Buon Me Thuot herb garden blooms purple in the whole corner of the sky, if you don’t check-in, it’s too sad

Although Buon Me Thuot herbal flower garden is not too large, it is a virtual living place that has been enthusiastically checked in by young people in the past few days.

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Where is the heather garden?

Buon Me Thuot city has many famous destinations such as the World Coffee Museum, Dray Nur waterfall, Elephant Stone Mountain, … Besides these familiar landmarks, Buon Me mountain street also has many beautiful flower gardens for you. check in virtual live.

Buon Me Thuot is a famous city in Dak Lak province. Photo: Thach Thao Flower Garden – BMT

Recently, the Buon Me Thuot herb garden has just revealed, causing people far and near to stir because it is so beautiful, too lyrical. It is known that this flower garden is located right around Avoid Tay – Pham Ngu Lao roundabout (opposite Dong Tam brick), so it is very easy to find.

Buon Me mountain street has just appeared a beautiful heather garden. Photo: Thach Thao Flower Garden – BMT

Although it has only appeared since mid-March, this heather garden has quickly caused fever. The small beautiful garden with some highlight scenes has become a check-in corner that is loved by locals and visitors. If you are going to travel to Buon Me Thuot, take some time to visit this beautiful flower garden.

A dreamy purple garden is waiting for you to check in

It can be said that in the past few days, the amethyst garden is a destination in Buon Me Thuot that is loved by many people. At this time, the flowers in the garden are blooming brilliantly, blooming under the warm, golden March sun.

The garden blooms purple on sunny March days. Photo: Thach Thao Flower Garden – BMT

The garden is quite small, not as large as the heather gardens in Vung Tau or Da Lat. But when the flowers bloom at the same time, every corner in the garden is also beautiful for visitors to relax.

This place is a destination that is loved by many young people. Photo: Hoai Thi Nguyen

Here, amethyst and white cardamom are grown together. But the number of amethyst flowers is more, the flowers bloom and blooming a whole corner of the sky. If the purple color brings outstanding beauty, the heather white color is pure and pure. Depending on your preference, you choose the best angle to take pictures.

Purple flowers bloom a whole corner of the sky. Photo: Snow Lotus

Viewed from above, Buon Me Thuot herb garden occupies only a small area. There are a total of 4 purple flower beds and 2 white flower beds stretching along. Flowers are in full bloom, creating a beautiful purple and white carpet. Just stand in any corner, you will have virtual live photos.

Amethyst blooms in mid-March. Photo: Thach Thao Flower Garden – BMT

To serve the needs of visitors, the garden house also decorated a few other beautiful scenes for young men and women to delight in showing off. In the midst of the bright purple background, the white heather flower, the garden house added a striking blue green windy background at the bottom of the garden.

Every corner in the garden is beautiful for you to check in. Photo: Hoai Thi Nguyen

Besides, you can pose at the piano in the middle of blooming flowers, you can sit on a bright white chair or check in at the small gate at the entrance. There are not too many fussy miniatures, but thanks to the bright and cute colors, it is not difficult for you to get a picture like that.

A few small beautiful scenes in the garden. Photo: Thach Thao Flower Garden – BMT

If you are a lover of photography, perhaps you do not expect too much on the area of ​​Buon Me Thuot heather garden. The place is not too big but the flowers are really in bloom. And although not a huge garden, but the close-up photos will not disappoint.

The purple color of the flower stands out from the sky. Photo: Hoang Luong Minh Trang

It can be said that the beauty of the amethyst garden is due to the time when the flowers are blooming evenly in the middle of March, full of sunshine. The space around the garden is also spacious and open, so it is suitable for visitors to visit the flowers, save some commemorative photos with this small, beautiful flower.

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Note when exploring Buon Me herbal garden

Because it is a small garden, the Buon Me Thuot herb garden collects a photo fee of only 20,000 VND / person. You should take advantage of the garden right now because the flowers are in full bloom and the most beautiful, taking pictures will be more perfect.

