Co To summer 2021 travel experience most complete handbook

Co To tourism has become a wise choice for many young people who love to experience it, or families who need an airy resting space. Here are all the experiences for your most economical trip.

Going to Co To means you have chosen for yourself the joy to watch the sunrise on the island that once entered Nguyen Tuan’s sign, and nervously wait until sunset to see how the sunlight fades on the pearl island of Co To? Moreover, you can also admire the quality rock at Thu My Bridge – which also preserves many of the natural tectonic complexes.


Co To – The island with the beauty that has been signed by Nguyen Tuan

To have a clearer vision for those who want to visit this beautiful island, Vinlove is pleased to provide some useful information when traveling Coto in summer 2019. The travel experience Coto This will be extremely helpful for your upcoming trip.

I. Means of transportation:

1. Transportation from Hanoi – Co To:  1. Going from Hanoi to Cai Rong port

To get to Co To from Hanoi, you must first move to Cai Rong port. If you ride a motorbike, you can take the initiative in your time, have more experiences and more opportunities to be together. However, the road is quite far, so this choice is quite dangerous. Not to mention that you will have to pay extra fees to load the car on board, to the port and car fare.

You can also choose to go by car. When traveling by car, the two of you will have more time to relax and talk together during your trip  to Co To  .


There are many buses going from Hanoi to Quang Ninh. You can take the car to Cam Pha, Cua Ong from My Dinh bus station or Luong Yen. Tickets are about 100k – 120k. Then, you get off at Van Don junction and catch a bus, taxi, or motorbike taxi to get to the port.

You can also take a Limousine bus to go directly from Hanoi to Cai Rong. This is a 16-seat car and will pick up customers every day in Kim Ma. The price is a bit more expensive than a 24-seat passenger car, ranging from 180k to 280k.

A corner of Co To wharf. (Photo by Thu Hien)

2. High Speed ​​Boat at Cai Rong – Van Don Port

The ship docked at Co To island district

– Travel time: 90 minutes

– Ticket price: 250,000 VND / time.

– Train hours

+ Van Don – Co To: From 6am to 16:30 pm (Depending on different car manufacturers).

+ Co To – Van Don: From 5:30 am to 16:30 pm (Depending on different car manufacturers).

For assistance with booking train tickets, you should contact the motels and hotels on the island directly. This will be more effective than self-booking, avoiding adverse situations. Or, you can also contact: 0168.459.8459 (free support).

This trip to Co To in the summer of 2020 will bring you  many beautiful moments and interesting experiences 


2. Wooden train at Cai Rong port ( Cai Rong port – Van Don) – Travel time: 150 minutes – Fare: 95,000 / time / person.- Train time + Van Don – Co To: 7:00 am from Saturday 2 to Saturday + Co To – Van Don: 7:00 am- Note: there is an additional 13h00 trip at weekends. 

3. Transportation on Co To island

Vehicles serving sightseeing on the island include: Electric cars from 7 to 16 seats, cars from 16 seats to 29 seats, motorbikes, double bikes, single bikes …

The price of electric car has a big difference on weekends, holidays, New Year because the number of passengers is relatively crowded and the demand is high. On average, the 7-seat electric car rental is about 1.2 million VND / day, to all the attractions. If you want to rent a 16-seat car, the price will increase by about 200,000 VND – 400,000 VND / day package.

The price of a 16-seat car is about 1.2 million VND / day. If you want to save costs as much as possible, you can rent a motorbike for 200 thousand VND / day (refuel by yourself). Or double bikes for 30 – 50k / hour.

II. Guest houses, hotels on Co To island


Co To tourism is increasingly flourishing with the investment in facilities, roads, and large-scale amusement parks 

Currently, on Co To, building a lot of new and beautiful motels, the room price will range from 300k – 700k (homestay – motel, air conditioner – air conditioner).

During the peak season, from April 30 to September 2, many guesthouses will be put into operation, you can choose from a number of guesthouses:


Some 3-star hotels are loved by tourists on Co To Island 

– Thanh Mang Hotel: recently built completely, is expected to go into operation in mid-April, with a large-scale 5 floors, 28 fully equipped rooms, very convenient location right in the center of town. .

– Green Co To: about 3km from the town center for those who want a quiet space to rest. – Thanh Trung Hotel : location right on the sea, going from the wharf to the town You can immediately see the green Thanh Trung motel.

 Budget motels, homestay: to save costs, in addition to choosing hotels and motels, you can choose budget motels, homestay prices will be lower but the amenities are not adequate, the bathroom will be next to you. out. Room price is about 300k – 500k / room / night.


OT locations homestay prestige in Coto  Currently in Coto has developed a form of residence novelty to visitors spoiled for choice as: The pipe, a container, wooden houses and colorful.

