Experience and reputable car rental address in Quang Tri

The demand for car rental in Quang Tri is increasingly more and more depending on travel needs when visiting or working. However, for those who rent a car for the first time, it is very necessary to equip themselves with the experience and a prestigious car rental address in Quang Tri. 

Experience in car rental in Quang Tri

First of all, you need to know the following experiences of self-driving car rental in Quang Tri : 

Understand the purpose of car rental

Before renting a car in Quang Tri , you need to determine the purpose of your rental car in order to choose the right type of car and rental period. From there, you will know what type of vehicle and how many seats …

Choose the right car rental package

When choosing a package, make sure you know whether to rent a car per day or km. If you rent by day but regulate the number of kilometers, you should pay attention to how much extra 1km is charged. This is very important to help limit future troubles.
Rent a car in Quang Tri - reputable car rental tipsExperience in car rental in Quang Tri

Procedures for car rental in Quang Tri

– To qualify for a car rental you need to bring all documents such as:

– The original car driving license.

– Original ID card.

– Deposit is about 20,000,000 VND.

Watch carefully the car rental contract

You should carefully review the contents of the car rental agreement. In which you must pay attention to the subject, service details, car rental price, rights and obligations of each party … In addition, you should also see the following details and specific discussions to avoid troubles occurring:

– Car rental unit price per day or km, how to calculate overtime? How much will be charged per kilometer.

– Vehicle delivery and delivery.

– If the car breaks down during use, how to handle it

– What is the deposit. 
car rental in Quang Tri - car rental contractThere should be a clear car rental contract

Check carefully when receiving the car

You should check the car carefully when receiving the car for damage or scratches. If you do not check carefully and do not take note, the return of the car will incur additional costs of damage not caused by you. Besides, you should run a test car and see if the devices are working properly. If there is anything unusual, please take notes and take pictures and report them to the car rental owner in Quang Tri . 

Use the car with care

It is important to drive safely at all times to avoid an unnecessary incident. In addition, pay attention to keep the car carefully, to avoid scratches or distortions to pay a large amount of compensation.

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Reputable car rental addresses in Quang Tri

If you are looking for the most prestigious car rental addresses in Quang Tri today, do not miss the us mentioned below. Surely you will have useful information to prepare for your upcoming journey.

Nhat Phong travel 

  • Phone: 0905 434 437
  • Email: nhatphongtravel@gmail.com

With the criteria of performance of prestige and quality of service and customer satisfaction on the first place, Nhat Phong travel offers customers a variety of vehicles from 4 seats to 45 seats. New car, beautiful interior with a team of well-trained drivers, professional service style, Nhat Phong Travel is a reliable place for you to send your traveling journey in Quang Tri and complete full peace of mind about safety and comfort.
Car rental in Quang Tri -Nhat Phong travel Nhat Phong travel offers many new car models

Car rental Kha Tran

  • Phone: 0915 219 880
  • Email: khatran2000@gmail.com.

Although the head office is located in Hue, Kha Tran’s car rental service spans the central region and includes Quang Tri. Kha Tran has many years of experience in car rental service, so many customers trust and appreciate it. New car from 2016 to 2018, especially at Kha Tran, there is VIP car rental service Dcar Limousine with extremely luxurious amenities and interiors. You will be pleased with this prestigious address in Quang Tri to rent a car . 
Car rental in Quang Tri-Car rental Kha TranCar rental is prestigious Kha Tran in Quang Tri

Self-drive car rental Minh Hai

  • Address: 10 Le Van Huu, Dong Ha, Quang Tri

Self-drive car rental is a form of hiring that many people choose, especially young people because of its convenience and initiative in time and itinerary. In Dong Ha, if you need to find self-driving car service, don’t forget to contact Minh Hai car rental. With small, new and clean cars, Minh Hai always satisfies customers in terms of car quality and rental cost.
Car rental in Quang Tri - Car rental Minh HaiSelf-drive car rental Minh Hai has a variety of models

Dong Ha travel company travel

  • Address: 16/1 Nguyen Canh Chan, Dong Le, Dong Ha, Quang Tri
  • Email: donghatravel@gmail.com

As a professional travel agency, Dong Ha Travel offers customers the top quality car rental service in Quang Tri. Whenever there is a need to use the lead, it is necessary to contact the company’s staff, the service will quickly be handled and provided to customers. 
Car rental in Quang Tri - Dong Ha travel company travelDong Ha travel company travel

Zhongshan Company Limited

  • Address: No. 292 Le Duan, Dong Giang, Dong Ha, Quang Tri

One more prestigious address for self-drive car rental in Quang Tri for customers, that is Trung Son Co., Ltd. with address at 292 Le Duan, Dong Giang, Dong Ha, Quang Tri. As a unit operating for many years in the field of providing equipment, machinery and services for passenger cars and transportation, Trung Son always gives customers absolute satisfaction when using the service here.
Car rental in Quang Tri - Trung Son tourism companyZhongshan Company Limited

The above are all of the most reputable and beloved car rental experiences and addresses in Quang Tri , hoping to help you easily choose the right place to rent a car like the most to unleash your discovery. Nice view here.  

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