Moc Chau 2021 travel experiences for the first time in detail

Moc Chau tourism is no stranger to Vietnamese young people and professional travelers. However, for many tourists, especially those coming to Moc Chau for the first time, the discovery of this beautiful, poetic green plateau is still a difficult problem. Some travel experiences of Moc Chau Son La self-sufficient and cheap below will be the “lifesaver” necessary for first-time visitors to Moc Chau.

What is the weather of Moc Chau? Should go to Moc Chau

Moc Chau , the climate is still relatively cold, at the end of winter, snow may appear, especially in the early morning. In the cold weather, visitors can curl up in a warm room and watch the beautiful nature around. By about February the temperature has started to get higher, with great humidity and sometimes spring rains.

In particular, going to Moc Chau will be an opportunity for us to enjoy the poetic nature of the first days of the year. There was the white color of plum blossoms, the pink fades of cherry blossoms blended with ancient maple moss. All roads, villages, houses, upland fields and Moc Chau mountains are covered with flowers, creating a poetic scene.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Moc Chau , fog filled the space (Photo: @ manhmip.6938)

Means of transportation and place of stay

Move to Moc Chau

Hanoi is about 200km from Moc Chau, so visitors can move to the place by motorbike or bus depending on health status. You should carefully consider the weather conditions to ensure safety, you can catch the bus at Yen Nghia or My Dinh station by a bus ride. For visitors from afar, you can book a flight to Hanoi and then continue your journey to Moc Chau.

Where to stay

Moc Chau also has many affordable motels, hotels and homestays, you only have to spend about 200-500 thousand for a double room of 2 people. Depending on the accommodation needs and economic status of themselves, visitors can choose the most suitable place to rest. Some outstanding suggestions for visitors:

  1. Thao Nguyen Moc Chau Resort – Address: Sub-area 3/2, Nong Truong Town
  2. Muong Thanh Holiday Moc Chau Hotel – Address: Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Phieng Luong, Moc Chau
  3. Moc Chau Arena Village – Address: Km 122/180 Highway 6 Sub-Zone, Chieng Di, Moc Chau
  4. Moc Chau Eco Garden Resort – Address: Moc Chau Eco Garden Resort
Moc Chau tourism in January

Lovely and cheap Moc Chau Homestay (Anh: Collectibles)

See the colorful flowers racing on Moc Chau

Going to Moc Chau , you will admire the scenery of blooming flowers, mainly the white color of plum blossoms and cabbage flowers . White plum blossoms are considered the typical beauty of going to Moc Chau but not everywhere. Moc Chau plum blossoms are planted in large fields, so when it blooms with many other flowers, visitors will feel the plateau as bright.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Moc Chau Cauliflower (Photo: @ minhthao4k)

Plum and Moc Chau peach have a distinct beauty that is unmatched. Plums are planted here in the forest and every time the flower season comes, you will see a paradise-like view amidst the clouds. Going to Moc Chau , you can admire the plum blossoms at Pa Phach village, Long Luong village, Thong Cuong, Ban Ang and Na Ka plum valley …

Join the spring travel atmosphere of the ethnic minorities

Moc Chau is the home of many Thai and Mong ethnic minorities. You can go deep into villages such as Tat Ngoang, Ta Phinh to discover the unique traditional cultural features that are still preserved quite intact by the ethnic people here. In addition, we also learn about unique customs and activities, enjoy special dishes bearing the typical flavor of the Moc Chau ethnic group.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Moc Chau is the house of the Thai and Mong people (Photo: Collectibles).

