Con Quy Ben Tre – a peaceful place to stop in the middle of the river

Con Quy Ben Tre is a small islet floating in the middle of the river, looming under the shade of coconut and green fruit garden, creating a romantic and charming natural picture that attracts many tourists from far away to visit.

Ben Tre is one of the provinces with the characteristics of the Southern River region. Located on the big river and alluvial alluvium, this place has a lot of soil dunes in the middle of the river, also known as the island, which is most known as the “gardening four spirits” Long – Lan – Quy – Phung. Besides the most famous Phung islets, the remaining ones also have their own beauty and attraction with the scenery still retaining the wild features, here and there are perennial orchards, planted in rows, according to beautiful way. This time let LuhanhVietNam stop at Quy Islet – a beautiful little island of Ben Tre in particular and the West, in general, to have unforgettable travel experiences here.Check in Quy Ben Tre alcohol - eco-tourism areaCon Quy is one of the famous ecotourism areas in Ben Tre. Photo: khongsolac

Guide to Ben Tre Con Quy

Con Quy is a small islet located along the romantic Tien River. This famous tourist destination Ben Tre is located between two communes Tan Thach and Quoi Son, in Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province.

Having the smallest area in the islets of the land of coconut land, this small turtle-shaped land is located about 23km from the center of Ben Tre city by the river. To get to Quy islet and resort of the same name, you just need to rent a boat down the Tien River less than 30 minutes to arrive. According to the experience of traveling to Ben Tre and visiting Con Quy, visitors will not worry about seasickness because the travel time is quite fast and the seats on the boat are also comfortable. What you need to do is just prepare to enjoy the fresh air, get ready to admire the beauty of the typical garden water of the South, as well as enjoy the passionate tunes of the amateurs.Check in Quy Ben Tre islet - located along the Tien RiverCon Quy is located along the poetic Tien River. Photo: thamhiemmekong

History of Quy Ben Tre islet

According to many local elderly grandparents, in the past, Quy is also known as Con Cat, formed hundreds of years ago. Among the four most famous islets of Tien Giang and Ben Tre provinces located along the Tien River, Quy is the smallest, with a natural area of ​​about 65ha but is still being accreted and expanded. Accordingly, Quy and Phung islets are in Ben Tre province, while Long and Lan islets are in Tien Giang province. 

If you have been to the West many times, you will be no stranger to the name of the alcohol or isle here with famous landmarks such as the isle of January, isle of Mr. Chuong, isle of Minh, isle of Bao or islet of Thoi Son , … The Southern people use the concept of an isle or an island to name the beaches in the middle of a river, which is a strip of land in the middle of a big river thanks to the long-standing alluvial process that forms.Check in Quy Ben Tre islet - Enjoy the sceneryEnjoy the view of the river. Photo: khongsolac

Initially, this place was just a small patch of land by the river, deserted and covered with dense trees. After a long time, new alluvial deposits have been expanded and gradually explored. Specifically, from the years 1950-1960, people began to establish a career, reclaim … Today, at the beginning of the canal, going to the upstream of Tien river, there are still traces of the temple of Ba Chua Xu reclaimed by the ancestors. Establishment of land built from ancient times. There is also a Protestant church located in the middle of alcohol. This work was built by land reclaiming precursors. Starting from 1960 up to now, Con Quy Ben Tre infrastructure was officially started to improve gradually and invest in tourism development up to now.Check in Quy Ben Tre alcohol - See the treesSee the rich and green trees. Photo: vntrip

Discover the beauty of Quy islet garden

It can be said that the most outstanding and attractive point of Con Quy is its wild and natural beauty. Because this land is located quite separate from the mainland, there has not been any human impact. Few people even know this place than Phung islet or Thoi Son islet.Check in Quy Ben Tre alcohol - Rambutan gardenRambutan orchard fruit fruit in Quy islet. Photo: vntrip

Coming to Ben Tre and Con Quy tourism, the first impression to you is the garden of grapefruit, orange, rambutan, banana, longan, mango, coconut, female jackfruit … luxuriant, wrong fruit is not inferior to the fruit garden. Where is Cai Mon or Vinh Kim Tien Giang? In addition to orchards, the people here also raise bees for honey. In particular, the honey bees here are taken from longan gardens, so you do not hesitate to try and buy them for drinking or as gifts.Check in Quy Ben Tre islet - Scenery of gardensThe view of dense gardens on both sides of the river. Photo: couturetravelcompany

