Mo Waterfall – HueYes Eco – the newest summer tourist destination in Hue

Hue is entering hot summer days, surely tourist destinations such as rivers, streams, and seas are indispensable in your vacation list. One of the tourist destinations in Hue, resorting to the coolest weather in the most ideal hot summer days, is Thac Mo – HueYes Eco.

Mo Waterfall – HueYes Eco is located in Nam Dong district, Thua Thien Hue province. Mo Waterfall – HueYes Eco is the ideal place for tourists from Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang, from Da Nang to challenge Mo only 40km and from Hue city center only 65km, you can go by car or you. Children from Da Nang can ride motorbikes to admire the poetic, fresh and majestic beauty of Hai Van Pass.

Google map directions to Hue Dream Waterfall

Hue weather no matter how hot, when you come here will enjoy a different weather by the altitude and mountains of the forest here. Cool at noon and chilly at noon, no different from Dalat’s weather, Mo waterfall can be compared to Dalat in the heart of Hue city.
To the South East, you go to An Cu Tay village, then follow the road called Bald Mit, all this way a majestic, pristine green space will open to signal that you have arrived.

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Now coming to Mo Waterfall – HueYes Eco is no different from the way to the fairy tale, the greener you go, the more you feel like going back to nature, mountains, and forests, removing all dust and noise in the crowded city, to get rid of the busy, tiring of work and study, Nhu forgot everything to immerse himself in the landscape here.

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Previously, I heard the name of the Dream waterfall a lot, but it was extremely difficult to come to the dream waterfall. The road has not been concreted as of now. To get to the waterfall from the parking place, tourists have to walk nearly 2km. Now, Thac Mo – HueYes Eco eco-tourism area has been invested and put into operation to welcome guests in the summer tourist season. The road to the waterfall has been widened, motorbikes can reach the place, helping to reduce the hardship of visitors, more convenient traffic, including parking. Just get off the bus, you can immerse yourself in nature with cool water.

The most impressive thing about coming here is that there are three tall waterfalls, pouring white water streams, rushing into three clear lakes in the shade of trees, as well as marking this as the last footstep of the line. country. The lake surface is clear, can penetrate even large and small rocks at the bottom of the lake. Each household is up to 100m2 wide, can serve all visitors here.

Scenes, birds, flowing water, falls and people calling each other, laughter and voices like making a special melody of mountains and forests, creating a song of nature, once upon a time Coming here, visitors will surely never forget.

Not only that, visitors here no longer worry about stopping and resting. This place has been invested, beautifully designed including a stylized container. The restaurant area is nicely designed to create an excellent background. Between the two sides of the bank are simple tree rings, but it is the ideal place to take photos, admire the scenery, and just create for visitors to feel lost in a very wild and idyllic scene.

Service information of Thac Mo tourist site – YesHue Eco

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 17:00 daily

Service price list:

Admission fee: 150,000 VND / ticket (children under 1m3 are free)


  • 01 FREE set: 2 grilled skewers, 1 slice of fruit bread and 1 salad
  • Check in natural HOT TREND scores 
  • Experience a very pure and cool natural spring bath. FREE children’s & adult life jackets 
  • Sightseeing, playing freely in the resort 

Knowing the tourism strengths that Mo waterfall – HueYes Eco brings, should be focused on investing and improving to give visitors the best experience. Easy transportation and resort services are on-site, so recently, visitors to Mo waterfall – HueYes Eco are not only local but also long-distance and foreign guests.
You are still struggling or finding the ideal summer cooling spot, this is your choice already. Hurry and come to Mo Waterfall – HueYes Eco right now.

The road to Hue Mo Waterfall

Mo Waterfall, also known as Mo stream, was originally a stream in the Nam Dong district of Thua Thien – Hue province. This attractive place is 65km from Hue city center and 40km from Da Nang. Due to its extremely ideal location, Mo waterfall is always the first choice for tourists when traveling to Hue – Da Nang, especially those who like the tranquil natural scenery, whenever they need the right place to visit. discover. It is worth mentioning that at present, Thac Mo’s landscape and tourist area has been carefully invested and carefully put into operation to welcome tourists this summer.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - The way to the waterfallThe road to Mo waterfall is not too far from the center. Photo: Cattour

To reach Thac Mo, first, you need to move in the direction of NH1 and then go straight to Nam Dong district, through La Son junction, continue to cross many different passes and then find Cu Tay village. . After coming here you will see a very special street called “Hót Mít”. Not only owns this “unique” name, but this place also makes a mark on visitors from near and far because of the fresh space and peaceful rustic natural scenery but also very wild and majestic not inferior to the road to the station. Hai Van Bac or Son Tho lake, Hue . And after a few minutes of checking in, admiring the scenery and taking pictures on this road, continue moving a short while to reach the Mo Hu e waterfall tourist area .Find Mo Hue Waterfall - A harmonious combinationHarmonious combination between forests, mountains, rivers and streams. Visithue photo

According to the tourism experience of Hue and Thac Mo tourists, before, the path leading to the tourist area has not been concreted so it is quite difficult to go. But now, the traffic infrastructure here has been greatly improved so please rest assured. First, the road has been repaired and widened, making it easier for visitors to move. You can even take a car into the resort and then step down from the car to immediately experience the activities of bathing, walking around the waterfall without having to walk 2km like the day before. again.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - Lush natureThe nature is lush and fresh. Photo: cattour