The most attractive places to go to Moc Chau

1. Ban Ang pine forest

Address: Ban Ang, Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province

In Moc Chau , you will see the scenery of the green Ban Ang pine forest reflecting the clear blue water surface. Especially in the early mornings of the first days of the year, the pine forest seems to be covered by a thin, light silk sheet under a vague and mysterious space. Ban Ang pine forest is still often referred to as Da Lat in the Northwest with a total area of ​​over 43 hectares, including a tall, green pine forest stretching on the reddish-brown hills and a natural lake of 5 hectares.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Ban Ang pine forest like “Da Lat of the Northwest” (Photo: @ naly.lee)

The mist has dispelled the noise and bustle in the city and the troubles in life. Moc Chau now only has gentle peace, especially Ban Ang pine forest is also the most attractive cheap Moc Chau tourist destination with cool air and green trees. This is also the place where the extreme virtual live animation oven is produced. In addition, near the pine forest 1km, there is a chimi farm strawberry garden filled with ripe red, sweet and sour strawberries, fresh and fresh waiting for you to pick.

2. Ban On Cave

Address: On Village, Moc Chau Farm Town, Moc Chau District, Son La Province

The Five Caves of the On Village are a system of 5 caves located deep underground in On village, separated from the outside world. So to get here you will have to go through a rather difficult and dangerous road. According to Moc Chau’s travel experience, you should form groups of at least 4-5 people to support each other.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Road to the On the Five Caves (Photo: @ tep.26)

On that road, we will be able to see a variety of blooming flowers, creating a beautiful scene. Especially, the scenery of Moc Chau is even more poetic and beautiful than ever, ensuring you will not be disappointed if you visit and enjoy this rustic and natural beauty.

3. Heart tea hill Tan Lap

Address: Tan Lap commune, Moc Chau district, Son La

Or is the Oolong Tea Hill Moc Suong with the largest area in Moc Chau. In this vast farm, there is a small tea strip planted in a unique heart shape, as Mr. Suong said it not only created a fancy landscape but also acted as a testament to the love story between the couple. he. Visitors can visit this place early in the morning or at dusk to get the best “like” photos in a magical space.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Romantic heart tea hill (Photo: Collectibles)

About 1km away there is also a valley of flowers up to a thousand hectares wide. In addition, Moc Chau , you can also visit October and November to have a chance to immerse yourself in a vast community of yellow and white blending together.

4. Dai Yem Waterfall

Address: QL43, Muong Sang, Moc Chau, Son La

Dai Yem waterfall is also known as Nang waterfall or Ban Vat waterfall and is associated with the legend told by the people here. The waterfall is about 100m high and divided into 2 different branches, with white water falling day and night with funny sounds that make many visitors excited. The mysterious and magnificent beauty of the surrounding natural scenery makes visitors look back and feel like Dai Yem waterfall is the gateway between heaven and earth.

Moc Chau tourism in January

A poetic scene around Dai Yem Waterfall (Photo: @ t.thao.vy)

Moc Chau travel experience , you will find that the waterfall scenery is much softer than the previous rainy season. There was no noise, but instead the stream gently gagged, mixed with the singing of birds in the deep forest, creating a completely different romantic and lyrical scene. Right next to Dai Yem waterfall, there is a prominent glass bridge with many colors, the super check-in place is popular with young people.

5. Moc Chau Happy Land Tourist Area

Address: QL43, Muong Sang, Moc Chau, Son La

From the homestay or the Moc Chau hotel, you stay in, you can feel the mist spreading throughout the space. Moc Chau, you must visit Moc Chau Happy Land to immerse yourself in a peaceful resort space with the scent of all kinds of flowers on the fresh plateau. The resort has an area of ​​nearly 5ha, especially the campus also has unique round tube motels. In the early morning, you can zoom out into the vast flower garden in front of your eyes or enjoy the evenings by the fire of the fire, sipping barbecue with friends.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Moc Chau Happy Land tourist area with beautiful scenery and many attractive games (Photo: @ t.thuyduonggg)

In particular, the tourist area also invested in planting many kinds of flowers like in Da Lat. Every season, you will be able to see each other blooming. In particular, there are games that have been put into service as Zorb Ball – challenging rolling balls.

Pha Luong Peak is an extremely attractive destination, especially for young people who are passionate about moving and exploring. Moc Chau tourism has no longer had any persistent rain, so visitors can enjoy traveling to Pha Luong and hunt beautiful photos. The road to climb Mount Pha Luong is not too high, too long, or too difficult like many other Northern mountains.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Cloud hunting on Pha Luong Peak (Photo: @ linglingling0627)

Especially on you can also see the scenery changing along the way. Up to the top is the scene of clouds dancing at the feet. Especially on the way back, do not forget to visit Ba Khan with beautiful lake views like Ha Long Bay Moc Chau version.