III. The sights in Co To


You can rent a bicycle to tour around pearl island by yourself. This also makes your trip to Co To more memories

Distance from tourist attractions to Co To town:

Co To Town – Wharf (pier) = 1km

Co To Town – Uncle Ho Monument = 100m

Co To town – Road of love = 150m

Co To Town – Lighthouse = 4km

Co To Town – Hong Van Beach = 5km

Co To Town – Bac Van Military Port = 8km

Co To town – Van Chay beach = 9km (This year a new road has been completed, now going straight to Van Chay, only 6km)

Co To Town – Cau My Stone Beach = 3km

Co To town – Pier to Co To Con = 7km

The place to take pictures cannot be missed when coming to Co To


Located in the south of Co To island, 3km from the center. Cau My has the most beautiful rock system on Co To island. It is a beautiful place to find life photos and perfect for a unique wedding photo album. A place to receive the first sunshine of the day.

The way of love


The path is shaded with green trees, is a very romantic place for couples to go for a walk together. This is also an entertainment venue, organizing a barbecue on the island


Co To Church

The first church built on Co To island, inaugurated on May 28, 2013, is gradually attracting tourists to visit here.


Cau My stone beach

Located in the south of Co To island, 3km from the center. Cau My has the most beautiful rock system on Co To island. It is a beautiful place to find life photos and perfect for a unique wedding photo album. A place to receive the first sunshine of the day.


Monument Uncle Ho

Located in the center of town, right next to the road of love. Is the only monument that Uncle Ho agreed to erect after Uncle Ho’s visit to Co To May 9, 1961. On the occasion of festivals, this weekend is the place to hold cultural exchanges serving the people on the island and tourists.


Co To Lighthouse Station

As one of more than 30 “night sea eyes” operating across the territorial waters of Vietnam. Located on an altitude of 101m and was put into operation in 1961.


Beach of love

Located in the center of town, right next to the road of love and the statue of Uncle Ho. It is a suitable place to hold a BBQ party and organize the evening entertainment.


Van Chay beach:  6km from the town center. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Co To Island, with long, smooth sand and big waves. Suitable for playing beach sports games, playing with waves, watching waves crashing.


Hong Van Beach: Natural, untouched beauty, soft velvet white sand. Especially in the afternoon, the beach turns pink as the name itself. Primeval forest

Green-shaded streets all over the road to explore Co To, walking or riding a motorbike on the green-shaded streets on Co To Island are very interesting for tourists.


Bac Van Port is a place where you can watch the blue sky and sea, see every small stone at the bottom of the sea, this is also the pier to the island.

Thanh Lan Island

The largest island in the Co To archipelago, has hidden beauty to explore: C6 beach, Tam Chu, Hai Quan.

Co To Con Island

The place owns the most beautiful beach in Co To with a primeval forest containing many rare animals, in the sea bed contains many beautiful coral reefs. This is a place visitors can not miss if you set foot on Co To.


Here you can try the feeling of sleeping on the beach tent, a very interesting feeling for those who like new feelings.


In addition, when coming to Co To Con Island, you can also explore Co To Park, a large-scale sports water park, with many unique recreational games such as ice mountain conquest, obstacle crossing, and swing. , slide, jump high …

V. Co To Specialties

Nail snail is a specialty of Quang Ninh waters. Has an elongated shape like a nail. It was delicious and delicious. Can process dishes: grilled, steamed, stir-fried, porridge …

The current peanut worm is a high-class specialty in Co To and Quan Lan waters . As a rare and precious seafood with high nutritional value, it can be used as an energy enhancer. In the past, it was used as a tonic for the king.

Co To seafood is also famous for being fresh, delicious and diverse: crab, island, squid, snails, especially delicious jellyfish …


The grilled surface of the dish is indispensable

Young people book tours to Co To sometimes to once experience the lives of fishermen in their adventures to fish and squid fishing. And to challenge yourself, go to Co To’s legendary surfers or scuba diving teams. They catch fish by diving deep into the sea, the fish will be caught with submerged racquets or nets.


Families book a tour to Co To to relax after a year of hard work and study, the kids will get to eat the freshest seafood at extremely low prices and adults will freely relax on the chairs. long, suck countless fresh coconuts, breathe the fresh air in the peaceful and peaceful blue sea.

Co To tourism seems to be a great way to enjoy a brilliant summer for everyone!

Pocket travel experience Co To self-sufficient 2 days 1 night less than 100$

Are you looking for a summer trip to Co To pearl island? What are you waiting for? Let’s go now, dear! Not needing 100$ in hand, you can still unleash Co To for 2 days and 1 night, can you believe it? Here, I will share with you Co To travel experience that is easy, cheap, and very satisfying.

Co To emerald always has a strong attraction to us every time the summer tourism season beckons, right? My best friend and I had a wonderful vacation at Co To beach paradise last summer for 2 days and 1 night and cost less than 100$. Here, I will share with you Co To travel experience that is easy, cheap, and very satisfied.


Co To Pearl Island (photo: hmdaisy)

I. The first day of my self-sufficient trip to Co To

1 / Move to Cai Rong port

The first is moving from Hanoi to Cai Rong port . If you ride a motorbike, the total cost of gas and car for both going back and forth on the island is about 300k and plus the cost of loading the car on the ship, the port and the car fare. You also won’t save much compared to going by car.

