Explore tourist attractions in the beautiful and famous Bat Xat

Bat Xat is a highland district of the Northwest, which owns majestic mountains, unique and impressive terraced fields, and countless beautiful and romantic landscapes. That has helped this place become a tourist attraction in Lao Cai, receiving the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists. If you plan to come here, do not miss these famous tourist attractions in Bat Xat.

List of tourist attractions in famous Bat Xat

1. A Mu Sung

Where should go to Bat Xat?  The first suggestion for those who first set foot in this northwestern mountainous region is A Mu Sung. This is known as the land for the Red River to flow into Vietnamese soil. In addition, A Mu Sung is also the place where the Lung Po flagpole is placed – the flagpole is meant to affirm national sovereignty, is the pride of the Vietnamese people. Visitors coming here will learn about the heroic historical information of the nation, as well as discover nature, with beautiful scenery. 

From above, if you look away, you will see the majestic beauty of the mountains, the grace and softness of the side roads that are like silk and the blur of white clouds. around the scenery, bringing a magical space, like a fairyland. In general, A Su Sung will be a tourist destination in Bat Xat brings a lot of memorable experiences for you.A Mu Sung - Tourist destination in Bat XatExplore Lung Po flagpole

2. Medicine Ty

Going to Lao Cai without visiting Y Ty is a huge omission. Because this is  a beautiful tourist destination in Bat Xat , located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, the climate in Y Ty is cool and pleasant all year round, and is an ideal destination for travelers. Coming here, you will be attracted by the romantic natural beauty. perfectly combined together, painting a beautiful picture of mountains and forests. Not only that, when coming to Y Ty, tourists can also immerse themselves in the activities of Ha Nhi people, learn about the unique customs and habits of the upland people. Especially, if you are lucky enough to go on the right occasion, you can also participate in the forest god worship festival or the old dry old festival – Lao Cai’s specialties festival  too.Y Ty - Tourist destination in Bat XatVisiting Y Ty in the ripe rice season brings many wonderful experiences

3. Ky Quan San

If you are looking for the best cloud hunting spot in Bat Xat, apart from Y Ty, Ky Quan San Peak (Bach Moc Luong Tu) is also an ideal choice. This mountain is located in the nature reserve of Bat Xat, with an altitude of up to 3,046m, from the top of Ky Quan San you can have a wonderful panoramic view of the natural space. Especially in the early morning, when the haze has not yet melted, creating a sea of ​​floating clouds, it looks like a fairyland. Therefore, Ky Quan San is also on the list of tourist destinations in Bat Xat that should not be missed.Ky Quan Son - Tourist destination in Bat XatConquering the summit of Ky Quan Son mountain

4. Morning Amaranth

Bat Xat tourism should go?  Coming to this Northwest region with so many choices, but Den Sang is still the name that is mentioned most. It is known that Den Sang is the living and active place of the Red Dao ethnic group, with unique traditional cultures, bringing interesting experiences to visitors. Some activities you should not miss when coming to Den Sang such as: Participating in fire-jumping activities, watching the tobacco processing of the Red Dao, experiencing the traditional silver-making process, … In Den Sang, there are also many beautiful and famous places, such as the Red stream waterfall. With a wild and romantic beauty, it is a wonderful place to visit, virtual life. So, if you have the opportunity to come here, you should take the time to visit Den Sang – this interesting tourist destination in Bat Xat .Den Sang - Tourist destination in Bat XatSimple and rustic space of ripe rice fields at Den Sang

5. Muong Hum fair market

It is one of the most famous markets in Lao Cai , takes place every Sunday from 7:00 am to 13:00 pm, at the center of Muong Hum commune (about 44km from Bat Xat town). The fair not only turns to be a place for buying, selling and exchanging goods but also a place of cultural exchange among ethnic minorities here such as: Ha Nhi, Mong, Hoa, Dao Do, Dao Tuyen,… At the same time, the fair is also an opportunity for couples to go on a date and give each other love words. Therefore, when arriving at the market, you will learn about the customs and unique beliefs of the people in the highlands, along with that you can also enjoy shopping, as well as enjoy delicious and special dishes. real estate in Lao Cai  .Muong Hum fair market - Tourist destination in Bat XatBustling space of Muong Hum fair

6. Wormwood

If you are a nature lover, like trekking trails, go to Ngai Thau. Because this is also the most popular tourist destination in Bat Xat , especially the backpackers. Coming here, visitors will feel a fresh, peaceful space, and a dreamy natural scene, being immersed in dense clouds of clouds, creating a fantasy. Discovering Ngai Thau you can come here anytime, but if you want to hunt for clouds, the time from November to April next year is the most beautiful.Ngai Thau - Tourist site in Bat XatCloud hunting in Ngai Thau is also the choice of many travelers

Coming to Bat Xat, you will have a lot of fun choices, as well as activities to experience. And the best tourist destinations in Bat Xat HOT  above, hope you will find the right destination for you, to have a fun, memorable trip. 

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