Moc Chau enjoys many delicious hot dishes

In early spring, when the weather is still chilly, you can enjoy the hot veal just picked out from the oil pan. Or you can also sit around the hot pot of salmon hot pot or enjoy a cup of hot, fragrant tea in the early morning or late afternoon.

1. Salmon

Moc Chau Salmon is considered a famous specialty for its delicious natural taste. Fish farmed in the right climate should grow well and have excellent quality. Salmon can be smoked, made salad or cooked very delicious hot pot.

Moc Chau tourism in January

Fresh Moc Chau salmon (Photo: Collectibles)

2. Kitchen buffalo meat

Referring to Moc Chau specialties, it is impossible not to mention the kitchen buffalo meat with a fairly sophisticated and time-consuming process. However, the taste of this dish is very wonderful. Going to Moc Chau, you can sip a glass of cider in the chilly space, which is an unforgettable experience.

3. Calf

Bo Chao is also as famous as the kitchen buffalo meat, after being carefully selected the veal will be processed neatly and cooked. You can use the calf with some typical Northwest vegetables to enhance the flavor.

4. Win hard

Thắng try is quite a horror dish for many people, especially for those who do not know how to eat or have just eaten for the first time. The ingredients of the city include horse organs cooked with some typical wild vegetables. You can try a warm cup of win when traveling in Moc Chau, if you eat the second and third pieces, you will feel the sweet and delicious characteristic of the dish right away.

5. Lam rice

Moc Chau lam rice is cooked from carefully selected delicious sticky rice, then put in a bamboo tube and grilled on an embers stove. Diners can use the same lam rice with a little sesame salt to experience a more rich and delicious taste.

Some note when going to Moc Chau

If you intend to travel to Moc Chau , you should note the following and be prepared to make the trip more convenient. 

  • Dress: You should wear warm or layered. If you intend to climb mountains, you must bring specialized shoes, do not wear normal sports shoes because the mountain road is not clinging and slippery.
  • Vehicles: Check that the tires have a good grip, especially be careful not to use a scooter.
  • Prepare a piece of gold glued to lights because passing through Thung Khe pass is prone to dangerous fog.
  • Bring full identification documents for the procedure if any through the border checkpoints.
  • If you are traveling in a group with the elderly and young children, we can consider booking a cheap tour for convenience, easier to move and have fun with many attractions. 
Moc Chau tourism in January

Note to wear warm when going to Moc Chau (Photo: @shadow_vanessa)

The beauty of Moc Chau tourism is evaluated as a muse sleeping through the cold winter months, awakened when spring comes. The beautiful scenery, the mist spreading, and rich rustic food will be unforgettable memories for visitors.

Top 6 pocket experiences for the most perfect Moc Chau trip

Moc Chau Plateau is called by a very favorable name, it is “Northwestern Dalat” because of its cool climate all year round. Perhaps that is the reason why Moc Chau is always a favorite place for tourists. And each season, on the plateau, there are certain features that come from the fresh colors of flowers. Therefore, Moc Chau is also given a very beautiful nickname, “flower paradise”. Join Vinlove to consult Moc Chau’s travel experience to get the best preparation before planning your trip.

The ideal time to travel to Moc Chau

Moc Chau tourism attracts tourists with the simple serenity of the Northwest Highlands, unique culture and attractive destinations. Moc Chau tourism attracts tourists with the simple serenity of the Northwest Highlands, unique culture and attractive destinations:

  • On the occasion of Lunar New Year (end of January, to the end of February): Before and after the Lunar New Year, Moc Chau has cherry blossoms, plum blossoms bloom all the way.
  • March: This is the time when the wild flowers bloom. On March 26, there is also the End of Cha festival.
  • From October to February: Cauliflower and wild anemone flowers bloom. November is the time when Moc Chau mustard flowers bloom, wild flowers, five colors mixed with the red color of poinsettia flowers.
  • From April to August: Plateau climate is much cooler than Hanoi. There are no flowers but plums and peaches for you to pick (April-June). This is also the time when Dai Yem waterfall has many countries, so coming to Moc Chau at this time you will have the opportunity to fully admire the 14 floors of the waterfall, a very majestic scene.
  • In early September, the Independence New Year of the Mong people was held very loudly, attracting H’mong people from home and abroad to attend.

