Travel Hon Ngang Nam Du immersed in the wild and magical beauty

With its position as the center of Nam Du commune, Hon Ngang Nam Du with its wild beauty has gradually conquered and “captivated” many fastidious tourists. If you still have not found a unique place to enjoy the fiery summer days, let Hon Ngang help you have a great experience.

1. Introduction to Ngang Islet

Hon Ngang is located in Kien Hai island district, Kien Giang province, about 90 km far from the coast of Rach Gia. This is the most prosperous and populous island in Nam Du archipelago with more than 900 households, most of them living by fishing and famous for hundreds of cages to raise cobia, spreading like a fishing village. on the sea.

The beauty of Ngang Nam Du island

The beauty of Ngang Nam Du island (Photo ST)

Because of its special structure, from many directions, the island is horizontal, so the people here have long called it Hon Ngang. With a combination of 4 factors: blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine and fresh seafood, Hon Ngang is the most popular choice for tourists to explore and have fun with if they come to Nam Du.

The most prosperous and most populous island in Nam Du

The richest and most populous island in Nam Du (photo ST)

2. The beauty of Ngang Nam Du island

Located in the center of Nam Du commune, Hon Ngang has a larger seaport than other islands. The beautiful scenery is the first plus point to leave an impression on visitors.

Fish-raising cages are spread out on Ngang island

Raised fish cages spread out over Ngang island (Photo ST)

Hon Ngang harbor is also considered to be the quietest wave place in the Nam Du Archipelago, gathering thousands of fishing boats anchored, and from a distance, the bustling and bustling scene can be seen. On the shore of the port is a row of houses on stilts on bamboo and concrete piles, stretching about 2km, crowded like the beach.

Covering Ngang island is green

Covered on Ngang is green (photo ST)

C ũng like the other islands of the archipelago Nam Du, Hon Ngang blue beach property along the waves whispering intermittent pat on fine white sand.

Wild beauty of Ngang island

Wild beauty of Ngang island (Photo ST)

What makes every visitor most impressed when coming to this small island are undulating rock rapids, creative shapes favored by nature to Hon Ngang. These unique rocky rapids are located in Bac beach and Chuong beach.

Fishing ships floating at sea

Fishing vessels floating at sea (Photo ST)

The peaceful and clean beach has more rocks with monstrous shapes that are stacked to create a very lively and strange natural picture. If you come here, choose a few small pieces to bring back memories, as a gift from the sea.

Nam DU Hon Ngang conquers more and more tourists
Unique rock rapids in Ngang Islet

Unique rocky rapids in Ngang island (Photo ST)

3. What to do in Ngang Nam Du island?

Go to the beach

In the midst of the hot summer weather, being immersed in the fresh blue water and watching the sky, watching the sea, watching the leaning coconut groves running along the shore is nothing more wonderful.

Covering Ngang Nam Du islet

Covering Ngang Nam Du islet (Photo ST)

Watching sunset at Ngang island

Sunset of Hon Ngang is gentle, gentle and also very romantic. The sun quickly seeped into the sea, the sky gradually changed color, the clear blue of the sea water gradually replaced the dark blue, whispering on the shore.

Sunset on Ngang island

Sunset on Ngang Islet (Photo ST)

Enjoy the night view at Ngang island

Hon Ngang is the most beautiful at night. If you stand on Ngang island, you will see sparkling light spots from Lon Island and other beautiful islands like a picture, adding to the fanciful of the offshore islands. The flashing lights, near and far, dimly like a fairy-tale appear before your eyes.

Hon Ngang is as beautiful as a picture

Hon Ngang is as beautiful as a picture (Photo ST)

Have fun at Ngang island

Along the center of Hon Ngang Nam Du are many shops, department stores, markets, and there is no shortage of entertainment services such as billiards, coffee, karaoke … In addition, there is also a shrine to worship Ba Chua Xu. People built quite solidly, every year there are family worship, you can come to visit and pilgrimage to ask for good things.

Rock rapids create the unique look of Ngang Islet

Rock cliffs create the unique look of Ngang Islet (Photo ST)

Coming here, in addition to walking around, observing the lives of local residents, using entertainment services, visitors can go to see the towering coconut trees whose age is approximate to human life. Hon Ngang quarry with rocky cliffs, piled up with all kinds of unique shapes.

