Top 20 famous delicious Lai Chau restaurants that tourists should “visit once”

If you are passionate about travel and love to explore, once come to Lai Chau to discover the majestic beauty and specialties only in Lai Chau. If you are still wondering what to go to Lai Chau to eat, where to eat, the top 20 delicious Lai Chau restaurants that we have summarized below will help you have a more complete journey!

1. Van Dinh Co Duck

  • Address: 148 Tran Phu, P. Tan Phong, Lai Chau town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

Going to Lai Chau without eating Van Dinh grass duck is really flawed, this is a famous brand in Vietnam. There are many restaurants selling this dish, but Van Dinh is still the famous Lai Chau restaurant with duck dishes that customers come to when they want to enjoy.

Unlike other ducks, Van Dinh grass duck is small body, tough meat, unique sweetness, so no matter how you process it, it will not lose the duck’s deliciousness.

2. Thanh Son Restaurant

  • Address: 27 Tran Hung Dao, Doan Ket Ward, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

When coming to Thanh Son restaurant, visitors will enjoy many unique Lai Chau ethnic dishes prepared by hand, preserving the deliciousness of the dish. In which there is to mention as Pa pinh top – a delicious and attractive grilled fish dish.

3. Tay Bac Lai Chau Restaurant

  • Address: 7 Tran Phu, Tan Phong, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

If you are a fan of chicken dishes, Lai Chau Ga Tay Bac restaurant will be a better address than you are looking for. The menu here is very diverse and plentiful like grilled chicken, chicken hot pot, boiled chicken, steamed chicken, .. Especially the chicken here is the Northwest chicken standard so the meat is delicious, firm, chewy, not good.

In addition, the restaurant with dishes from pork, shrimp, squid, fish, .. is very diverse and rich for visitors.

4. Hoa Anh fighting chicken specialties

  • Address: 73 Tran Phu, Tan Phong ward, Lai Chau town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

Another delicious Lai Chau chicken restaurant for tourists from far away when coming to Lai Chau, but here is mainly chicken with all kinds of dishes – a local specialty. Because it is a chicken specializing in “war”, each fiber of them when processed, on the tray will be firm, chewy, sweet, fragrant and it will be perfect when dipped with salt and chili mixed with a little lemon.

5. Thanh Hong Restaurant

  • Address: 249 Tran Phu, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

Thanh Hong is a delicious Lai Chau restaurant specializing in the processing of special dishes with bold local identity. You should try once ordering purple sticky rice, to feel the different taste of this dish.

The characteristic purple color of sticky rice is taken from the local Khau Cam tree, while the sticky rice is made from sticky fragrant sticky rice, making it attractive through the hands of the women, giving it a great taste.

6. Popular rice Le Thuy

  • Address: 69 Tran Hung Dao, Doan Ke Ward, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

This is the affordable Lai Chau restaurant address for long distance tourists visiting Lai Chau for the first time. With many rustic but equally attractive dishes, it will certainly not disappoint visitors. Especially, there are also clean and delicious forest vegetables for diners to enjoy.

7. Pho Thin

  • Address: 234 Tran Phu, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

If you come to Lai Chau in the morning, come right to this Lai Chau restaurant to enjoy a bowl of pho with chewy, white, fresh noodles in a bowl of hot, sweet and rich soup, will make visitors fast. Quickly forget the hunger, the fatigue after a long journey.

8. Restaurant meeting point

  • Address: 305 Tran Hung Dao, Ward Doan Ket, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

This Lai Chau restaurant has been and is the meeting place of many tourists when coming to Lai Chau, the restaurant is very popular with visitors because the dishes are very unique and have its own flavor. The shop specializes in ethnic dishes, especially grilled fish – Pa pinh top.

Pa Pepp is made from fresh, fatty, delicious stream fish, shaved off its scales, and pecked along the spine so that when baked, the fish will be soft and easy to pick up. Then, it is marinated with traditional spices and then clamped with bamboo charcoal to cook on both sides. When ripe, you can enjoy it with wild vegetables.

9. Hanoi rice shop

  • Address: 57 Huynh Thuc Khang, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

Although it is just a popular restaurant, when you go to the restaurant, you do not have to worry because you do not know what to eat. Because there is a full range of dishes from popular to local specialties such as nôm hoa ban, armpit pork, giant vegetable salad, ash buried goby fish, …

10. Khanh Trang snacking restaurant

  • Address: Thuy Son lake bank, Lai Chau city
Lai Chau restaurant

Khanh Trang is a snack paradise for young people or tourists who want to enjoy snacks when coming to Lai Chau. With a full range of snacks for young people such as milk tea, yogurt or sausage, barbecue, … customers can freely choose the dishes they like without having to be afraid of the price. cheap.

