7 types of chill at night are popular among young people in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City has no shortage of entertainment places for young people to gather after stressful working hours. Here are the chill tips for you at night.

When night falls, Saigon wears a “sleepless city” with the bustle of dining and check-in venues. The picture of shimmering light from high-rise buildings, street lights … mixed with the noise and bustle of people on the street is a visible feature at night in Ho Chi Minh City.

After hours, many young people choose to relax in the rooftop restaurants or shopping centers. On the contrary, some people like outdoor activities such as walking around, exploring night food … Here are 7 chill tips for you at night.

1. Relax in the high altitude location

After work, many young people like to stop by at the rooftop bars. From 17:00 to 18:00 is the right time for you to hunt for the sunset, while admiring the romantic scenery when the city lights up.

If you are a fan of photography, virtual living, you can choose the Bitexco or Landmark 81 view shops. Addresses in District 1 or Binh Thanh often have views of the famous symbols of Ho Chi Minh City.

Some suggestions: Rooftop Smoke, Twilight Rooftop Beer, Lunch Rooftop, Moon Non Rooftop, Sargon Rooftop Coffee, Afternoon Rooftop Beer …

Ho Chi Minh City brother 1
The high stalls with city views are the perfect suggestion to enjoy the picture at the end of the day. Photo: Hai Nhi.

2. Dinner at Fine Dining restaurant

At Fine Dining restaurants, diners will enjoy the “feast of the senses” with a luxurious space combined with quintessential cuisine in the world.

There is no shortage of restaurants classified as Fine Dining in Ho Chi Minh City. In the price range of VND 1.5 million or more, diners will have a worthwhile experience. Le Corto, Jardin Des Sens Saigon, Quince Saigon, Yazawa Saigon are notable names.

Ho Chi Minh City brother 2Ho Chi Minh City brother 3
Although not a regular destination for young people, high-end restaurants are the ideal choice for luxury dinner parties, dating …

In addition, enjoying the buffet is also an experience that attracts young people at night. In a cozy restaurant space, you can beat delicious dishes from Asia to Europe, raise a glass of wine, harmonize with gentle music.

The highly appreciated seafood buffet restaurants from diners are La Brasserie Restaurant, Market 39 Restaurant, The LOG … In addition to the dishes with bold aftertaste such as lobster, snow crab, salmon … High-end seafood often serves grilled meat, hot pot, dessert …

Besides seafood buffet, you can find other “free throttle” foods with dimsum, tokbokki, snails …

3. Chill in bars, clubs

Bars, pubs and beer clubs are indispensable “specialties” of the “sleepless city”. Here are some suggestions you can consider.

Switch – Wine & Cocktail Bar: A special feature that attracts customers at the “love” bar is a new concept that makes FA can hardly refuse. Upon arriving at the bar, each guest will be given a colored circle showing a “relationship” status. If still single, you choose the blue circle. Red for those who have an owner. ”Not only has vibrant EDM music, but also serves soothing acoustic songs.

Ho Chi Minh City brother 4Ho Chi Minh City brother 5
Not only a place to relax, but also a place for young people to live virtual. Photo: _kieraphan._, fufu279.

Manfolk: The bar has a combination of coffee and bar, inside the space to display suits, European shoes and high fashion products for gentlemen. From 17:00 to midnight, the space here becomes a cocktail bar. The design is outstanding with brown leather upholstery seats and wooden furniture. The area of ​​the shop is not too large, surrounded by warm and warm tones.

Ocean Bar & Lounge: Located on Tay Bui Vien street, the bar is the place to “dance” overnight, which is popular with Saigon youth. Besides drinking beer and cocktails, you can chill with friends in the lively atmosphere of DJ music.

4. Listen to acoustic music

If you want to enjoy live music or show your talent, the acoustic music nightclub is the place for you.

Hung Hoa Beer is located on the rooftop of an old building. The shop is designed in boho style with airy and pleasant space. This place is suitable for couples and groups to chat after a long working day. Here, you can listen to acoustic music, enjoy the cool breeze on the terrace.