You can come to Moc Chu this February to admire the beautiful scenery of Moc Chau.

The ideal time to travel to Moc Chau
The ideal time to travel to Moc Chau
The ideal time to travel to Moc Chau
The ideal time to travel to Moc Chau

Transportation to Moc Chau

Choosing travel means is what you should pay attention to for a complete travel.

  1. Motorbike ride : Currently, motorbike is the most popular means to go to Moc Chau, especially adventurous young people like to explore. You follow the road from Hanoi to Thang Long Avenue, turn left to Xuan Mai along Highway 6 to Hoa Binh. Going close to the center of Hoa Binh, there are signposts to go to Son La. Accordingly, up Cun slope, and straight along Highway 6 to reach Cao Phong from here, just run straight. On the way through Thung Khe, remember to stop to take pictures. This is a beautiful place not to be missed when checking in on the way to Moc Chau.
  2. Passenger car : This is also one of the choices of tourists because of the high convenience and safety. Catch a bus at My Dinh Bus Station, which runs regularly and continuously from 9am to 10pm. Ticket price from 120k – 150k / person. Prestigious car manufacturers you can refer to such as Hai Nam, Ket Doan, Ngoc Thuan, Tuan Hien …
Transportation to Moc Chau
Transportation to Moc Chau
Transportation to Moc Chau
Transportation to Moc Chau


Tourist places in Moc Chau

If you have come to Moc Chau, you cannot miss the following places:

  • Ngu Caves of Ban On:

Ngu Caves, Ban On is a complex of beautiful and technical caves and is a tourist attraction attracting tourists in Moc Chau. It has a wild beauty, with a system of 5 caves located deep under the mountain with beautiful shapes bestowed by nature. With its wild natural beauty, Ngu Cave Bao Son is increasingly an interesting destination for many lowland tourists.

To get to Ngu Dong Ban On Street, visitors can go by many different vehicles, take a group of cars or go by motorbike. But in any form, go to Moc Chau intersection, turn right to the farm, then continue 7 km, you will see signposts to the Ngu Dong Ban On.

  • Ban Ang pine forest:

Ang village in Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province has a cool, fresh highland climate, with a poetic and charming natural landscape. Visitors come here to walk along the lake, walk in the pine forest to breathe the fresh air, double bike to admire the scenery, enjoy the wind … In addition, visitors can camp in the pine forest, duck on the lake wind. A picture of a natural, poetic, charming, wild but wonderful.

Coming to Ban Ang pine forest not only to take pictures, you also enjoy a fresh atmosphere, a tranquility and tranquility. This place promises to help people get rid of the fatigue of a long working time.

  • Heart tea hill:

Heart tea hill about 15km from Moc Chau town. From To Hieu Street, visitors pass Le Thanh Nghi Street, pass 70 market, then turn left along Provincial Road 104, go through the People’s Committee of Moc Chau farm town about 4km, then follow the signpost, turn right for another 1km to reach the heart of the tea hill. . True to its name, these tea beds are planned to be planted in a beautiful heart shape. This is the impressive highlight of Moc Chau tourism, is a symbol of vitality and love.

  • Moc Chau Tropical Flower Garden:

With an area of ​​over 12 hectares, the flower garden in Dong Sang commune, Moc Chau is being expanded and diversified more and more flowers. Here, you can see how meticulous the people’s flower care and pruning is, they cherish and cherish the flowers and produce full petal flowers. It can be said that this is a sub garden of Da Lat that visitors who do not have to go anywhere can admire the beautiful flower fields. If you have the opportunity to come to Moc Chau, do not miss the opportunity to visit this flower paradise!

