Top 7 beach tourism destinations near beautiful Saigon forget the way back

Temporarily leaving the noisy and bustling Saigon, on the weekends, please go to the beach tourist destinations near Saigon below. Will definitely help you and your family enjoy wonderful moments without going far away.  

The most beautiful tourist destinations near Saigon

Here is a list of beautiful and famous beaches near Saigon that you can refer to your upcoming trip:   

1. Vung Tau    

What beach is there near Saigon? From the center of Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau, it only takes 3 hours by car. With a coastline stretching about 20km, Vung Tau is a favorite destination that many Saigon people choose to resort to on weekends. There are countless famous beaches such as Bai Dau, Front Beach, Bai Sau for everyone to immerse themselves in the cool blue water. 

In addition to the beautiful scenery and swimming when coming to Vung Tau, you can go to famous attractions such as Statue of Lord Dang TayThich Ca Phat Dai. Finally, it is indispensable to enjoy many delicious fresh seafood dishes or the famous Xeo cake in Vung Tau.
sea ​​tourism near Saigon - Vung Tau seaFamous Vung Tau beach. Photo: travelmag

2. Ke Ga Cape, Binh Thuan  

Add a beach tourist destination near Saigon for you to choose which is Mui Ke Ga, Binh Thuan. This marine tourist destination is located at Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. If you move from Mui Ne, it will take about 30 minutes to reach Phan Thiet city. And from Phan Thiet will have to go about 30km more to be able to reach the place to visit Mui Ke Ga. 

When you come to Mui Ke Ga, you will feel the idyllic wildness of the marine nature here. A strangely peaceful scene in stark contrast to the urban bustle of Saigon . To visit Mui Ke Ga, do not miss the place of Mui Dien. The lighthouse at Dien Cape was designed by a French engineer. This is Southeast Asia’s oldest ranked and oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia and was designed by a French engineer. 
sea ​​tourism near Saigon - Mui Ke Ga, Binh ThuanSea paradise at Ke Ga Binh Thuan cape. Photo: foody

3. Coco Beach Phan Thiet 

Not suddenly, Coco Beach Resort is considered “a small corner of paradise”. A large beautiful beach surrounded by tropical gardens combined with 31 houses on stilts and villas and a very beautiful and large swimming pool. 

When you come to this resort you will feel really satisfied with the interior amenities inside. Along with that, there are many delicious local dishes and many cocktails that visitors can freely enjoy. Guests can also participate in many other activities such as excursions, massage.
sea ​​tourism near Saigon - Coco Beach Phan ThietCoco Beach Phan Thiet. Photo: ivivu

4. Phuoc Hai Beach 

Sea tourism near Saigon should go ? If you do not like the crowded feeling in Vung Tau, Phuoc Hai beach is a great choice. Here nature is still pristine, fresh blue water with long white sand banks. Especially the people here are extremely friendly, so when you come here you will feel extremely comfortable. 

From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists can catch the bus at the Eastern bus station to Vung Tau. Then you can choose a means of taxi which takes about 16km to get to Phuoc Hai beach. This sea area is located in Dat Do district, Ba Ria province, Vung Tau.

When you come to Phuoc Hai beach, you will feel a really gentle feeling. Hear the murmuring waves, can walk leisurely on the white sandbanks. This is really a beautiful beach that retains its inherent pristine features and is a tourist destination near Saigon that should not be missed.
sea ​​tourism near Saigon - Phuoc Hai Beach Phuoc Hai Beach. (Photo FB Tran Thi Ngoc Bich)

5. Thanh An Island – Can Gio

A tourist destination near Saigon that is being visited by a lot of young people on that weekend is Thanh An Island – Can Gio. Located about 50km from the center of Saigon city, you can travel by bus or motorbike to get to Can Gio at extremely low cost to the island.

When you come here, you not only fully enjoy the fresh air but also enjoy many fresh seafood dishes. Especially in the middle of the beach, there is a very beautiful rocky road and this is a great place for young people to freely check-in virtual life.
sea ​​tourism near Saigon-Thanh An Island - Can Gio Thanh An Island – Can Gio. Photo: tienphong

6. Cu Lao Cau 

Cu Lao Cau is also known as Hon Cau, this beach tourist destination near Saigon , about 100km from Phan Thiet city, so you can completely travel by motorbike to save money. When you come to Hon Cau, you will be surprised by the clear blue water like jade. However, this tourist destination has just been exploited, so the service here is still limited. However, in return for the beautiful natural scenery, this is not a big problem for those who love to experience discovery.
sea ​​tourism near Saigon - Cu Lao Cau Cu Lao Cau. Photo: dulichchat

7. Hon Rom Beach

Only about 2km from Phan Thiet city, Hon Rom beach is a destination near Saigon which is chosen by many tourists. Many people wonder about the strange name of Hon Rom beach, this is the name of a mountain in Mui Ne that is located right at the foot of the soaring mountain with blue and calm water. A special feature of the road to Rom is extremely beautiful and it is known as the most beautiful road of Phan Thiet. When you have the opportunity to come here, do not forget to take the best pictures for yourself with your family.
sea ​​tourism near Saigon-Hon Rom beachHon Rom Beach. Photo: foody

So with the above information, everyone knows where the most beautiful marine tourism near Saigon is . Hope you will have a relaxing and memorable beach tour near Saigon. 

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