Cannot miss the attractions of this famous Gia Nghia Dak Nong

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Sights in Gia Nghia should go once said

Gia Nghia is the central town of Dak Nong province. This place is famous for many beautiful and attractive attractions. Including a number of attractive destinations such as Dak Nong Three-Floor Waterfall, Gia Nghia Tea Hill, Lieng Nung Waterfall, or Phap Hoa Dak Nong Pagoda …  These are all attractive destinations for tourists. when traveling to Dak Nong . The places to visit in Gia Nghia introduced below will help you have a most enjoyable and meaningful trip.Lieng Nung waterfall is a tourist attraction in Gia Nghia that is loved by many peoplePhoto: @hamanh

1. Lieng Nung Gia Nghia Waterfall

Lieng Nung waterfall is also known as Dieu Thanh waterfall. It is a waterfall in Dak Nia commune, Gia Nghia. This waterfall looks very majestic and beautiful from above. With three large waterfall clusters with waterfall clusters up to 30m high, from a distance, Dieu Thanh waterfall looks like a white silk strip hanging on the cliff side. Lieng Nung Waterfall is one of the famous attractions in Gia NghiaPhoto: @ ocmedi

To be able to conquer this sightseeing spot in Gia Nghia, you will have to pass a dangerous and difficult road. Because the road leading to here is quite small and steep, it is very difficult to go. However, just arriving at this attraction in Gia Nghia , you will feel how much effort it takes to get here is worth it. The feeling of watching the beautiful and majestic Lieng Nung Dak Nong waterfall will help you forget all the fatigue and worries of everyday life, instead of feeling new and excited. 

This waterfall was operated by volcanic lava in the past, so it created a unique geological structure with stacked rocks, so when visiting, you will feel a lot of interesting things about this place. From the wild and mysterious beauty to the green, cool natural scenery. All have been combined together to create a special attraction for the Gia Nghia  Dak Nong tourist destination .Discover the beauty of Lieng Nung waterfall - one of the famous attractions in Gia NghiaPhoto: @miaoo

2. Phap Hoa Pagoda

Phap Hoa Pagoda is a sacred place that many Buddhists here often visit and visit. This temple was built in 1957 and is a peaceful place that many tourists love and visit.The beauty of Phap Hoa Pagoda - one of the most popular attractions in Gia NghiaPhoto: @ linhngoos

Coming to this attraction in Gia Nghia, visitors will feel the soul lighter and more relaxed. Because this will be a destination to help you temporarily leave the noisy and bustling place to return to a quiet, peaceful place. Therefore, Phap Hoa Pagoda is one of the famous check-in places in Dak Nong province. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come here you must definitely visit once to know. There are many tourists who like to visit one of the attractions in Gia Nghia which is the Phap Hoa PagodaPhoto: @tainguyn

Dak Nong Phap Hoa Pagoda is famous for its unique architectural design with a beautiful curved red dome. In particular, the pagoda is located on a high hill, so this place is more majestic and ancient. The temple consists of the main hall with an area of ​​about 160m2 and a circular tower with 5-story design. In addition, the campus of the pagoda also has more amnesty, the three-door gate, and the mandarin area, the hall area, and the garden of Lam Ty Ni …

3. The Gia Nghia Tea Hill

One of the most famous tea growing areas in the Central Highlands is the Gia Nghia tea hill. This is where the tea growing area is very large. Every year, the amount of tea harvested here is up to hundreds of tons. Therefore, the lives of people here are also improved and enhanced.Gia Nghia Tea Hill - one of the attractions in Gia Nghia known to many peoplePhoto: @tainguyn

This tea hill area is also a tourist attraction in Gia Nghia receiving a lot of attention from visitors. This place contains pure, pure and romantic beauty, so anyone who comes to visit will feel love. 

Gia Nghia tea hill is green, so when you come here, you will feel the green and cool atmosphere that nature has endowed in this largest tea hill area in the Central Highlands. Here, you will be delighted to take pictures and check in virtual live. Therefore, this place is really one of the tourist destinations in Gia Nghia that you should take the time to visit.Visiting the tea hill - one of the attractions in Gia Nghia that many people lovePhoto: @ nguyenthuong180884

4. Dak Nong three-storey waterfall

Located in Dak R’Til commune of Tuy Duc district, Dak Nong three-story waterfall is one of the famous sightseeing places that are loved by many tourists. This waterfall has a height of up to 50m, a width of 15m and the surrounding four sides are surrounded by a special-use forest with a rich and diverse ecosystem. Therefore, coming to this Gia Nghia tourist destination , you will learn and discover many interesting and attractive things. In addition, near the three-story waterfall area, you can choose an empty space to camp and organize a meaningful outdoor picnic party. This will definitely be one of the most enjoyable experiences for you when visiting Dak Nong province.Dak Nong three-storey waterfall - a attraction in Gia Nghia is loved by young peoplePhoto: @ camnhi-201312051359

This waterfall is called Three floors because there are three layers of waterfall located next to each other. If the first one is not too high, the second one is about 20 meters high and the highest one is the third. This is also the most beautiful main waterfall floor here. The surrounding four sides are peaceful and quiet mountain scenery, so anyone who comes here will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Above are the famous attractions in Gia Nghia that are very well known. Therefore, if you are preparing for your trip plan here, please immediately refer to the shared locations above. Surely this will be an interesting and attractive destination that you should not miss.

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