The rustic market of Phien Tung Few Quan Ba ​​Ha Giang

Located at the gateway to Dong Van rocky plateau, the Tung Vai market meets every Friday, traders are busy hunting for products. During the time, traders were absent, but in return, the market returned to its simple, original, and attractive features.

A corner of Tung Vai in the early morning fog

A corner of Tung Vai in the early morning fog

End of the scramble scene, forcing prices, pushing prices for old tea bags

Forest vegetables, ancient shan tea, seven leaves a flower (most flowers), three hearts, orchid flowers, dong quai, wills, pine trees … the famous products of the northeastern mountains are easy to find. found at Tung Vai market (Hoan Ba ​​district, Ha Giang ).Located in the border area, the Tung Vai market is a festival of ethnic minorities such as Bo Y, Hoa, H’mong, Dao, Tay, Thai …At the fair, each ethnic group has a product, a custom, a unique beauty … converging, forming a fair that still has wild features, but no less bustling. Many traders from across the border look to buy agricultural and native products.

Fair Tung Few season Covid1A souvenir gift, a bright gift … luxury for Tung Vai because it is only available at the fair every Friday
Fair Tung Few season Covid2A place to sell corn wine with unique leaf yeast technique, which is a specialty of the Tung Vai people

Due to the influence of the Covid-19 translation , for more than this year, every time Tung Vai enters the fair, there is no scene where traders compete and bustle as ever. Tung Few hours away from traders more than half, only the market for local residents.End of the scene of scrambling, forcing prices, pushing prices for old tea bags as before. 

The bustle in the corner selling specialty, from baskets of glitter orchids, to the most lost herb of flowers are also absent.Ms. Vang Seo Mo, a senior herbal trader at the market, said: “This year there are no customers, a seven-leaf tree with a flower of the people who go to the forest to dig tubers, I buy it and plant it all in the garden to save it. for as long as that value ”.

Fair Tung Few season Covid3A stall selling traditional medicine from forest root trees
Fair Tung Few Covid4 seasonChicken noodle soup – a must-try dish when coming to Tung Vai market

The corner of the tea market also has no shadow sellers – buyers. When asked about this year’s spring tea season, Mr. Ngu Van Tinh (ethnic Bo Y, often brings tea to the market every year to sell to traders) said: “Tea this year is very good, no Chinese drivers buy, I still pick it, keep the kitchen guard, leave it there for as long as there is value. Not going anywhere. Now, Vietnamese people know about this tea, so they buy it at high prices. If I don’t have enough output, I can just pick it, the tea tree will be stronger.

Attracting lowland guests

Tung Vai Market meets right along the road from the commune to Ban Thang, starts at 5am, lasts until noon. The attraction of the Tung Vai fair of Covid -19 period with downstream guests is the innocence, simplicity and simplicity of the market-goers .

The sellers of vegetables at Tung Vai market do not know the names of vegetables. In addition to familiar things such as bitter vegetables, sturgeon, what remains are edible leaves picked from the forest, called wild vegetables. The way of selling is also simple, the small vegetables are gathered in a glossy bag, the longer vegetables are bundled into bundles, pouring VND 5,000 each.

Fair Tung Few Covid5 seasonMarket in session is a happy day for children because they can eat delicious breakfast gifts
Fair Tung Few season Covid6The corner of selling breeding pigs to raise as food for the next Tet season

The more luxurious corner is the cake gifts, from donuts, cakes, to pho in the middle of the market … which are always bustling with people. The corner selling corn wine – a famous specialty of Tung Vai is also a feature of the fair. There are about a dozen wine sellers, each with three types of 20-liter plastic cans, buyers will be poured wine into the lid to try.Visitors will be surprised to see the mother carrying her baby behind her back, going a round test through nearly a dozen wine caps but still awake as not before choosing to buy 5 liters home.The market is somewhat noisy and bustling at the points selling chickens, ducks, pig breeds … for people going to the market to buy and raise for the next Tet. 

Black pigs in Tung Vai area, when raised near Tet, according to local custom, the families will take turns slaughtering pigs and invite relatives and friends to eat, mainly lap, blood, head, toenail … The rest of the meat is delicious, part of the sausage is smoked, the other is salt, and the kitchen is hung upstairs to eat. Sausage and bacon have long been a specialty of the whole Quan Ba ​​region.Tung Vai is located on a road quite opposite to the itinerary of Quan Ba ​​- Dong Van – Meo Vac. Therefore, the fair here is still rustic and simple, from people to traded products, forming a rare beauty in the highland markets in the East-Northwest arc.

Fair Tung Few season Covid7Forest vegetables sold in bags, each bag 5,000 VND
Fair Tung Few season Covid8Vegetables and fruits in Tung Vai are delicious – cheap and famous throughout Quan Ba
Tung Fair Some Covid times: 'No Chinese drivers, I still pick tea, leave it ...' - Photo 9Choosing breed ducks at Tung Vai fair
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