  • Mount Pha Luong:

Speaking of Moc Chau, people will immediately think of the majestic scenery, the mountains, the generosity of nature at the ideal height. Certainly, Mount Pha Luong is the place where visitors can enjoy all that. Here you fully afford the panoramic view of Moc Chau to the fullest.

Pha Luong Peak
Pha Luong Peak
Ban Ang pine forest
Ban Ang pine forest


Hotels in Moc Chau

In addition to the issue of moving, the housing issue in Moc Chau is also what many tourists are concerned about.

  • Phoenix Moc Chau Hotel:

Located in Moc Chau district, Phoenix Moc Chau Hotel features a bar, a shared lounge, a garden and free WiFi. This 3-star hotel offers a 24-hour front desk and room service. The property can arrange private parking for guests at a surcharge.

  • Stella Moc Chau Hotel:

Located in Moc Chau district, Stella Moc Chau Hotel features a garden. Other facilities of this hotel include a restaurant, a shared kitchen, a shared lounge and free WiFi throughout the property. Private parking can be arranged at a surcharge. The hotel serves a daily buffet breakfast.

  • Butter House:

Butter House is located right in the farm town of Moc Chau. The simplicity, simplicity and closeness will be what you feel when you step into the homestay with this sweet name. The accommodation is beautiful, affordable, but the living space is fresh – there’s nothing to criticize about this homestay.

Hotels in Moc Chau
Hotels in Moc Chau
Hotels in Moc Chau
Hotels in Moc Chau


Specialty in Moc Chau

If you have set foot in Moc Chau, you cannot miss these specialties:

  • Kitchen buffalo meat:

Kitchen buffalo meat is a specialty dish of the Thai people in Moc Chau. Looking out the dark brown color, when tearing inside the natural red color – a characteristic characteristic of Son La kitchen buffalo meat – when chewing in the mouth, the sweetness of the flesh lingers in, blending with the aroma of mountain wood smoke. rock and a bit of a bitterness of forest pepper. Eating dried grilled buffalo meat, we can feel the sweet aroma of buffalo meat, the breathtaking smell of the mountains, the richness of the combination of spices such as lemongrass, chili, garlic, pepper … The above has created an attraction for the upland specialties.

  • Grilled spring fish:

Moc Chau stream fish is usually not large, just by fingers, very big as well as the handle of a knife, stream fish does not have a fishy taste. There are many ways to cook fish from Moc Chau stream, frying, roasting, … The fish caught, set the fire to roast briefly on the bank of the stream so that it can be saved for long-term food or sold to restaurants in town. Moc Chau stream fish is deep fried and has a creamy flavor.

  • Fresh cow’s milk:

The vast Moc Chau steppe is the cradle of pure fresh cow’s milk, which is favored by diners everywhere. With more than 10,000 black and white Dutch cows that produce milk every day, Moc Chau has long been famous for dairy products such as pure fresh milk, pasteurized milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, whey, and milk. Special … Don’t forget to visit and enjoy the farm and dairy factories here.

Specialty in Moc Chau
Specialty in Moc Chau
Specialty in Moc Chau
Specialty in Moc Chau


What to buy as a gift when traveling to Moc Chau

And perhaps gifts are indispensable in every travel, that you send to relatives and friends.

  • Fresh milk, milk candy (both very cheap and delicious)
  • In the summer, you can buy plums and peaches Moc Chau.
  • Bitter bamboo shoot if you go in the bamboo shoot season (August & September) + cat vegetable (winter) + wild honey, pollen, Moc Chau wine, Moc Chau tea …
  • Buffalo meat (or beef as possible)
What to buy as a gift when traveling to Moc Chau
What to buy as a gift when traveling to Moc Chau
What to buy as a gift when traveling to Moc Chau
What to buy as a gift when traveling to Moc Chau

Above are Moc Chau pocket travel experiences that Vinlove sends to you. Hope sharing the above will help you have a trip to Moc Chau with many interesting experiences. Wish you all have a happy trip and many memorable memories!