Dien Khanh copper casting village – a craft village with a history of hundreds of years in Khanh Hoa

No one remembers the bronze casting profession in Dien Khanh ever existed, just know that this is a traditional profession that has been preserved for hundreds of years and this place is one of the most typical traditional craft villages in Khanh Hoa. 

Referring to Khanh Hoa, visitors often think of poetic beaches, romantic islands or peaceful fishing villages, but Khanh Hoa also has traditional craft villages with unique cultural beauty with age. for hundreds of years as the Dien Khanh copper casting village . Visiting this traditional craft village, you will discover the process of creating beautiful bronze handicrafts, along with enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of a coastal village in the South Central Coast. 

Dien Khanh copper casting village Dien Khanh copper casting village is an attractive destination in the suburbs of Nha Trang. Photo: vnexpress

Dien Khanh bronze casting village – where was ordained by King Tu Duc himself

Dien Khanh copper casting village is located in Phu Loc Tay residential group in Dien Khanh town, Khanh Hoa province, 10km from the center of Nha Trang city. However, if according to the ordination of King Tu Duc, the craft village has an age of no less than 220 years, which was formed in the 19th century.

Over hundreds of years of establishment and development, from the hands of accounts and the diligence of artisans, copper products from this craft village have traveled all four directions and become one of the indispensable marks life, spiritual culture of people in the Central Coast. 

Dien Khanh bronze casting village age The craft village is hundreds of years old. Photo: nhatrangtoday

In the past, craft villages operated on a modest scale, with products produced on a small scale by household size. There was a time when the craft village flourished, but later, due to the war and the narrowing of the market, some families had to change jobs. In recent years, when the market demand increases, the craft village has started to develop again and has gradually become an attractive destination for tourists when coming to Khanh Hoa.

Dien Khanh copper casting village Through many ups and downs, but the people here still keep their job fire. nhatrangtoday.vn

Especially in Dien Khanh copper casting village , production activities are carried out in the form of labor exchange, when one house goes on fire to cook copper, another house will help and vice versa, this helps to increase the spirit of solidarity. keep the job fire so as not to erase a traditional job left by the fathers. 

Talented fire-holding hands of people in Dien Khanh village

Products of Dien Khanh copper casting village are mainly lychees, lampstands, worshiping objects, and living utensils for daily life. Especially in order to create beautiful and sophisticated products, people in Dien Khanh village use completely handcrafted methods. Accordingly, to have a finished product, people have to go through various stages such as making 2-layer molds, the inside is the main mold and the outside is covered with a layer of soil so that when liquefied copper is not melted out. .

Tourism in Dien Khanh bronze casting village The process of creating copper products is very sophisticated. Photo: thodianhatrang

After making the mold, put copper in and heat with an open kiln. During the heating process, one must keep the fire evenly so that the copper mold is not too alive or too old. reasonable payment so that the amount of copper cast into the product is neither redundant nor in shortage. Once the kiln has been fired and unloaded, artisans also go through many other stages to create a complete product. 

Dien Khanh copper casting village The copper mold is covered with a layer of clay. Photo: baokhanhhoa

the fire in Dien Khanh bronze casting village Fire alignment also requires special attention. Photo: thienviettour

If in the past, the products of Dien Khanh copper casting village were mainly worshiping objects and household goods, now with the increasing number of tourists, the craft village has started to develop more products. handicraft products with high aesthetic value to serve the needs of visitors. 

Dien Khanh Village: attractive destination to explore traditional craft village culture 

Dien Khanh copper casting village was old and still is a peaceful countryside nestled on the banks of the romantic Cai River. However, the current craft village is not only a place of production of traditional copper products, but has also become an attractive destination in the suburbs of Nha Trang. Visitors visiting this craft village are not only fascinated by the peaceful and rustic beauty of this place with old country houses, bronze casting or clay and bronze drying yard all over the village path, being discovered and learned more about a typical traditional profession in this place also makes many people excited. 

Explore the Dien Khanh copper casting village Craft village today is an attractive destination for tourists. Photo: nhatrangtoday

Coming to Dien Khanh copper casting village , you will know the process to make beautiful copper products, immerse yourself in the exciting working atmosphere of the craft village as well as learn about the history of formation and development of this place. 

One useful experience that visitors need to know when visiting the Dien Khanh copper casting village is to visit between April and June or from October to December, these are two times when the village the most exciting job in the copper furnace is always red, the atmosphere of the craft village is bustling. Other times of the year craft villages are still active but will be quieter. 

Handicraft products in Dien Khanh copper casting village The craft village also produces handicraft products to serve the needs of tourists. Photo: @ sala7.16

Traveling to Khanh Hoa and visiting the bronze casting village of Dien Khanh, you will surely be able to experience more interesting and understanding of a unique profession that has existed for centuries in this romantic coastal land. 

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