The fee for taking pictures in the garden is 20,000 VND / person. Photo: Nguyen Diem Quyen

Morning is the best time to take a walk and show off your figure in the garden. However, this time there will also be a large number of people coming here. Therefore, you can flexibly visit the garden in the middle of the week, avoiding the overcrowded weekend.

Morning is a good time to take photos at the flower garden. Photo: Thach Thao Flower Garden – BMT

For the most perfect photos, you can refer to the Buon Me Thuot check-in experience of local residents and tourists. Most people wear bright colored clothes such as white, yellow, red, blue, … to create a striking contrast between the heather garden.

You should choose light-colored clothing for better photos. Photo: Ha Minh Thu

Finally, you should go with a friend or relative to have someone take pictures to help you. If you are alone, remember to bring a tripod (used for phone / camera) to take pictures as you like.

Traveling to Buon Me, remember to visit this beautiful heather garden! Photo: Thach Thao Flower Garden – BMT

Heather Garden, although only recently appeared, has quickly become a super hot check-in point. (Photo source: Rosemary Flower BMT)
This place has many beautiful and brilliant “virtual life” corners, giving you beautiful pictures like dreams. (Photo source: BMT Herb Garden)
Under the warm March sun, heather flowers bloom, purple and pink in the whole area. (Photo source: BMT Herb Garden)
Although the area is not too large, the flower beds are in full bloom, creating 1001 beautiful angles. (Photo source: Giang Jun)
Just come here, you will get a series of dreamy pictures. (Photo source: Nguyen Diem Quyen)
To serve everyone’s photography needs, this place also arranged more small scenes such as windmills, doors. (Photo source: BMT Herb Garden)
The miniatures help the believers “virtual life” comfortably relax without worrying about lack of background. (Photo source: Hoai Thi Nguyen)
A beautiful white chair placed in the middle of flower beds helps you sink into the purple white space of heather. (Photo source: BMT Herb Garden)
The blue windmill seemed to blend with the blue of the sky. (Photo source: BMT Herb Garden)
Just create a natural pose to bring back beautiful photos, no need to be fussy or too gorgeous. (Photo source: Hoang Luong Minh Trang)
Since its appearance, the heather garden has become a super hot check-in point in Buon Me Thuot, attracting beautiful men and women from far and wide to visit. (Photo source: Nguyen Diem Quyen)
The white piano among the flowers is also the highlight, the camera angle that many people love. (Photo source: Internet)

Although the heather garden in Buon Ma Thuot is not as large as in the misty land of Da Lat or Vung Tau, it only occupies a small area with 4 purple flower beds and 2 white flower beds stretching along. But it seems to suit the climate and weather here, so every flower is very fresh, blooming to the fullest extent and nearly 1m high.purple color - the highlight of the heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotDreamy Herb Garden (Photo by Fb Ha Minh Thu)

In particular, the purple color brings seduction and prominence, while the white rosemary color brings fragility, purity and purity. Put next to each other, they are not “lost”, but harmoniously harmonious, forming a soft silk carpet winding in the wind and shines a corner of the sky under the brilliant rays of the great sun.purple, pink - 2 main colors of heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotWhite and purple in harmony (Photo Fb Thach Thao Flower Garden – BMT)

“Will shooting with flowers just make you boring?” – That will not be a question that you have to worry about when coming to the heather garden in Buon Ma Thuot . Because in order to serve the needs of visitors, the gardeners also decorate a lot of beautiful scenes such as the wooden door at the top of the garden and the windmill at the end of the garden with the blue color as if to blend with the sky.windmill - small landscape at the heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotA lovely windmill (Photo by Fb Quynh Huong)

In addition, you can also transform into a romantic artist at the white piano in the middle of the garden, work as a diligent gardener with a cute yellow turtle car, or dream girl on a pristine white chair … All will help you have a beautiful picture to “take your breath”.piano - virtual living corner at heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotParty at the piano (Photo by Fb Ngoc Chung)Turtle car - accessories for shooting at heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotTurned into a lovely garden girl (Photo of Rice Cake Fb)chair - corner taken at heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotThe white chair creates a space for more fairy tales (Photo: Hoai Thi Nguyen)

Moreover, the space around this flower garden in Dak Lak is also quite spacious, airy and cool, with green gardens and ancient shade, so once you arrive, you will save attachment does not want to show.