There are many 24-seat buses and Limousins ​​to pick up guests in Hanoi. We and our friends are both girls, so we choose to ride Tam Bao Anh Limousin. The bus picks up passengers at 6am at Cau Giay Park and goes straight to Cai Rong port at 12 noon. 9-seater car, quite new and not crammed, catching passengers along the road.


Tam Bao Anh Limousin Bus (photo: Tam Bao Anh garage)

After arriving at the port, we went to a restaurant near the port to have lunch, rest and wait for the train to run. Each meal is 25k.

2 / Take a boat to Co To Island

From Cai Rong port to Co To island, you can choose to take a wooden boat or a speedboat with a slightly more expensive price. Because I want to save time playing on the island, I take the Ka Long high-speed train, with a round-trip ticket price of 500,000 VND, departing from Cai Rong port at 13:30 and arriving at the island at 15:30. You can book train tickets by hotline number: 01697.886.886


Cai Rong Port (photo: phucandroid)

Arriving on the island, we took a motorbike taxi to the homestay. Each person costs about VND 50k both way and back. In Co To, there are many cheap hotels and motels to choose from. The price ranges from 500k to 1 million VND per room.

3 / Check in at Homestay

We stayed at the Coto Gardens bungalow . The view is beautiful and free, and you can check in with virtual living and fully equipped. You can choose from a room designed in a stilt house, a train carriage or a duck tent. I am in the train car because I enjoy its very unique design. We go on weekdays so the room price is 800k. So each person costs 400k room. If you go on weekends, it will cost 1 million VND per room. You can contact the following phone number: 0123.226.1996 , see Mr. Kien offline.


Coto Gardens CS1 train train (photo: Coto Gardens)

4 / Journey to discover the pearl island of Co To

We stayed at the homestay until about 4pm when we started renting a car to visit Co To. Coto Gardens has all bicycle, motorbike and tram rental services. You and I rent a motorbike for 250k / day to visit around the island.


Car rental service Coto Gardens (photo: Coto Gardens)

Chay Chay – the paradise of youth

The first place we decided to go to was Van Chay beach. The beach is only about 1.5 km from our homestay. When I arrived, I was amazed at the blue color of the sea. The blue color of the sea and the sky seemed to merge into one. Standing in front of the immense, spacious, immense space carrying that water, all fatigue suddenly disappeared.


The paradise of Van Chay youth (photo: linhmeu.iu)

Hong Van – a lovely painting of the Sunset

After having fun in Van Chay, we moved to Hong Van beach to watch the sunset. Sunset on Hong Van beach is a masterpiece of nature. When the splendid sun went down on the water, the entire sea was shimmering as if it were covered with gold. Hong Van Beach is immersed in the fusion of pink and gold, creating a beautiful scene that is indescribable.


Sunset on Hong Van beach

Enjoy Co To seafood

We booked dinner right at the homestay. One serving is priced at 150k, there are many fresh seafood dishes already. The homestay will often have a full range of transportation and food services, so traveling to Co To is not too difficult, right?


Dinner at sea (photo: hahuynh)

You can try the ocean coffee service and the BBQ. That extremely romantic space will bring you unforgettable experiences.


Coffee on the sea (photo: vietnamese.go)

II / The second day of my trip to Co To

1 / Morning sunrise on Cau My rock

In the early morning of the 2nd day, we got up very early to watch the sunrise on Cau My rock . Seeing the sun rising, spreading the first morning sunlight, shining on such shimmering and fanciful sedimentary rocks, my heart suddenly felt emotional overflowing.


Pick up the sunrise at sea (photo: trang_beto)


Cau My rocky beach

2 / Breakfast at Co To

Breakfast at Co To is also very cheap. We eat 25k pho, delicious and delicious. Where to eat, you can ask the host.

You can also prepare your food and drink in advance to save money. Because there are very few snacks on the island, we also bring a little food, about 50k / person.

3 / Go to the seafood market

After that, we went to the market early to buy seafood to take home. Seafood is both cheap and fresh caught. Just about 100k you can enjoy buying a lot of fresh and delicious seafood.


Seafood market (photo: Coto Gardens)

4 / Return home after the trip

We took the train from Co To to Van Don port at 9:30 to catch the afternoon bus back to Hanoi and end our extremely beautiful Co To tour.

Thus, the total travel costs : 170k x 2 + 200k x 2 + 50k + 250k: 2 = 915k

Accommodation cost : 25k x 2 + 150k + 25k + 50k + 800k: 2 = 675k

Add 250k tickets to Co To Park and 100k extra seafood money. So the total cost of our trip is: 915k + 675k + 200k + 100k = 1890k, less than 2 million dong. Too cheap for a great trip in Co To, isn’t it?

These are all of my self-sufficient Co To travel experiences. After coming home, the feeling of lightheadedness and relaxation is still intact, like listening to the whispering waves at my feet.

A small note for you if you want to travel Co To self-sufficient is the train, car and motel you should contact to book in advance and arrange a reasonable time to avoid missed train or waiting time. too long.

If you find Co To self-sufficient a bit complicated and complicated because you have to use many vehicles and travel to many places, you can consider Co To tours.

Wish you have a wonderful Co To trip like us! Follow Pystravel