Unique – strange purple house in Can Tho surprised visitors

If you want to own a set of pictures “purple looking for sim” that is both magical and luxurious, the purple house in Can Tho is an extremely attractive destination for you when you return to Tay Do.

With clever decor from the garden array to the interior furniture, the purple house in Can Tho has captured the hearts of many tourists when traveling to the West. True to the name “purple house”, every scene, space, architecture … food, and drink here are painted mostly with beautiful purple color. Occasionally, the appearance of green leaves, yellow, red paint on walls, roofs … All creates a shimmering beautiful studio that young people often come to visit and take pictures. pictures and enjoy coffee.

Just hearing here, all visitors are curious, eager and do not forget to book yourself the earliest flight back to Can Tho to get lost, leisurely in the romantic scene next to the purple house. West!Purple House Can Tho - coffee studioCoffee studio – purple house

Introducing the purple house of Cần Thơ

Located in the middle of Tay Do, the purple house in Can Tho owns a quite large campus of up to 5,000 square meters covered with dreamy purple, romantic, attracting many tourists from home and abroad to visit here. . Although unique and novel, but this house is still decorated by the owner of the cultural scene of the Southwestern region.

Although the main context of the house is a beautiful purple color, but alternating with it is the clever combination between many different colors to recreate the scene of memories, the ancient past that his father had thickened. construction. And if you are looking for a virtual living destination, the purple house is definitely an excellent choice for you when coming to Can Tho.Introducing the purple house of Cần ThơTake pictures at the purple house

Who is the owner of the purple house?

When it comes to Can Tho purple house , people here know that its owner is Huynh Thi Hong Sen and her husband. From a normal area, but when meeting big ideas and ideas, you have created a whole purple campus that makes everyone’s heart flutter. From the gate, the wall, the garden, the tiled roof, the bridge over the fish pond … all are cleverly used purple to make this place become dreamy and romantic.

According to Sen and her husband, they have built a purple garden because they love purple so much. Therefore, the main decorative items in the house are purple tones. And purple is also the tone of fidelity, iron lipstick.Purple House Can Tho - stairway to paradiseCheck-in on the stairs to paradise

Instructions on how to get to the purple house in Can Tho

Address: No. 99 Chi Sinh Street – Tan Phu Ward – Cai Rang District – City. Can Tho

The purple house in Can Tho is located at 99, Chi Sinh Street, Tan Phu, Cai Rang, Can Tho. To get to the purple house, tourists can move from Hung Loi bridge towards Cai Cui port. From there, cross Ben Ba Bridge 150m, then turn right to Chi Sinh Street, run more than 1.6km to arrive. Distance traveled from the city. Can Tho comes to a purple house about 20-30 years old.Purple House Can Tho - wayThe way to the purple house

Ticket price to visit the purple house

Tickets to visit the purple house of Cần Thơ are not too expensive. Only from 60,000 VND / ticket, visitors can freely visit and take pictures of virtual live with thousands of beautiful glitter photos. In particular, this place also has a cafe model and a buffet of cakes with many delicious drinks to serve visitors coming here.Purple House Can Tho - admission ticketTickets to visit

  • Guests over 10 years old: 60,000 VND / ticket
  • Guests under 10 years old: 30,000 VND / ticket
  • Guests under 4 years old: 100% free

Especially when coming to the purple house, visitors will be given an additional drink at the counter. Furthermore, parking is available for free. And this is also a place to rent outdoor scenes for filming or wedding photography.Purple house in Can Tho - free drinkA complimentary drink when purchasing tickets

Services at Coffee – film studio purple house

Currently, the film studio of Can Tho purple house also provides many services to visitors such as:

  • Make up
  • Capture image and file delivery
  • Album capture
  • MV / Clip recording from simple to professional.

Purple house Can Tho - posing beside a windmillPose the side of the windmill

What play? Eat what? when coming to Can Tho purple house

1. The scenery in the western part of the river

When you come to the purple house in Can Tho , visitors will see the scenery here is bold in the west of the river. Upon entering the campus, visitors will feel comfortable when the air is cool because it is shady green trees. Follow the path to go deep inside, you will see a splendid purple decorated from: purple stairs, to purple flowers, purple house … all evoke a magical scene. virtual, dream, nostalgic.Purple House Can Tho - Western scenery of the riverScenery in the west of the river

Here, you will find 3 purple houses with many similarities enough for you to live a virtual life just worrying about lack of battery and image capacity. And in that one purple house is the most different from the other 2 when it is built on the trunk of a large purple lance. Around the house is a creek surrounding the house so you can paddle and enjoy the scenery by yourself. In the house is like a lovely mini oasis.Purple house Can Tho like a mini oasisThe purple house is like a mini oasis

2. The shop makes the beauty of Ms. Purple

Next, visitors will visit the Co Purple dance store . Here, visitors can rent shirts or buy a Ba ba, ao dai of all sizes for adults and children with delicate beautiful patterns. In addition, the store also displays more lines of scarves, bags, shoes, conical hats … and a number of other photographic accessories so visitors can make gestures by the lens. All the stalls here are in the main purple color, each corner of the store will give you a unique and unique photo pic.Purple House Can Tho - Co Purple ShopThe shop makes the beauty of Ms. PurplePurple house in Can Tho - taking pictures of flowing ao daiTake pictures of purple ao daiPurple House Can Tho - check-in the Southern bandannaCheck-in the Southern bandanna

3. Reenacting old memories

In particular, at the purple house, the owner also designs an old Southern home space with old furniture. From tables and chairs, wooden cabinets to ancient objects that reminded people of old memories such as: old television, radio, dry coconut shell, dial-up phone, corn chimney oil lamp … . are cleverly decorated, sophisticatedly.Purple house in Can Tho - recreating old memories with old objectsRecreate old memories with old objects

In addition to purple as the main color tone, the purple house here has also been recreated the shelter of the residents of the watershed area of ​​Dong Thap, An Giang, or the very popular shingles. bold culture of the southwestern region. Inside the house, there are also scarves, monkey bridges, glass paintings, mats …Purple House Can Tho - a place to keep memoriesPlace to keep memories

Because the owner of this house works in the television industry, you have arranged a small corner to keep the cameras, televisions with the age of a few decades or the test-card screen of many things. system.Purple house in Can Tho - a corner of old cameras and televisionsA corner to display old cameras and televisions

4. Sip a cup of coffee

In addition, the purple house in Cần Thơ also built a coffee shop for visitors to enjoy delicious drinks, sweet bitter coffee in a dreamy purple space. Certainly, this will also be the place to record many beautiful pictures for visitors with unique design miniatures.Purple house Can Tho - enjoy delicious coffeeCoffee shop

5. Enjoy Nam Bo cakes

And surely when coming to the purple house, diners will be unleashed with energy with many delicious western fruit cakes, attractive at affordable prices. Particularly on Saturdays and Sundays every week, this place also organizes a buffet of Southern folk cakes with clever and delicate decoration that looks very attractive and captivates all visitors.Purple House Can Tho - Enjoying Nam Bo cakesEnjoy Nam Bo cakesPurple House Can Tho - various kinds of folk cakes in the SouthThe folk cakes are bold purplePurple house in Can Tho - dark purple drinkDrinks are also full of purple colorsPurple House Can Tho - Purple EggsStrange purple eggs

Can Tho Purple House will be an extremely interesting destination for you, your family, or your friends to have relaxing and comfortable moments together on weekends. So book your calendar right now and prepare beautiful, beautiful sets to make a beautiful photo set when visiting your purple house.

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