Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall: a muse in the midst of a thousand KBang

Kon Bong Gia Lai Waterfall – a masterpiece of nature has captivated many visitors by its pure beauty as the waterfall cascades down from above on each step, looking very poetic and majestic.

KBang – Gia Lai district is one of the places that possess many majestic and wild landscapes. This is also a place to make a mark on history and the resounding victories in the war against the invaders. On the Gia Lai tourist map, the place that attracts many tourists to visit is KBang district – where there are many poetic and majestic natural landscapes with rich and diverse rare plants. Especially the beauty of Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall has attracted visitors by the purity of the beautiful rapids that nature bestows here.Kon Bong Gia Lai Waterfall - natural masterpiece among the greatNatural masterpiece among the great

Learn the name of Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall

Why is it called ‘Kon Bong Waterfall’?

The people of KBang district called Kon Bong waterfall because this waterfall belongs to Kon Bong 1 village and Kon Bong 2 village. People here tell visitors when visiting Kon Bong village because in the past there was a skin White as cotton, beautiful, gentle like this waterfall. Every day, she comes to the waterfall to bathe, so the villagers named the waterfall Kon Bong.

The waterfall is also known as ‘Three-Floor Waterfall’

However, Kon Bong waterfall is also known as a three-story waterfall by Ba Na people. Because in the minds of the people here, the waterfall is not only a place to soak, take a cool bath to relieve fatigue when working hard on the fields; This waterfall is also a place to hide sacred things.

The reason is called Three-Floor Waterfall because the water flows down three clear stone steps like soft white silk ribbons. And this waterfall is located in a giant basin, around the waterfall is surrounded by cliffs, rocks and many ancient trees. The natural landscape has contributed to the majesty and mystery of the waterfall. The waterfall stands tall and stands amongst the green color of ancient trees; makes many people think that this is a beautiful poetic picture, but full of powerful and interesting. The cascades stacked, alternating with each other to create delicate silk ribbons, making people more and more captivated.Kon Bong Gia Lai Waterfall - another name is Three Floor WaterfallAnother name is Three-storey waterfall

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Locate coordinates of Kon Bong waterfall

Address: Kon Bong Waterfall – Dak Roong commune – KBang district – Gia Lai.

Kon Bong waterfall is located in Dak Roong commune, KBang district, Gia Lai province. This waterfall is like soft white silk floating in the middle of thousands of KBang. And this is one of Gia Lai’s favorite tourist destinations when exploring this highland land.

The nature has endowed this waterfall in the upstream so the water flows all year round, including the dry and rainy seasons. The water here is pure and cool, making visitors visiting them feel refreshed and comfortable.

Moving to Three-Floor Waterfall like?

If you want to reach Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall , you must pass 65km long distance from the center of KBang district. From Ka Nak town, moving to the North on the East Truong Son route through the communes of So Pai, Son Lang to Dak Roong commune, you will meet the Ba Floor Waterfall.Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall like?How to move to Kon Bong waterfall?

The beauty of Kon Bong waterfall and wonderful experiences

Like a white silk ribbon

Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall owns a height of up to 40m, stretching nearly 25m. The waterfall from above launched a strip of white water along the rapids and crept down each step of the stairs. Visitors who want to reach the waterfall must follow the trail, and the rocks have many different shapes. Water flowing down from the upper floor and rushing to the lower floor rushes into the rocky rapids to create soft and majestic silk ribbons. The closer you get to Kon Bong stream, the closer visitors will be embraced by the majestic beauty of the 3-storey waterfall.Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall - like a white silk ribbonThree-storey waterfall is like a white silk ribbon

Places for camping, picnic

Not only seeing the beautiful waterfall, but when coming to Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall , visitors can organize picnics, camping, and entertainment places around the waterfall when at the foot of the waterfall possesses large and small rocks with many pictures. The camps are wide-ranging.

From here, you can see the villages with stilts and thatched houses hidden among the immense green fields of the field. The small thatched roofs are the residence of the Ba Na people who have lived for many generations, associated with the old forests of KBang district.Kon Bong Gia Lai Waterfall - ideal place for picnic and campingIdeal picnic and camping venue

Dry season at the falls

In the dry season, there will be less water in the Ba Floor waterfall , so the water no longer flows wide to cover the rocks. Therefore, this is also an advantage for visitors to reach the top of the tower to save beautiful pictures, fully enjoy the pure beauty of the waterfall.Kon Bong Gia Lai Waterfall - In dry season, waterfall flows littleIn the dry season, the waterfall flows a little

Meet children picking bamboo shoots

Visitors to Kon Bong waterfall, apart from watching the waterfall flowing white foam, will also encounter cute images of children picking forest bamboo shoots. Especially, after a day of wandering to collect fresh and delicious bamboo shoots, the children will enjoy the coolness of the clear stream water at the foot of the waterfall. Look at that moment very beautiful and very life.

Lunch experience in the woods

In particular, visitors can enjoy rustic lunches in the forest and take photos and sing together. All have highlighted a beautiful and unforgettable collection in the hearts of visitors when coming to Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall .Kon Bong Gia Lai Waterfall - forest lunch with grilled chickenLunch in the forest with grilled chicken

Kon Bong village

Not far from Kon Bong waterfall is Kon Bong village. Villagers are very cute, hospitable and always welcome those who love nature, exploring mountains and hills to KBang district.

The village patriarch in Kon Bong village said that those who regularly soak in the flowing waterfalls have a healthy and robust body. Because the water of the falls is the source of water that flows from the motherland, weaving through the thousand-year-old rocks; making the cold water dispel the miasma in everyone. And especially the villagers of Kon Bong are always proud of the attractive beauty of the waterfall.Kon Bong Gia Lai Waterfall - Kon Bong villageKon Bong village

And if you have the opportunity to return to KBang district, you should visit Kon Bong Gia Lai waterfall once to admire the majestic beauty and purity of the waterfall. In particular, this is also a great experience for you to listen to the chirping sounds of birds in the cool, clear waterfall. The appearance of the picturesque natural landscape made all worries disappear.

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