Fish salad – Kim Son specialties, Ninh Binh specialties

Kim Son district (Ninh Binh) has a specialty dish of fish salad. Although some places in the province also open restaurants to introduce this Kim Son specialty julienned fish salad, Kim Son specialty fish salad is considered the best, this dish is not only Kim Son specialties but also in the list of Book of Ninh Binh specialties. Tourists coming to Ninh Binh when using Ninh Binh specialties should not miss the Kim Son specialty salad.

Introducing specialties fish salad in Ninh Binh 

Many tourists when traveling to Ninh Binh can not ignore the famous fish salad specialties. This dish is very fragrant and has a characteristic taste, eating once will remember for a long time.

Squash fish is the main ingredient of the dish. This is a fierce, strong fish that often lives in brackish water, freshwater and even salt water, which usually occurs mainly in estuarine lagoons and coastal areas. Fish salad in Ninh BinhFish salad in Ninh Binh

In the rainy season in February, people living along the coast of Kim Son pull together to catch fish. This is a fish of the eel family, but can survive in brackish water and slightly salty water. The guano is the same length as the eel, but the width is similar to that of the eel. The guppy can reach up to several meters in length, small ones weigh 3 to 4 ounces, and large ones weigh up to a kilo. The fish are fierce and the skin is very slippery, so the fishing process is not easy. Is Ninh Binh fish salad delicious?The fish is quite fierce

To process this salad, the chef will perform a series of extremely sophisticated processing processes. The dish has a taste of sticky rice, the sour taste of vinegar is mixed with the hot spicy of lemongrass, garlic, chili, ginger, … Introduction to Ninh Binh fish saladThe process of making this dish is quite a feat 

Cook and enjoy fish salad

From fish, the cook will process many delicious dishes such as fried, braised, braised, cooked sour soup, … But Ninh Binh’s fish salad is  still the most unique flavor. In order to prevent the food from being fishy, ​​the cook will add lime juice, bamboo leaves, and ash water to remove the slime from the skin of the fish. Next, fish will be pecked from the back like eel to remove bones. Fresh fish meat will be cut into small slices. The hearing section will use the main ingredient, which is crushed glutinous rice, roasted to have a rich aroma. Then mix the fish meat with the hearing to make it fragrant. Next take the crispy fried fish skin to roll with salad. About Ninh Binh fish saladThe dish looks very appealing Enjoy Ninh Binh fish saladFish meat after processing to make salad

Vinegar to cook Ninh Binh fish salad must have a thick consistency, red color, cover the smell of spices, when watering vinegar into the salad, the vinegar will not melt hands. The preparation of dipping sauces is also extremely important. Ninh Binh fish salad dressing is cooked from lucky water, garlic, chili, fresh ginger, pepper, and main noodles. Someone dipped the salad with shrimp paste, which was also quite delicious. Fish salad will often be served with sesame cakes and vegetables such as Chinese coriander, clover, fig, fish lettuce, plum blossoms, … Diagonal fish salad dots Ninh BinhDotted fish salad dots must have dark red color and consistency

Ninh Binh guava salad has a very special way to eat unlike in other places. When eating, diners need to take fig leaves, glutinous cakes or guava leaves as containers, then arrange the leaves to cover them, which are the scent of ships, apricot leaves, chives, polyscias fruticosa, mint, … Roll into a funnel shape and then stuff the fish salad in the middle, water the water on top, finally sprinkle with dried onions, chili and galangal to enjoy.How to enjoy Ninh Binh fish saladRoll the leaves, put the filling in the middle, then water it on top

When eating, each person will have their own taste for spring rolls. Some people wrap it with leafy things, others wrap it with fried fish skin. But most people do not wrap Ninh Binh fish salad with rice paper rolls. This dish has an unforgettable flavor. Specialties fish salad in Ninh BinhVery few people use banh mi for spring rolls 

The first impression when biting the first piece of salad is the crispy, acrid taste of the vegetables, the next will come the greasy, fatty taste, the sweet taste of fish, the pungent, aromatic of galangal, lemongrass. , chili, … The feeling of fat, sweet, mixed with chewy, soft, and delicious taste, drinking with a little spicy and fragrant Kim Son sticky wine will make people feel very delicious and enjoy, eat how many do not feel bored. Fish salad in Ninh Binh - delicious specialty in Ninh Binh If you have the opportunity to come to Ninh Binh, try this dish!

