The scenery of Phu Yen

Nhat Tu Son Island, Mui Dien, Ganh Da Dia together with drying anchovies, lobster farming show up the beauty, colorful island life

Nhat Tu Son Island (Xuan Thanh ward, Song Cau town) fanciful in the clouds at 7am. This is one of the most beautiful islands in Xuan Dai Bay, with a variety of nature, with the characteristic feature that the road crossing the sea to the island is about 300 m long, only appearing when the tide recedes. In addition, Song Cau town also has beautiful waters of Vinh Hoa Bay and Xuan Hai fishing village worth visiting.

The photo is in the photo series “The scenery of Phu Yen island” by photographer Le Chi Trung (1989), currently working at the People’s Committee of Xuan Dai ward, Song Cau town.

The scene of Mui Dien at 6 o’clock. The easternmost point of Mui Dien (or Cape Dai Lanh) is the place to catch the earliest sunrise on the mainland in Vietnam. The cape is located in Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa town, about 35 km from Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen. Visitors often camp overnight to watch the moment the sun rises from the sea.

Mui Dien Lighthouse has a cylindrical block, 26.5 m high compared to the work foundation and 110 m high above sea level. The work still retains many traces built by the French nearly 130 years ago. Standing from the light tower, visitors can see the panoramic view of Bai Mon beach.

Ganh Den lighthouse is located about 1 km north of Ganh Da Dia, in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district. This lighthouse has two colors: red, white, 22 m altitude above sea level, emitting light for ships and boats in and out of Xuan Dai Bay. Standing on Ganh Den, you can observe the vast sea to the east and the view of fishing boats.

With such an important position above, Ganh Den Lighthouse is an attractive tourist destination, both “sea eye”, and an important contribution in preserving the sovereignty of the sea and sacred islands of the country.

Ganh Da Dia, An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district is magical at dawn. This place is rated a special national scenic spot in December 2020. This cliff has an area of ​​about 2 km2, the narrowest place 50 m, the longest 200 m, formed millions of years ago.

The rocks here stand upright in columns, closely connected with each other, have a hexagonal cross-section, like plates stacked on top of each other, so it is called Da Disc ganh. Surrounding the cliff is a crescent-shaped sand beach about 3 km long.

About 100 meters from Ganh Da Dia is Bai Bang in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district. This is a sandy beach stretching for about 300 m, accompanied by an ancient limestone beach all year round submerged in seawater.

“On dry tidal days, Bai Bang is wonderfully beautiful when limestone blocks of many different lines are exposed. Especially from February to April every year, these rocks are covered with a layer of golden apricot seaweed, this is also the time to attract photographers to come to compose “, Mr. Chi Trung said.

Coming to An Hoa Hai commune, tourists can also experience lobster farming in cages along the coast. The shrimp cage looks like a picture on the sea with a high angle.

Hon Yen waters are also where fishermen catch anchovies. In the process of fishermen releasing green nets, fishing fins in the sea create different shapes of “net flowers”, creating a vivid picture for the manipulators to compose.

People dried anchovies in Hoa An village, Xuan Canh commune, Song Cau town. Hoa An develops a craft village to steam and dry anchovies, focusing on activities from the Lunar New Year to the third lunar month every year, when anchovies appear a lot. The caught anchovies are sold to manual drying ovens, through three stages of selection, steaming and drying. After drying, the fish meeting the standards is sold to traders, the rest is made into fish sauce.

Overview of Phu Yen coastal protection corridor, area of ​​Le Thinh resettlement area, Phu Luong village, An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district. Along the coast are hundreds of boats anchored, taken at more than 7am. Anchovy and lobster seed are specialties of this coastal village.

Green moss cling to the rocks, the far side is the view of Yen island (right) and Doong island (left), about 100 m from the shore. Blue and blue seawater mixed with moss green bring attractive picture.

These two islands are located in the Hon Yen complex in An Hoa Hai commune, Tuy An district, about 20 km from Tuy Hoa city, and are recognized as national scenic relics in 2018.

According to Mr. Chi Trung, when the tide falls, visitors can walk to the island to visit, but note that there are many rocks below, quite bumpy. Especially when hunting, avoid stepping on shallow coral reefs, starfish here.

Color patches of vannamei culture in the lower section of Ban Thach river, Dong Hoa town.

Sunset on O Loan lagoon, with a fan-shaped light ray taken around 6pm, dotted with boats (called “slang” by locals). This is a brackish lagoon located in the south of Tuy An district, protected by Dong Chay mountain, Cam mountain and An Hai sand dunes. As a national scenic relic recognized in 1996, the lagoon has a water surface area of ​​1,570 hectares, an average depth of about 1.3 m, connecting the East Sea through the Le Thinh and Tan Quy estuaries.

The lagoon has many specialties such as shrimp, fish, crab, king crab, scallop, and grouper, but the most famous is O Loan blood cockle with thick rice, sweet and fragrant meat.

Huynh Phuong

Phu Yen belongs to the South Central Coast region, including Tuy Hoa City, 2 towns of Dong Hoa, Song Cau and 6 districts of Dong Xuan, Song Hinh, Son Hoa, Phu Hoa, Tay Hoa and Tuy An. Phu Yen is bordered by the East Sea in the East with a coastline of 189 km, with many bays, beaches, gazes and islands, so it has the potential to develop tourism, ecology and marine tourism. Follow vnexpress

The scenery of Phu Yen from above

Under the flycam lens of photographer Nguyen Minh Tung, nature of Phu Yen appeared beautiful. The interwoven colors of the sea, sand, rice fields, clouds … create an eye-catching scene.

Wild beauty of ‘yellow flowers on green grass’

Wandering all over the country, Nau is still a land of nostalgia, inspiring me more than ever before. Seeing Phu Yen from above, we can fully appreciate the charm of the blue sea, the majestic rocky rapids, the poetic clouds of the sky, the river. The natural picture is covered with main green colors, with many different shades. It is the emerald water in Vung Me, Tu Nham (Song Cau), the green color of the endless trees in Long Van (Son Hoa) …

Adorning the picture of peaceful nature is The brilliant golden array of Son Nguyen, the sand slopes of Tu Nham sparkling with sunlight … In addition, it is also the majesty and majesty of the Mui Dien lighthouse, the ancient temple of Tu Nham, Xuan Lam .. Most especially, the moment when the light shines on the front of the temple, creating a beautiful aura. Besides the charming scenery,

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The enchanting scene of fishermen in Phu Yen

On the ocean floor, hundreds of meters of mesh are thrown down, creating impressive shapes. Each time throwing nets, people collect thousands of anchovies, in an area less than 2 km from the coast and a depth of nearly 10 m. Besides, there are fishing boats, colorful basket boats floating in the middle of the sea, creating life for the ocean picture. 

Looking down from above, hundreds of shrimp cages of fishermen in the fishing village create a unique artistic masterpiece, arranged by human hands. After catching, fishermen will collect batches of nets full of fish, put them in baskets and bring them to the market to sell. Anchovy, small white fish with white body, is a famous specialty here. To have the freshest and most stretched anchovies, fishermen often have to go out early in the morning or late afternoon (after 16:00). Market fairs bustling with laughter, quiet sunset afternoons,

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