Ho Chi Minh City brother 6
Acoustic music night usually takes place after 20 o’clock. Photo: Nhdphuong93.

Phieu Acoustic Cafe is a familiar shop of many young Saigonese on weekends. The shop has a fairly small space with 2 floors. This place is the gathering place for many good young music bands in Ho Chi Minh City. The shop is quite crowded at night, so the space is a bit tight and hot.

Carpentry cafe: The area here is quite small, but with the arrangement of scientific tables and chairs, the shop creates a friendly and pleasant feeling for guests. Acoustic music usually starts at 20:30, Friday evening, Sunday.

Acoustic Bar is located at the end of a quiet alley in the heart of the city. What attracts customers here is the quality acoustic orchestra combined with rock. The place is suitable for a large group of friends.

5. Walking on the street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street (District 1) is a must-see on the youth nightlife map. This place focuses on popular to luxury shops as well as convenience stores, shopping areas for visitors to experience.

Here, visitors can check-in, live virtual with Bitexco building. The seats arranged along the road will help you rest and relax. At Nguyen Hue Walking Street, on weekends or holidays, visitors will enjoy the vibrant water music, street music and exciting entertainment activities.

HCMC brother 7Ho Chi Minh City brother 8
The pedestrian street attracts many young people at night. Photo: Changg_1995, lylychuu.

Dubbed the “sleepless street” in Saigon, Bui Vien is a familiar destination in many young people’s fun. Here, you can feel the atmosphere from many countries such as Japan, India, Thailand, Italy … Besides luxury restaurants or vibrant bars, Bui Vien also has many peaceful shops. people. Sipping cold, chill beer at night with friends is an unforgettable experience here.

6. Have fun in the mall

Ho Chi Minh City commercial centers are also suggestions for visitors to combine sightseeing, shopping, dining in the evening.

Saigon Center, Vincom Dong Khoi, Landmark 81 own a variety of dining complexes with a full range of European and Asian dishes and famous brands and brands, which are suitable for tourists near the city center. HCM City.

Other locations far from the center and equally attractive are SC Vivo city, Crescent Mall …

Ho Chi Minh City brother 9Ho Chi Minh City brother 10
The commercial centers meet the needs of young people to eat, shop or check-in, virtual life. Photo: Nhitrinh_theora, minhcat_.

7. Discovering night cuisine

Ho Chi Minh City is known for its unique night food. Many people do not mind “traveling” through the night, discovering the delicacy of Saigon street food. Open from night to dawn, the following shops are regularly visited by the “night owls” association.

HCMC brother 11Ho Chi Minh City, 12
Ho Chi Minh City brother 13Ho Chi Minh City 14
Eating at night is a “hard to quit” habit of Saigonese. Photo: Saigon_tiger333, diadiemanuong, Phuong Thao, Phung Tien.

Hang Xanh White Porridge: Having existed for more than 40 years in Ho Chi Minh City, the late night restaurant at Hang Xanh intersection attracts diners with hot porridge bowls fragrant with pineapple leaves and a variety of dishes such as salted duck seeds, braised meat. pepper, snakehead fish, pickled fish sauce. Opening hours: 0am-4am, 14h-23h59.

Huyen broken rice: Located in an alley in Binh Thanh, the restaurant is a place to eat at night that is popular among Saigonese. This place is famous for its ribs broken rice dishes with delicious pickles and sauces. Opening hours: 0am-4am and 16h-23h59.

San Fu Lou – Le Lai: This is one of the addresses serving Chinese food in Ho Chi Minh City, which is highly appreciated by culinary devotees. Diverse restaurant menu with steamed, fried, stir-fried dishes … meticulously decorated and beautiful. Opening hours: 7am-3am.

Pillar Dien Tea: Located in the Cho Lon area, District 5, the Chinese dessert shop attracts young people with many unique names such as “ghost tea” or “lantern tea”. Tea shop over 80 years old keeps customers with many delicious dishes such as tea chicken seeds, almond tofu, honey high spirit … Opening hours: 17h-22h30. Follow zingnews