Some specialties in Ninh Binh 

Burnt rice 

In addition to Ninh Binh guava salad , the ancient capital has many other attractive specialties. Especially can not forget to mention the burned rice dish. The crisp, sweet, and fragrant taste that is so easy to eat has become a “huge plus point”, making the dish a famous specialty. And perhaps those who travel Ninh Binh want to quickly find a few packages of burnt rice as gifts. In addition to Ninh Binh fish salad, this place also has the specialties of cooked rice Ninh Binh fried rice with fire 

Goat meat

Coming to Ninh Binh, you can not try the goat meat dish will be a big mistake. Because this is a dish classified in the list of “50 specialties of Vietnam”. Goats in Ninh Binh are raised in the mountains, the food is mainly natural grass, so the meat is delicious, sweet, and low in fat. Ninh Binh goat meat  is processed into many delicious dishes such as roasted goat with five flavors, goat stewed with traditional herbs, goat brewed with rice husks, goat in lemon juice, and stir-fried goat, … In addition to Ninh Binh fish salad, this place also has goat meat specialtiesNinh Binh mountain goat meat

Yen Mac sour spring rolls

If there is a famous sour spring roll in Thanh Hoa , Ninh Binh also has a delicacy of delicious sour spring rolls that is Yen Mac sour spring roll as delicious as it is. Nem chua has an impressive sweet and sour taste. The main ingredients of the dish are not too fussy, including lean butt meat, boiled pork skin, and some kinds of spices because such as salt, MSG, … After mixing the ingredients, the guava leaves will be wrapped. In addition to Ninh Binh fish salad, this place also has Yen Mac sour spring rolls specialtiesYen Mac sour spring rolls

So far, with cooked rice, goat meat, fish salad in Ninh Binh has become a specialty that many people mentioned. In addition, the dish is also the pride, showing the meticulousness in the processing of the people of Kim Son. 

How special is Ninh Binh fish salad that makes diners fall in love?  2

Squash is the main ingredient in the dish, strong and fierce fish that live mainly in both brackish, freshwater and brackish water environments, of which this fish occurs mainly in coastal lagoons and estuaries. river.

How special is Ninh Binh fish salad that makes diners fall in love?  3

To process this fish salad, a chain of processing is done very carefully. Prawn fish salad is Ninh Binh’s specialty with the rich aroma of roasted glutinous rice, the sweet and sour taste of vinegar mixed with the warm spicy of ginger with garlic, chili, pepper, lemongrass.

How special is Ninh Binh fish salad that makes diners fall in love?  4

In fact, normal fish salad has a way to do not difficult, but for fish, when making salad, it is required that the operator has to act quickly to ensure that fresh fish are not fishy.

How special is Ninh Binh fish salad that makes diners fall in love?  5

When making a salad, you must use ash or dilute lime water to clean up the viscous, and after cutting the belly, tail, and intestines, we filter the bones and meat separately.

How special is Ninh Binh fish salad that makes diners fall in love?  6

With the thinly sliced ​​bacon, squeeze it through with fresh lemon juice, then squeeze it to drain, then add the spices to marinate, mix well with the hearing made from golden fried sticky rice. The fish skin and fish bones must be deep-fried, in which the fish skin is rolled with salad, while the fish bones are pounded and cooked.

How special is Ninh Binh fish salad that makes diners fall in love?  7

Compared to other places where we eat fish salad with fish sauce, in Ninh Binh, we eat fish salad with the skewers, this is the secret to differentiate Kim Son fish salad with the thin dish made from fried fish bones Crispy, crushed and mixed with bacon, sour batch, chicken eggs and other spices.

How special is Ninh Binh fish salad that makes diners fall in love?  8

The chunk bowl is dark red, thick, rich with golden color and the aroma of nose water ensures an attractive dish for the fish salad here.

How special is Ninh Binh fish salad that makes diners fall in love?  9

Ninh Binh fish salad dish also has a special way of eating different from other places. When eating, diners need to take guava leaves and fig leaves as a container, then arrange leaves in turn, apricot leaves, aromatic leaves, basil, chives, polyscias fruticosa, mint … up and roll into Hopper, then stuffing salad in the middle, watering the skewers on top, finally sprinkle galangal, dried onion, thin sliced ​​chili on top to enjoy. Photo: Internet.