Immerse yourself in the peaceful space of Dong Nai Thuong Chieu Monastery

If you think the temple only has images of worshiping or chanting, you will definitely have to change your mind immediately when you come to the poetic and charming scene of Thuong Chieu Monastery in Dong Nai.

Where is Thuong Chieu Monastery?

Thuong Chieu is one of the first monasteries in the Truc Lam system of the Bac Tong sect, built at No. 01, Group 23, Hamlet 1C, Phuoc Thai Commune, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, ie. Km 76 – 77 on Highway 51 going from Saigon to Vung Tau, at the same time about 44km from Bien Hoa city center.

It is known that the temple was founded in 1974 by Zen master Thuong Chieu, legal name Thich Thanh Tu under the reign of King Ly Cao Tong, so it was named after him.

Peaceful, tranquil setting of Thuong Chieu Monastery

Thuong Chieu Monastery welcomes visitors by its imposing stone three-door gate, traditional red yin-yang tile roof with a curved tail soaring up into the sky like a boat and the inscription with the name of the floating color, making anyone also cannot be missed.gate - impressive works of Thuong Chieu monastery The majestic temple gate (Photo by Fb Visandy Nguyen)

After stepping through the gate is a long road with two rows of green trees showing cool shade and swaying in the wind, so even if you come here in the hot hot summer day, visitors are feels extremely comfortable and comfortable.

However, the special feature of Thuong Chieu pagoda and when you go all the way through that green road, you have not yet entered the pagoda area but you can see a gate made entirely of solid concrete, with pillars filled with meaningful words and two majestic stone lions standing in front as if to protect the peace of the temple.gate - beautiful works of Thuong Chieu monasterySecond gate (Photo @ doankieuvy4507)

If in other spiritual places, the main hall will be built elaborately, elaborately and stand out, most of the works here have the same architecture as: the red tile roof is built with 2 floors. , curved in a blade shape toward the end, supported by large pillars made of imitation wood-reinforced concrete and placed on a platform much higher than the courtyard. The only difference is the size only.architecture - interesting features of Thuong Chieu monastery The buildings have similar designs (Photo @quang_nguyenfoto)

Accordingly, the main hall of Thuong Chieu Monastery is located in the middle of the 13-hectare campus, straight to the main entrance, with the most massive design. The unique point is that right from the yard we can see everything inside because of its wallless open design. Inside the only shrine, there is a giant golden statue of the Buddha, holding a lotus flower in hand to symbolize the microscopic flower, the two sides have a pair of ceramic pots with 3.5m high nacre, around the columns, the roof, the altar are carved with four spirits: long – ly – quy – phoenix and flowers … extremely impressive.Buddha statue - the highlight of Thuong Chieu monasteryThe majestic Buddha statue (Photo @ mizu1991)

In front of the main hall, there is a bell floor and the drum floor is made entirely of glossy wood, the name is also written in Chinese characters, thus giving a very old and quiet feeling. On the two sides and behind the main hall, there are also many ancillary works such as stupas, communal houses, monasteries, clams, monks, meditation halls, library, monastic monuments (where precious books are kept. translated and compiled by the monk’s founder), guesthouse, infirmary or trù house …bell floor - beautiful works at Thuong Chieu monastery Ancient bell guard (Photo by Fb Nomi Nga)

In particular, inside the campus of Thuong Chieu Long Thanh Pagoda, there is also a landscape garden with a clear koi pond full of colorful fish swims, a curved stone bridge over the lake leading to an ancient temple. It is cool to sit and enjoy the garden view, making you feel like you are getting lost in a historical movie. This is definitely something that not all temples and pagodas have.aquarium - the attraction at Thuong Chieu monastery The outstanding aquarium in the temple (Photo @hannartst)

Great experience at Thuong Chieu Monastery

As a long-standing spiritual place and a famous meditation center of Vietnamese Buddhism, every year, whether it is not the full moon day, the first day or a holiday, the New Year, Thuong Chieu Monastery still welcomes a large number of tourists. Calendar and big Buddhists come to activities, visit and worship.

Especially when it has a quite convenient location right on the main road, so when tourists traveling to Vung Tau from Saigon, even though they did not intend to come at first, they saw the scenery in the peaceful temple. So fresh and impressive so also have to stop to visit.peaceful - an outstanding space at Thuong Chieu Monastery A peaceful place everyone wants to visit (Photo: Fb Mike Tran)

The highlight of Dong Nai Thuong Chieu Monastery is that it is planted with a lot of trees, from the gate, temple yard to the surrounding gardens. Typically, the old cashew trees not only radiate cool shade but also bloom fragrant flowers across the campus, attracting many species of birds and butterflies to fly. Meanwhile, below the roads are paved with pebbles, making us feel like we are lost in a dreamy fairy place, not a temple ceremony trees - the highlight of Thuong Chieu monastery Trees are planted everywhere (Photo: Fb Hai Pham)

That is why, every time I set foot in the pagoda, listen to the chanting, the sound of the bell ringing, the sound of chi chirping on the branches, then deeply inhale the fresh, fresh taste of the trees, faintly with the scent Depression, making all the sorrows in us are all dissolved. 

In addition, you can also sit and listen to scriptures, meditate and enjoy a delicious and nutritious vegetarian lunch at the hospital. Disclose, the Chao here is a lot of people love and praise it.Vegetarian rice - an interesting feature of Thuong Chieu Monastery Vegetarian rice at the temple is very good (Photo by Fb Phuong Phuong)

If you want to participate in the bustling, vibrant, colorful flower lights of Thuong Chieu Pagoda , you should come here on the first day of spring or the anniversary of the 19th and 20th anniversary of December of the lunar calendar every year. lots of interesting programs and activities for you to participate in.

Revealing that this place is also famous for providing free medical treatment for the poor, many people come here every day to give medical examination and treatment. “Beautiful from form to content” like this, why there is never such a absence of tourists in the temple.

How to move to Thuong Chieu monastery

From Ho Chi Minh City, take a motorbike or car to Hanoi Highway / Highway 52, then follow the connecting road to Highway / Phu My Bridge, continue on Mai Chi Tho Street, go about 1km Then turn left onto Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway / Highway 01.

Go to the Long Thanh intersection, turn into the right lane and follow signs for Long Thanh / Long Thanh / Bien Hoa / Vung Tau, at the roundabout take exit 1 onto Highway 51, go ahead. is to see Thuong Chieu monastery located on the left side of the road.

In addition, you can also take a bus or bus to get to the temple, with a total travel time of only 1 hour.motorbike - means to go to Thuong Chieu monastery The journey to the temple will be very interesting (Photo @irvingyue)

The bustling and noisy life in the city makes you tired and pressured, please relieve yourself with a visit to Thuong Chieu Monastery in Dong Nai  now!

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