11. Tien Vua Hotpot

  • Address: No. 87, Group 10, Tan Phong Ward, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

Referring to the delicious Lai Chau restaurants that lack Tien Vua Hot Pot, it is indeed a mistake. This famous Lai Chau restaurant is always the first choice of tourists, especially in the cold season.

This place specializes in hot pot such as mixed seafood hotpot with fresh seafood ingredients such as squid, shrimp, crab, surface … including American beef. The broth is sour and spicy, eating very rich and absorbing the tower to fit the mouth.

12. Brown Hong Quan

  • Address: 11 Tran Hung Dao, Ward Doan Ket, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

Nau Hong Quan is a delicious Lai Chau restaurant with popular and familiar dishes. The specialty of the restaurant is the delicious fried wild pork with lemongrass and chili.

The meat here is the meat of the rump or three pieces combined with lemongrass, spring onion, sweet chili and other special spices to make a very attractive dish, when you eat it, you will see the yellowish meat next to it.

13. Moc Quan – Lai Chau delicious restaurant

  • Address: Road R2, Ward Doan Ket, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau
Lai Chau restaurant

Is an address bar Laizhou dining specializing in stealing pork divine armpit – a specialty of Lai Chau, if guests want to enjoy this dish is the truest milestone will not disappoint you.

The shop has a large space, professional service staff, affordable price, .. so it is very popular with tourists.

14. Rose – The snack bar

  • Address: 122 Tran Phu, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau

Rose is a famous snack restaurant in Lai Chau, with delicious snacks such as spicy noodles, fast food, fruit juices, … With a cozy, polite, reasonable price, so it is not Only tourists but even local young people choose Rose as a place to gather, eat and drink with friends.

15. Hoang De Hotpot – Dong Sun Quan

  • Address: 21 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau

With many years brand name as well as guaranteed quality, Dong Sun Quan is always the name most mentioned by many tourists when coming to Lai Chau. In addition to the diverse food menu, Hoang De hot pot is the restaurant’s most loved and appreciated dish by many diners.

A large hot pot for 4-6 people costs about 600-800k with a full range of fresh ingredients such as squid, octopus, shrimp, beef, crab, … mixed with delicious hot pot soup, with spicy taste Spicy will be enough to make you eat and pamper.

16. Busan Lai Chau Spicy Noodle Shop

  • Address: 333 Tran Hung Dao, Doan Ket Ward, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau

Although not a restaurant, only specializing in spicy noodles and snacks, but Busan Lai Chau Spicy Noodle Shop still attracts tourists as well as teenagers because of its extremely affordable price, good quality, and every dish is bold. momentum, attraction.

Besides, the restaurant also has delicious grilled hot pot, what is more interesting when it is cold to enjoy a bowl of spicy noodles as well as grilled hot pot in a cozy space.

17. Tinh Ca Tay Bac Restaurant

  • Address: 154 Nguyen Trai, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau

Each region will have its own culinary style bearing the identity of that region. The Northwest, too, has its own style – the style of the mountains and forests, which cannot be found everywhere.

If you want to enjoy the authentic Northwest cuisine, go to Lai Chau restaurant – Love Songs Northwest restaurant to enjoy the specialties only in the Northwest, very delicious and extremely attractive.

18. Hoa Cuong Restaurant

  • Address: Highway 4D, Tan Phong, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau

Hoa Cuong restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Lai Chau with extremely attractive dishes such as flower bananas, ash-buried goby fish, and giant vegetable salad … In which, the specialty at the restaurant is a duck hotpot. Bamboo shoots with a very delicious taste, the sour broth helps to not get sick when eaten.

19. Hung Thinh Restaurant

  • Address: 17 Tran Phu, Tan Phong Ward, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau

Hung Thinh is a delicious Lai Chau restaurant address, which is ideal for tourists to stop when coming to this Lai Chau land. It is no exaggeration to say that the culinary world of the Northwest is miniature at the restaurant.

With a full range of dishes ranging from beef, pork, chicken, fish, … marinated, processed in traditional style with mountain spices to retain its unique and very unique flavor. Eating, making visitors will be able to feel the deliciousness of each dish.

20. Tuan Anh Restaurant

  • Address: 83 Tran Hung Dao, Doan Ket Ward, Lai Chau Town, Lai Chau

Referring to Lai Chau restaurants , selected by both customers inside and outside the province, Tuan Anh must be mentioned. With a diverse menu of dishes from traditional – dishes with bold national identity to modern dishes.

In addition, the bar also has a cafe – bar club so that after eating and drinking, guests can entertain and be extremely convenient.

So we have gathered the top 20 Lai Chau restaurants that tourists should enjoy and explore when coming to Lai Chau. Please note right away and plan to come to Lai Chau so you can enjoy the extremely attractive dishes as well as see the beauty of Lai Chau!