In short, the travel distance from the center of Hue or Da Nang to Thac Mo is not too far. So you can get here in no time. Depending on the schedule, visitors can actively choose for themselves and their companions the most suitable and safest means of transportation, such as motorbikes, private cars or passenger cars, are also very suitable. It should be noted that when choosing to ride a motorbike, you should observe and move carefully. The road to Thac Mo brings poetic beauty, fresh climate, majestic nature like Hai Van pass , so enjoy those unforgettable moments.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - A promising destinationPromising destination with group activities and fun events. Photo: visithue

Ticket price to visit Mo Hue waterfall tourist area

Many tourists are very surprised to know the price of the ticket to visit Thac Mo tourist area because it is quite cheap. Besides, there are also services with many suitable prices. You can delight in fun and explore the romantic scenery, enjoy a wonderful vacation here without having to spend as much money as in some other tourist destinations.Find out about Mo Hue Waterfall - interesting experienceYour exciting travel experience. Photo: cattour

Perhaps because of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and wild waterfalls, investment in the construction of many facilities at affordable prices, Thac Mo has quickly become a popular tourist destination known and loved by many people. Hue. Especially in every hot summer, this place has the opportunity to welcome many visitors to visit, have fun and rest.

Discover the beauty of Hue Mo Waterfall

Many tourists have compared to Mo Hue Waterfall as walking to the fairy scene because the closer you get to the place, the more you see the green, the fresh colors gradually occupy the whole scene, making everyone feel like they are back to nature. , mountains and forests, temporarily leave the dust and noise in the busy city out there.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - cool streamImmerse yourself in the cool stream. Photo: khamphadisan

The first impression when coming to Thac Mo and the tourist area of ​​the same name is the three tall waterfalls that appear before your eyes. The natural scenery is majestic and unforgettable with three waterfalls flowing with white water, rushing down three clear lakes in the shade of green trees, marking the last stop. And yet, the lake surface here hides even more charming beauty because it is so clear that it can see through the large and small rocks at the bottom.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - Three high waterfallsThree great waterfalls, pouring white water. Photo: Huesmiletravel

The poetic landscape is also embellished by the sound of birds and the sound of flowing water, the sound of waterfall forming a special chorus of mountains and forests, making it hard to forget for anyone who has come here once even once.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - Ideal locationIdeal place to relax. Photo: visithue

Thac Mo tourist resort in Hue is especially suitable for families who choose to rest and relax on weekends or holidays, especially hot days in the Central region. It can be said that along with Lap An lagoon, Lang Co beach, Tan Canh Duong, Thac Mo is the destination chosen by many tourists to enjoy the fresh air as well as relax under the cool water. Therefore, this tourist destination in Hue is visited by many people, and among the tourist destinations in Hue, this place also has the most tourists flock to visit.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - Clear lake surfaceThe lake surface is clear, can penetrate even large and small rocks at the bottom. Photo: Huesmiletravel

Not only there are many beautiful scenes but the climate in Mo Hue Waterfall is also considered by many people as comfortable as in Dalat. The weather here is quite different from the general temperature background of Hue because of the high altitude, mountains and trees here bring. That is the climate clearly divided in each season: cool at noon, cold in the afternoon, and quite cold in the evening. Young people even call the Mo Hue waterfall tourist area “Little Dalat”, as giving this title to Truoi lake and Thien An hill . This tourism is in the summer when the weather turns uncomfortably hot, and among the tourist destinations of Hue, the influx of people coming here to visit accounts for a significant number.Find about Mo Hue Waterfall - Ecotourism Area Mo waterfall ecotourism area in Hue. Photo: cattour

Unique Hue travel experience

Thac Mo has many lakes with an area of ​​up to 100 m2, so visitors come here spoiled for “rocking” to their fullest, delight in struggling and bathing.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - Cool waterCool, clear water.

In addition to the experience of immersing in the cool, fresh spring water, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the charming and lively natural scenery here if you choose to walk around three large streams, alternating mixed with lakes.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - 4 natural swimming poolsThe tourist spot has 4 natural swimming pools with a depth of 1m-3m. Photo: khamphadisan

Having fun and enjoying the beautiful mountains and forests, visitors will find a stop and rest. At Thac Mo, the resort is invested and beautifully designed with more than 20 huts in different rock ranges alternating to create an impressive landscape. Between the two sides of the bank, there are simple but still attractive bamboo bridges. In this poetic Hue destination, there are many ideal photo angles for you to freely “live virtual”. If you want to have a lot of beautiful photos, check in Thac Mo and let the “listen” gradually, you should immediately make a trip here.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - The rustic foodFolk dishes. Photo: visithue

Tourists Thac Mo Hue also enjoy delicious dishes, typical of mountainous regions in the flow of Hue cuisine, served right at the waterfall campus. Most of the dishes here are considered to be of good quality, seasoned to taste and extremely affordable.Find Mo Hue Waterfall - Delicious dishes in the tourist areaDelicious food in Thac Mo tourist area. Photo: khamphadisan

Mo Waterfall is truly an ideal and unique tourist destination in Hue, besides familiar landmarks such as Dai Noi – Hue Citadel , Huong River, Ngu Mountain, Hen Islet. This is a scenic beauty that is both majestic and poetic in combination with a wonderful resort, which satisfies many domestic and foreign tourists when visiting. If you are looking for a place with a harmonious resonance of all three above factors, Thac Mo is the perfect destination for you when coming to Hue.