da Lat 1 day will also be quite suitable for those who have a short time in Dalat. Or you can also choose to combine the 1-day Dalat program with the self-sufficient Dalat program. Surely if you know the appropriate arrangement and choice. Then you will get yourself a precious and most wonderful day off.

Da Lat travel experience 1 day

Coming to Dalat 1 day travel, we recommend that you choose the Dalat 1 day tours of Vinlove. Just been visiting many more beautiful places, new places. And you can also save money. It also won’t take too long to schedule. Looking around for a way, …

Select and start a meaningful trip to Dalat

No matter how you choose the form and how to come to Da Lat. Then we would like to make sure that when we arrived here. A beautiful tourist city most poetic and sparkling. Then surely you will have great experiences for yourself. The happiest and most meaningful time with relatives and friends.

But if you can choose for yourself a suitable plan to travel to Da Lat. Or if you already have the necessary knowledge to have the most economical and meaningful travel. Then we believe that your vacation will become more complete and wonderful than ever.

Note for you that you should choose to travel to Da Lat for the most appropriate! But don’t see my friends go. Seeing the “million like” photos “get excited” and going to Da Lat, I advise you not to. It is best to make yourself a detailed schedule. Or if you can’t make your own schedule. Then it is possible to refer to some other detailed or specific itinerary. Or, if not, just “don’t hesitate” to contact the travel agencies. Especially Vinlove will be arranged with the most detailed and specific itinerary. Only then can you get a full tour and rest in Da Lat.


Hopefully with our sharing about Dalat travel experiences . Will help you get an experience. As well as my own manual. From there you can successfully solve all problems. Or will have the smartest and most accurate for your travel.

Above are all experiences drawn from the gifts of living and working in Da Lat. As well as contributions and sharing from many beloved tourists.

As for the tourists, the tourists love and often come to Da Lat. Have yourself a better and more complete and optimal experience. Then you can share with us. So that we can update so that the tourists coming to Da Lat will have such a wonderful vacation.

We wish you and all of you a vacation in the romantic Dalat city. The most wonderful and meaningful!

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