What to play in 3 days in Khanh Hoa – Ninh Thuan?

With a geographical location close to each other and many attractive entertainment and entertainment spots, Khanh Hoa – Ninh Thuan is an ideal suggestion for a short vacation.

The South Central Coast region is blessed with blue sea, white sand, and yellow sunshine. For many sea tourists, Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan are 2 summer destinations that cannot be missed.

Both two own long coastline, bays, islands with clear water and many high-end resorts. In addition to sea and island tourism, visitors can learn about Cham culture, immerse themselves in nature in the steppe, sand dunes, sheep fields or enjoy local cuisine.

Readers Huong Nguyen shares memorable experiences with friends on a 3-day trip in Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan.

Khanh Hoa - Phan Rang anh 1
From December to August is a good time to roam the sunny and windy land.

Day 1

Around 15 o’clock, the group arrived at Cam Ranh airport (Khanh Hoa). We continue to take about 1 hour to move to the hotel at Kinh beach (Ninh Thuan) to check in and rest.

After that, the group took a train for about 10 minutes to Binh Hung Island (Cam Ranh). The island is hidden at the foot of the pass of the sea road of Binh Tien – Vinh Hy. The beautiful beaches that attract tourists here are Binh Tien, Kinh beach, Ngot Ngot beach, Banana beach, Da Egg beach, Cay Me beach …

Dubbed “the Maldives of Vietnam”, the beach in Binh Hung is not long and wide, but the water is clear, clean, able to see the bottom, watching colorful coral reefs. On the island, large rocks of many sizes and fancy shapes are also an unforgettable impression when visitors come here.

We explore the cuisine around the island, mainly snacks such as shrimp ram, roasted duck seeds, baked eggs, cake can … After warming up, we sit and drink, coconut water, and dessert. Yoghurt with seeds and then take the train back to the hotel.

Day 2

In the morning, 7:30, the group will follow the tour to Cay Me beach to swim and experience activities such as water motorbike or diving to watch coral. This tour includes the Yen cave tour but we didn’t go. So, around 10:30, the group returned to the hotel to have a fresh water bath, then went to have lunch on the raft on Binh Hung Island .

Seafood on the raft is usually sold in kg, so going east will enjoy quite a lot of dishes. We order grilled oyster with onion fat, fish raft (the head and tail make hot pot, grilled body rolled with cake, herbs, dipped in garlic and chili sauce) and fried rice with chili and salt. The food on the raft is fresh and delicious, especially the typical fatty grilled oysters.

Khanh Hoa - Phan Rang anh 2Khanh Hoa - Phan Rang anh 3
Khanh Hoa - Phan Rang anh 4Khanh Hoa - Phan Rang anh 5
Beautiful nature in the South Central Coast.

After lunch, the group took the tram to An Hill (Binh Hung Island). Standing on the top of the hill, we get a full view of the scenery of Binh Hung Island with the endless stretch of turquoise water. In addition to resting and relaxing here, you can live virtual on the rainbow path, coastal swing, Da Egg beach …

An leave the Hill, let’s go back to the hotel, the dressing, then visited vineyards in Thanh Thuy ang grapes Tai’an (Ninh Thuan). On the way across the sea road, we stopped to enjoy a panoramic view of Vinh Hy fishing village . From above, Vinh Hy is like a small village in a fairy tale.

Thanh Thuy Vineyard is the largest vineyard in Thai An. Visitors to the tour will enjoy fruit picked at the garden, sip jams, wine and grape syrup. The price at the garden is 70,000 VND / kg of green grapes, 35,000 VND / kg of purple grapes.

After checking in the vineyard, we moved to Hang Rai (Ninh Thuan). Located in the south of Vinh Hy Bay, Rai Cave is nestled on the side of Chua Mountain, facing the sea, with outstanding natural scenery like paradise. This place is an endless source of inspiration for paparazzi because the water color changes constantly throughout the day.

The road to Rai Cave is quite slippery, visitors should wear shoes with support base. Next to Rai Cave, there is a coastal pedestrian bridge for guests to check-in or enjoy the wind.

At night, we move to a restaurant in Cam Ranh. Dinner with three-course chicken meets the criteria of delicious, nutritious and cheap. After eating, we moved back to the hotel on Kinh beach to rest.

Day 3

7:30 am, after checking out at Kinh beach, the group went to Suoi Tien sheep field (Cam Ranh) to take virtual live photos. Considered as a miniature European countryside, sheep fields include farms, rivers, lawns … and airy air. Coming to the field of nearly 100 sheep, you can hold and caress the soft fur of your pet and record natural moments.

After 1 hour in the sheep field, we continued to check-in many beautiful places in Ninh Thuan such as the wind-blower field , Po Klong Garai Cham Tower and the Tanyoli area . On the way to Tanyoli, we stopped by Bau Truc village to drink water, rest and learn about ceramic products imprinted with Cham culture.

Arriving at Tanyoli at noon with heavy sun, we took 45 minutes to take pictures and then moved to Trang beach (Ninh Thuan) to eat seafood. Arriving, the group took a jeep down to the beach. The rental price for a jeep (round trip) is 300,000 VND.

Khanh Hoa - Phan Rang anh 6
Traveling by jeep on the hot sand hill is an attractive experience in Ninh Thuan.

Lunch at sea includes grilled oyster with onion oil, cobia cooked in hot pot and grilled, steamed squid with lemongrass and grilled salt and chili. Soul dish here lies in spice dots. Although the preparation of seafood is quite simple, the dipping sauce creates a special aftertaste for each dish. Finished meal, you can lie asleep in the hammock, enjoy the sea breeze.

3:00 pm, empty coastline is the ideal time for swimming and swimming. The restaurant has fresh water bath and motorbike rental (about 250,000 VND / person) to visit Mui Dinh lighthouse.

After eating comfortably at Trang beach, we moved to Ca Na salt field (Ninh Thuan). The salt making profession in Ca Na has a history of more than 100 years. This place is considered one of the largest salt warehouses in the country with an area of ​​up to 1,000 hectares spread along the coast.

After check-in copper salts, the group to visit sand dunes curled g (Ninh Thuan) Standing on the top of the hill, human feeling is so small in front of the vast and vast nature. After welcoming the sunset on the “little desert of Ninh Thuan”, we moved to Phan Rang city – Thap Cham to rest.

Khanh Hoa - Phan Rang anh 7Khanh Hoa - Phan Rang anh 8
Ninh Thuan owns many attractive tourist destinations.

In the evening, the group visited Ninh Thuan night market and had a meal with grilled lamb ribs, grilled goat skewered and lime, served with rice and crab soup with fresh vegetables. Lamb and goat are quite soft, delicious, seasoned to taste. After dinner, we drank sugar cane juice at the gate of the city park, then went back to the hotel to rest, ending a day of “drop brake”.

Early the next morning, we packed our luggage, checked-out in time to fly. On the way from Phan Rang – Thap Cham city to Cam Ranh airport, we ate tuna vermicelli at a roadside restaurant.

Tuna noodle soup is a familiar breakfast dish of the people of Central Coast. Plump bowl of vermicelli with pieces of fresh tuna, thick fish ball, served with herbs and spices from sour to spicy.


1.Return air ticket from Hanoi to Cam Ranh (with checked baggage): 1.2 million VND / person.

2. Accommodation: Casa Maya Hotel (VND 1,273 million / 2 double rooms / 2 nights), Jolie’s Home Phan Rang (VND 400,000 / 3 people / night).

3. Eating and drinking: 4 million VND

4. Sightseeing and traveling: 4.5 million VND

Total cost : 13,773 million VND / 3 people (average about 4.6 million VND / person).

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