What are the specialties of Bac Ha? regional specialties should not be missed

Referring to Lao Cai tourism, in addition to an already familiar place like Sapa, Bac Ha has long been known as a land of harmonious beauty between the scenery, the scent of flowers, and the culture of the temperate region. Tam flower plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, fair markets … have become “specialties” attracting all visitors. In which, the cuisine is also the “spice” to create the pure beauty of the Bac Ha white plateau. Before coming here, visitors can not help wondering what is the specialties of Bac Ha? To answer this question, do not miss the article below!

1. Winning the late Bac Ha horse

The first specialty that visitors cannot miss when coming to Bac Ha market is Thang Co. This is not a dish that is only available in Bac Ha, but is a dish that when eaten in Bac Ha, it will bring a unique taste, nowhere is. This dish is so popular that almost every booth in the food court at the Bac Ha fair has a large, boiling pan, ready to serve visitors. This is a traditional dish of the Bac Ha people, when eating, the pan is still on the stove to cook. Eating win is most suitable when it is cold, sitting next to a cup of fragrant corn wine is the favorite of many people when going to Bac Ha market.

Thang Co Ngua Bac Ha – a typical dish with a strong flavor of the Northwest

Today, Thang Trien is slightly modified to suit many people’s tastes, but you can still find traditional win-win shops at the fair to try, for sure the taste will be very unforgettable.

2. Bac Ha sour pho

Pho chua is a very famous traditional dish of Bac Ha, Muong Khuong (Lao Cai) and if you go to Bac Ha, Muong Khuong, Coc Ly markets … surely visitors will not be able to ignore this attractive dish. Different from the regular pho cake, this cake is brown because it is coated with a special local red rice grown in Lung Phinh commune. According to the people, this type of rice cooks very hard rice, but when making pho, it is soft and fragrant. In addition to noodle cake, sour water is a very important step to create the characteristic flavor of this dish. Usually in the season of vegetables, people often choose the type of cabbage, wash it, then dry it, then chopped it and then pick it up with salt. In addition to pickled cabbage, many people salt bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, and apricots.

Specialty Pho Chua Bac Ha

The way to prepare this pho is quite simple, the noodle cake is chopped into strands, then put in a bowl, filled with pickles broth, along with some spices including sauerkraut, peanuts, raw vegetables, peppermint. Seasoning and mixing well, adding a little chili sauce will be able to enjoy and surely the aftertaste will be unforgettable.

3 . Plum three flowers

Bac Ha is known as the Tam hoa plum capital of Lao Cai, the Northwest region and the whole country, so Tam hoa plum has become a tourist symbol of Bac Ha with spring plum blossoms in harmony with forest. fanciful, poetic white smoke.

Plum Tam hoa is one of the specialties in Bac Ha district.
Plum Tam hoa is one of the specialties in Bac Ha district

Bac Ha Plum Tam hoa Bac Ha begins to ripen from the beginning of May, but is most fully ripe in early June, when the weather has warmed up, it is also the time when Bac Ha attracts many tourists to experience the Tam hoa plum season. nine. To talk about the deliciousness and quality of this plum probably do not need to discuss too much, because referring to Northwest plums, most people have once heard the name of Bac Ha plum. Come to Bac Ha, do not forget to enjoy this fruit. Buying Bac Ha plums as gifts for friends and relatives is also extremely convenient and meaningful.

4.  Sticky five colors

To talk about Bac Ha specialties, the dish that cannot be ignored is the five-color sticky rice dish. The fancy sticky sticky rice is not only flexible, fragrant but also very colorful, with five main colors: Green, red, purple, yellow, white – the color of forest leaves, specialties that only grow in highland areas. Normally, red color will be made from Gac fruit or red rice leaf. In green, use ginger leaves, green sticky rice leaves, or grapefruit peel, bitter bamboo shoots, and burn ashes soaked in water mixed with lime. In yellow, use the old saffron to crush the water, while purple will use the black rice leaves, or the leaves of the plant later …

Plum Tam hoa is one of the specialties in Bac Ha district.
Sticky five colors – one of the specialties not to be missed

Completely made from natural ingredients, sticky rice without any color or other coloring materials, as natural and pure as the people here. According to indigenous people, the five colors sticky sticky rice form a whole, representing the yin and yang five elements, the solidarity of the ethnic groups. But each color can also stand independently, with its own meaning. If you come to Bac Ha, let’s not miss this special dish.

5. Black Chung Cake

If anyone has ever been to Bac Ha, surely they will not forget with the fragrant aroma of a famous specialty: Black Banh Chung. Especially when Tet comes, when Spring comes, Bac Ha people eagerly prepare familiar ingredients to make black Banh Chung. Nowadays, due to the needs of tourism development, Bac Ha not only makes black Banh Chung on holidays, Tet, but they also make black Banh Chung daily to serve the growing needs of tourists from all over the world. when coming to this Northwest land.

Bac Ha to remember the taste of black banh chung
Bac Ha black banh chung – an attractive dish not to be missed when coming to Bac Ha 

6. Mèn mén

What should eat when coming to Bac Ha? Menen, an attractive dish with a characteristic flavor of the mountains and forests that visitors must definitely enjoy when coming here. This dish is made from corns that are smooth, evenly seeded, not too old, not too young, and then cleaned and pureed. Next, people will bring cornstarch to sieve all the eyebrows so that the flour is smooth, then put in a pot of cooked food. In order to make the dish delicious and supple, it is necessary to eat 2 times and each time it is necessary to splash water, as well as to stir, so that the dough does not stick or stick together. When it is ripe, it smells good, making it hard for anyone to smell it. And that is also the reason that ménom becomes a specialty dish in Bac Ha .Men - Specialty in Bac HaEnjoy a delicious morning glory in Bac Ha

2. Corn wine

Besides delicious dishes, corn wine is also a specialty in Bac Ha that visitors should not miss. Ban Pho corn wine is famous for many generations, this wine has a passionate aroma, combined with the taste of mountains and forests, making people fascinated. Corn wine here is cooked according to an esoteric recipe, using persimmon seeds to create yeast naturally, without using chemicals, so it always ensures quality. When enjoying alcohol, you will feel lightheaded, pleasant, not tired.Corn Wine - Famous specialties in Bac Ha Process of making corn wine of Bac Ha people

Above is a collection of the most famous specialties in Bac Ha that every visitor here should not miss, surely the taste of these special, attractive dishes will remain forever in the memory of whoever had the opportunity to experience. If you want to explore the beauty and enjoy the specialties here, choose Vinlove as a reliable companion!

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