Have you explored these places in Cholon?

Following in the footsteps of young people in the Guide Club of the Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy, we had a trip that lasted only 3 hours but discovered the interesting things in the Cholon area.

Coffee racket with over 60 years old /// Thai Duy

Coffee racket with over 60 years old.THAI DUY

Enjoy a racket cafe that is more than 60 years old

8:00 am, we gather at The Garden Mall (Hong Bang Street, Ward 12, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City) to start the journey. Turning across Hong Bang Street, we went along Phung Hung Street to enter the market. Phung Hung Market is also known as Thu Do Market, where this is a Chinese market, selling all kinds of typical dishes such as: bitter melon, chili, dumplings, and chicken vermicelli …

Have you explored these places in Cholon?  - Photo 1The famous racket cafe at Thu Do marketTHAI DUY

Stop at Ba Lu racket coffee shop , this is one of the most famous places in Phung Hung market. Coffee shop has been old for more than 60 years, up to now, it still maintains the old style of roasting and grinding with firewood, adding butter, salt and wine. It is known that the shop is open from 2 am, serving the customers in the market and the old grandparents who get up early, with customers who have been with the restaurant for decades.

Enjoy a glass of hot silver, the characteristic aroma of coffee roasted, ground with butter, white wine wakes up a characteristic, fragrant aroma. Strange coffee taste, seemingly not seen in any shops.Ancient space, imprinted with traces of time, creates a very special attraction. Busy passersby, everyone laughed happily, giving off the pride of the people here.To talk about the variety and quality of dishes and drinks in Cholon district, we joked with a famous sentence “eat district 5, located district 3, la la district 1”, at that moment. Mrs.

Roads with famous markets and places

Continuing our journey, we passed Tran Hung Dao B street, in front of our eyes was the Dong Khanh department store, also known as the Soai Kinh Lam market , where it was known as the fabric paradise.Through the words of the leader of the group Khong Tri Quy (a senior student in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh University of Education), we know that the market has such a name because there was a very large Chinese restaurant named Soái. Kinh Lam is located next to the market. For a long time, people used to call it Soai Kinh Lam market.This area specializes in selling fabrics, depending on the price, but with different quality. The sellers here always put credit on top. 

Although selling the same item, many sellers here do not compete, but are always welcoming and helping each other.Pointing across the street, Tri Quy told us that it was Dai Quang Minh market, a market specializing in selling handmade accessories. “On the other side is a market that specializes in selling stationery with items such as books, notebooks and school supplies at affordable prices,” said Tri Quy.

Continuing to follow Tran Hung Dao B Street, we passed Le Chau Assembly Hall, which is the earliest jeweler craft’s church in Ho Chi Minh City. At the end of the road, St. Francis Xavier Church appeared before our eyes, an ancient cathedral in the middle of Cholon. The architecture here is characterized by European architecture, but Chinese cultural elements are still respected.

From Hoc Lac Street, we walked about 100 meters to Hai Thuong Lan Ong street, famous for selling traditional medicine. The characteristic smell of medicinal herbs is ingrained in the nasal passages. On the roadside is the area selling eye-catching decorations such as lanterns, fake flowers, a variety of designs and types.

Have you explored these places in Cholon?  - Photo 2Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street is famous for selling traditional medicine.THAI DUY

“When you want to know when Tet is coming, just go to this street and see the road in red, you know the Tet is coming,” said Tri Quy. 

Thien Hau pagoda

The last place we visited was Ba Thien Hau pagoda, also known as Ba Cho Lon Pagoda. Located at 710 Nguyen Trai Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, this place is one of the temples with a long history.

Have you explored these places in Cholon?  - Photo 3A very typical image at Ba Thien Hau pagoda .THAI DUY

Also here, we have the opportunity to better understand the legend of Thien Hau Thanh Mau as well as the architecture and birth of Ba Pagoda. The roof of the pagoda is decorated with many amazing statues of different shapes and sizes.

Have you explored these places in Cholon?  - Photo 4Measure body temperature before entering Ba Thien Hau pagoda.THAI DUY

Many sculpted and carved lines still retain great historical and artistic values. In the midst of urban life, this place always retains its ancient beauty, reminding us of an indescribable feeling.“At the end of the tour to Cholon District, I feel very interesting. The trip helped me discover many new things, ”said To Phuong Thao (a student of English department, University of Education, Ho Chi Minh City). Follow Thanh Nien