Interesting river travel experiences

One of the things that makes ecotourism or river cruises so appealing is being on board a boat or canoe. At Quy Ben Tre islet , too, visitors will be spoiled for gliding across Tien River to get to the islet, then from there to a small canoe moving through tangled, zigzag canals, watching the two sides of the green coconut palms rich and green trees in the peaceful countryside. Visitors can also explore the daily life of the people here associated with handicrafts produced from coconut and coconut candy and watch the processes of making products made from coconut like Coconut candy often goes around to learn many interesting things about cultural and historical history when coming to the Dao Dua relic.Check in Quy Ben Tre alcohol - gentle beautyThe beauty is gentle, poetic. Photo: metrip

More specifically, when visiting the alcohol, you are also dressed up as a genuine farmer with activities such as “slapping the ditch to catch fish”, “catching crabs, catching snails”, … You can freely experience the life of peace. Heterogeneous Ben Tre river, no less fun than a trip to Lan Vuong or Ha Thao tourist area .Check in Quy Ben Tre islet - Fruit gardensFruit orchards. Photo: vntrip

After visiting and exercising with games and getting tired, visitors will be taken to take a lunch break. Lying on the hammocks swinging under the green canopy, you will enjoy the relaxing feeling with the cool breeze in the countryside. At night, visitors can also organize a picnic at Quy Ben Tre islet with many attractive activities, including a very attractive nighttime firefly viewing trip.Check in Quy Ben Tre islet - Experience monkey bridgeExperience the monkey bridge in Quy islet. Photo: bazantravel

Referring to Ben Tre, everyone immediately thinks of coconut and coconut-based specialties such as coconut candy, coconut jam, and delicious coconut wine, so when traveling to Con Quy, do not worry about what gifts to buy to give back to people. dear friends In addition, you can choose another gift is honey extracted from longan flowers – “unique”, “strange” but still “nutritious” products for you to give and donate! Before that, we will sit quietly and sip a cup of warm honey tea in the land built up all year round by the Tien River so don’t miss it.Check in Quy Ben Tre alcohol - A peaceful destinationPeaceful destination. Photo: couturetravelcompany

With experiences that everyone wants to try once in that life, Quy alcohol promises to be the destination to leave a strong impression on your mind after leaving Ben Tre coconut land.

Resort and catering services in Quy alcohol

Initially, people on the dunes built small, simple houses made of bamboo leaves to welcome tourists. Gradually, visitors increasingly love the rustic scenery and fresh climate, the fruitful fruit gardens here should come more and more. At this time, people realized that Quy Ben Tre islet has the potential to develop tourism, so it built more works and services to serve the increasing demand of tourists. Besides, Thuy Ta restaurant along the river with a capacity of hundreds of guests was also built. Along with that, the quality of service has also been improved, the scale of investment in alcohol has also increased.Check in Quy Ben Tre islet - The old coconut treesThe old coconut trees in the tourist resort Con Quy. Photo: I am from the West

Currently, hotel services, motels of alcohol are developed to meet the needs of tourists from far away places. Among them, the most attractive are the affordable homestays that both help tourists save costs and provide opportunities to learn about the lives of the people here.

In addition, when coming to Quy Ben Tre islet , do not miss the opportunity to eat the specialties and specialties of the coconut land as well as a place to garden the river such as: fried shrimp with coconut, sour soup cooked with fish. Cotton mop with morning glory, steamed red tilapia with mushroom in the rainy season, and also sauteed pumpkin cotton with garlic, goby hot pot, braised snakehead fish …Check in Quy Ben Tre alcohol - Delicious foodThe delicious food is delicious and rustic. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Visit Con Quy to both visit Ben Tre tourism , have the opportunity to enjoy sweet and juicy fruits, sip a cup of warm coconut wine, listen to the long-winded fairy tales passing by the wind and sipping honey tea Aromatic bees like the hospitable and enthusiastic hearts of the people here for distant guests, … With all that, surely the journey to Con Quy tourism will be an unforgettable trip with any tourist there.

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