Fishermen's boats

Fishermen’s boats (Photo ST)

Enjoy seafood on the island

Visitors can not miss a visit to the cages, then enjoy the specialties of Hon Ngang goby fish, with fresh seafood dishes such as squid porridge, grilled crotch with onion fat, fried curry with onion, fish grilled banana sheaths, and many species of sea snails grilled on a fragrant flavor.

Nam Du Hon Ngang is increasingly conquering more and more tourists (Photo ST)

4. Resting in Nam Du

If you do not want to sleep on the beach tent, you can still feel secure to experience a vacation with the list of Nam Du hostels below.

Experience to go to Hon Ngang Nam Du 2021: travel, where, what’s beautiful?

What is beautiful about Hon Ngang – Nam Du Island?

Clear blue beach

Like other islands, Hon Ngang Nam Du is extremely beautiful. This place is pristine with clear blue sea water and murmuring sand waves day and night. Your soul will become relaxed, all the worries and troubles of life will gradually disappear. Anyone coming to Nam Du cannot miss this beautiful attractive island.

Clear and blue water

Photo: @

Craggy rocky rapids on the coast

Rock rapids are one of the most popular tourist destinations when coming to Hon Ngang. Favored by nature, this place has undulating rock rapids and strange shapes. There are many stones with different sizes, all shapes, from round to long, of all colors, stacked on top of each other. If you come here, please pick up a beautiful little piece as a souvenir as a gift from the sea.

These rocks are located in Bac beach and Chuong beach of Hon Ngang. The rocky rapids are located on the beach. Every day, the waves crash into a wild and beautiful picture.

clip the picture

Photo: @duongvanhau

Busy and bustling seaport scene

The harbor is considered the quietest wave spot in the Nam Du archipelago. When you get closer to the port, you will not be surprised by the convergence of thousands of moored fishing boats. On the shore of the port are rows of houses built close together, stretching for about 2km.

A vivid picture of the life of the fishing village of the people appears before the eyes. The people of this place suffer from pain and suffering and are accustomed to the life of the fishing village. They are not afraid of going out to sea to have delicious fish for daily life and trading. Early in the morning, voices and laughter melted on the market, creating a rustic but simple scene. Although this is a prosperous fishing village, the living standards of fishermen in Hon Ngang are not really high.

happy playing on board

Photo: @ sanra.san

What to play to Hon Ngang?

Go to the beach

Hon Ngang has a beautiful and pristine beach, so swimming is a favorite activity for many tourists. In the midst of hot weather, being immersed in the clear blue water or lying on the sand under the shade of the slopes of coconut trees is wonderful.

too dao train

Ảnh: @maymay_bamay

Enjoy the night sea view

At night, from the island you can see sparkling spots in the distance. It is the light from the beautiful Big Islet like a painting, creating a mysterious feeling like the realms appearing in front of your eyes. You can sleep tents on the beach to enjoy the full beauty of this place. In addition, you can rent a motel to have a full holiday.

Watching sunset at Hon Ngang

Watching the sunset on the sea with the person you love is an interesting experience. Sunset at Hon Ngang is both gentle and romantic. In the afternoon, the sunset light quickly swooped into the sea. The sky slowly changed color from blue to orange and gradually gave way to the black of night.

Wild Wilderness

Photo: @ti_bona

Visit the fish cage and fish cage

After a while walking around the beach, do not miss the opportunity to rent a canoe to fish cages. This place will give you the most practical view about the life of fishermen as well as about the aquaculture work on the island.

Nam du nhum bien du

Photo: @thithibeauty

Other fun activities

In the center of Hon Ngang you will find a lot of entertainment services such as billiards, cafes, karaoke … to serve tourists. In addition, you can create your own team building games at sea with friends and relatives, very interesting.

In Hon Ngang there is also a temple to worship Ba Chua Xu built by the people. You can come here to visit and worship for good things.

happy playing on knife

Photo: @vuluntit

What to eat at Hon Ngang Nam Du island

Coming to Hon Ngang without a unique culinary experience here is a big shortcoming. The most famous of the area is Nam Du crab with sweet and firm meat. Crab on the island is relatively cheap, this is the choice of all visitors when visiting the island.

Usually the boat is on the horizontal side

Photo: collect

In addition, there are many other seafood dishes that are regional specialties. Among them are: squid porridge, grilled crotch with onion fat, sautéed eggplant with onion, grilled banana clones and many attractive snail dishes.

Hon Ngang has a wild but simple beauty with a warm heart. The cuisine here is unique and has a strong appeal to all visitors. If you have come to Nam Du, choose Hon Ngang as the destination for your journey.

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