Did you know these exciting and exciting markets in Lao Cai?

Exploring the upland markets is always a great experience, especially in Lao Cai. Because visitors are not only immersed in the exciting and bustling space, enjoy delicious dishes and attractive specialties, but also learn about the unique cultural beauty here. And this article Vinlove will join you in reviewing the most famous and impressive markets in Lao Cai.

Check out a list of outstanding markets in Lao Cai

1. Muong Hum Fair

In order to discover the interesting culture and customs of Lao Cai people, you must definitely come to experience this Muong Hum market once. Although this fair in Lao Cai  is not too special, it is also an opportunity to help you immerse yourself in the lives of the people here. The bustling atmosphere of the buyers, the sellers, the boys huddled and pointed, the girls were afraid to hide their faces. All create a noisy atmosphere than ever. In addition, when visitors come to Muong Hum market, it is also cool with the peaceful and impressive natural landscape, flowing streams, surrounded by the same mountain range, helping you to get the century photos. for life.Muong Hum Market - Fair market in Lao Cai is famousBusy space at Muong Hum market

Muong Hum waiting address: Located in the center of Muong Hum commune, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.

Market time: Organized all day, however the market is crowded and busiest on Sundays, from 7am to 13pm.

2. Sapa love market

Not only known as an attractive tourist destination in Sapa , but the love market is also a unique market in Lao Cai, which is most interested by many people.  aquí. It is known that this fair is an opportunity for Mong and Dao boys and girls to meet, learn and date. There have been many couples who became wives and husbands after coming to the market. This activity has continued like that to this day and has become a typical cultural feature of the people here. The fair time is normally held on Sunday morning, but on Saturday afternoon everyone was eager to prepare costumes and activities to serve the next morning’s love market. When attending the fair, visitors not only learn about the interesting culture in the love market, but also participate in many other exciting activities such as singing dao, tug of war, blowing trumpets, …Love market - Fair market in Lao Cao is unique and interestingAttractive entertainment programs in the evening at the love market

Address to hold the Sapa love fair: In the square area, in front of the stone church in Sapa.

Time of organization: Sunday morning every week. However, around 18-19pm on Saturday, the stone church square area was very noisy.

3. Bac Ha market

What is fun about Lao Cai tourism?  Someone once said that coming to Lao Cai without experiencing the Bac Ha Market is not considered to have felt all the cultures of this beautiful land. Because this is the largest market in the Northwest, it has attraction right from the way to the market, you will have to cross the winding passes, over the immense flower fields, the cornfields, the terraced rice fields. unique, … All of those images depict a picture of a peaceful, rustic nature that many travelers fall in love with, do not want to leave at all. When you arrive at Bac Ha market, you will see a colorful space with the traditional costumes of the Dao, Mong boys, and girls … Going deep inside are the stalls. selling all kinds, from household appliances, traditional items, to  Lao Cai specialties have enough. Looking at them, this Bac Ha market – Fair market in Lao Cai will be the ideal place to explore the cultural beauty of the upland ethnic groups.Bac Ha Market - Fair market in Lao CaiThe whole scene of the most famous Bac Ha market in Lao Cai

Address of Bac Ha fair market: In the center of Bac Ha town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.

Time of organization: On Sunday every week.

4. Ban Phiet market

Compared with  the unique markets in Lao Cai  , Ban Phiet market is smaller and less participant. However, each market will have its own characteristics, unlike any other market, so you should not miss it. People attending the fair are mainly White Mong people, in the early morning of the second day, they will prepare the most beautiful and colorful clothes to go to the fair. Therefore, coming here you will see a fresh and colorful market space. There will be nothing more wonderful than when experiencing the life of upland people, shopping and enjoying attractive specialties.Ban Phiet Market - Fair market in Lao CaiPeople are eager to go shopping in Ban Phiet market

Organizing address of Ban Phiet market: In Ban Phiet commune, Bao Thang.

Time of organization: On Monday morning every week.

5. Coc Ly market

Also  the famous fair in Lao Cai . This fair is known as the commodity exchange area of ​​ethnic minorities such as: Mong Hoa, Dao Khuyen, Nung, …. Come here, you will see a diversity of goods and they are divided. The area is specialized in selling brocade products, the area selling mountainous products, the area selling livestock, dogs, cats, food areas, …. Not only that, after completing the Coc fair Ly, do not forget to move to the suspension bridge over Chay River to explore nature, with beautiful scenery.Coc Ly Market - Fair market in Lao CaiCattle trading area in Coc Ly market

Coc Ly fair’s venue: In Bac Ha district.

Time of organization: Meeting on Tuesday every week.

In addition, in Lao Cai there are still many other special markets, if you have time, should also come such as: Cao Son Market, Pots Market, Lung Khau Nhin Market, Can Cau Market, …

Luhanhvietnam has just suggested to you the most interesting markets in Lao Cai. Hopefully, with this detailed information, it will partly help you understand more about upland culture, as well as know the times of the fair, to have more memorable experiences.

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