Dining schedule in Can Gio in one day?

As a sea area not far from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio is chosen by many people to be an entertainment and discovery spot in a day.

If you are looking for a place to relax after a stressful working day but are afraid to move away from the city, you can choose Can Gio (HCMC). This place meets all the needs for a day trip.

My one-day travel schedule in Can Gio is as follows:


Vehicles in this trip are motorbikes and trains.

7:00: Depart from University of Science (District 5)

7h45: Arrive at Binh Khanh ferry, move across the island by ferry

8h15: Breakfast

9h30: Arrive at Tac Thuat wharf, depart for Thanh An island

10h30: Visit seafood market, have lunch

Can Gio Anh travel 1
On Thanh An Island, visitors can enjoy seafood at the market or in nearby eateries.


After enjoying the seafood, you can take a short lunch break to continue your afternoon journey.

13h30: Back to Can Thanh to go to Can Gio beach to watch the sunset

15h: Present at Can Gio beach, visit seafood market

17:00: Take photos of the sunset

18-20h: Move to the city center

Can Gio Anh travel 2Can Gio Anh travel 3


Taking the ferry over to Can Gio, I have breakfast at the broken rice shop not far away. The shop is quite expensive. Eye-catching dish with giant ribs. If you do not like broken rice, you can eat pho at the next restaurant.

Coming to Thanh An Island, you can buy seafood directly at the market and ask the seller to process it on the spot to enjoy. The market has no tables and chairs, so you can sit at the water shop. If you go to a seafood restaurant to eat, you will only order food without choosing seafood. I went to Sau Bo shop to try. The food is quite delicious, the price is reasonable.

At the seafood market near Can Gio beach, 3 boxes of snails usually cost 100,000 VND. Crab, crab and shrimp cost 100,000 VND / box. If you can pay the price it may be cheaper. The seafood here is not so great. Maybe because I was late, the seafood was no longer fresh. However, the way to cook is delicious, especially tamarind sauce.

Can Gio Anh travel 4Can Gio Anh travel 5
The price to rent a seat at the market is 20,000 VND / chair, guests are allowed to bring food.


For a safe trip, you should pay attention to the following things:

– If you are short of time and afraid to move, you can reduce a few unnecessary locations.

– If you want to enjoy fresh seafood, you should take advantage of the market early.

– You must ensure the correct medical reporting process.

– Visitors should prepare in advance ways to limit seasickness.

– The last trip back to the mainland at 17:00, you should pay attention to avoid getting stuck on the island.

– Sunset in Can Gio drops very quickly. You want to live virtual, check-in so quickly shoot.

– When it was quite dark, on the road there were some sections with no lights and quite a few potholes. Follow zingnews