Tips for taking pictures with the heather garden in Buon Ma Thuot

Costumes : Often people will use clothes with striking colors such as white, pink, yellow … to contrast, highlight the image of flowers. However, you can wear vintage-style clothes with brown, purple, or orange colors… and when shooting, pull the dark color down to make the photo look old.white clothes - beautiful clothes when photographed at the heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotWhite clothes are the best (Photo: Fb Minh Tram Le)

How to shoot : 

When the flowers are blooming all at once, even standing at any angle you can “grab” virtual live photos, especially close-up ones, because it will conceal “blemishes”. a small area of heather garden in Buon Ma Thuot .

Walking absent-mindedly in the garden, pretending to smell flowers, leaning on flowers or bringing flowers towards the sun and turning around with the lens … will help your photo be extremely unique.walk - poses taken at heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotIgnore walking in the garden (Photo FB Kim Chi)

If the right time for the flowers to bloom is not so brilliant, you can interact more with the miniatures or focus on the face and blur the surroundings, at which time the scene will be downright magical but equally impressive.Close-up photography - a beautiful way to take pictures at the heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotThe flowers are not blooming, but they also have super beautiful photos (Photo: Tuan Tung).

Revealing, heather also symbolizes a pure, gentle, romantic love, determination together to go to the eternal paradise or to protect each other, so couples in love or couples The bride and groom coming to Buon Ma Thuot herbal garden to take wedding photos to save their memories will also be great.The couple came to take pictures at the heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotCouples live in virtual love (Photo Fb My Ngoc)

Accessories : The scene is beautiful, if the person is beautiful, you also need to have a full battery-powered camera or phone and a good “blink” to be “perfect”.

How to move to the heather garden in Buon Ma Thuot

From the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, if you go northeast through the roundabout, take the second way onto Le Duan Street / Highway 14, at the next roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Y Street. Ngông, then turn right to Le Hong Phong street, at Le Hong Phong – Phan Boi Chau intersection, then turn left onto Phan Boi Chau street, then at the Dep Fashion Shop, turn right onto Dao Duy Tu street.

Then turn left at Cat Mechanical Facility to Hoang Dieu Street, meet the first intersection, turn right to enter Pham Ngu Lao Street. After going through the roundabout, go to the 2nd exit and cross over to Avoid Tay Street, then at the first intersection, turn right to reach the heather garden in Buon Ma Thuot, located right on the right side of the road.entrance to the heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotOutstanding flower garden on the roadside (Photo by Fb Huynh Tu Uyen)

Some notes at the heather garden in Buon Ma Thuot

Admission fee : 20,000 VND / person.

Time of arrival : 

– Heather has a miracle that they have a strong vitality that can bloom all year round, so any time when visiting Buon Me Herb Garden , you can see purple flowers. Blue is blooming. And it will be the most beautiful if you come in the summer and fall, because the brilliant rays of sunlight will make the flowers stand out more and the picture is sharper and more impressive.

– However, you should come in the early morning or late afternoon when the sunset falls because the sun is not too intense, causing damage to your skin and eyes. Also, if you have time, arrange to go on weekdays, as weekends and holidays will be crowded. Sunny day - a good time to take pictures with the heather garden in Buon Ma ThuotShoot in summer is the best (Photo: Hoang Luong Minh Trang)

Buon Me Thuot herbal flower garden is in the most beautiful season, together with beautiful clothes to visit here, save a series of beautiful pictures like “muse” lost in the fairy garden. 

Buon Me Thuot herb garden is very beautiful, so you should pay attention to move carefully, avoid trampling and breaking the flowers. If you have a need to use hand-shaped flowers, you can contact the garden owner to buy them, do not pick flowers by yourself. A small sense of each visitor will contribute to keeping the heather garden beautiful and radiant, serving more people in the future.