Ton Dung Lake – ‘picnic paradise’ in Quang Ngai

Besides Ly Son, Quang Ngai also has countless beautiful landscapes like pictures that few people know, for example, Ton Dung Lake is as beautiful as a “little Da Lat” in the heart of Ba To.

Ton Dung is an important freshwater reservoir of Kon Dung residential group, about 2km from the center of Ba To town, Quang Ngai province. The lake was built in 1978 on a small stream upstream of Lien River, with an area of ​​up to 150 hectares, plus a romantic and lyrical scene, so many people visit every day.

Ideal time to visit Ton Dung Lake

As a green year-round place, full of vitality, except for the rainy season, whenever you have free time you can go to Ton Dung Lake picnic . However, ideally it is the time from late summer to late autumn. Because at this time, the lake water is full, the weather is no longer too hot, combined with cool breezes and gentle sunlight, extremely suitable to experience exciting outdoor activities.Ho Ton Dung - 'picnic paradise' in Quang NgaiAutumn is the best time to visit the lake (Photo @ _zyy0802)

The charming and poetic beauty of Ton Dung Lake

Not as magnificent and famous as the sea ​​of ​​T’Nung lake in Gia Lai or Lak lake in Dak Lak, but in terms of poetic and retired looks, Ton Dung Lake is no less competitive at all. The highlight is that the lake water is emerald green and clear like a giant mirror reflecting everything, making space seem more open and open.Clear water - the highlight of Ho Ton Dung The lake is clear (Photo @xxyngocxx)

Surrounding the lake is a green flora, with a thousands of green grass and mountains, majestic, looming hidden under the clouds. Even more impressive is that although many other forests in the province have been destroyed, withered and bare, the mountain here still wears a fresh green color, making the sun shine in the summer as well. calm vegetation - the interesting point of Ho Ton DungAround the lake is the green vegetation (Photo @ hongdiep936)

Standing on the bank of Ton Dung artificial lake , looking far away, we can also see the simple beauty of the people here with the women wearing the bows on their backs to work in the fields and the children of buffalo herds. are singing songs, sometimes there are a few couples wearing dresses to take wedding photos … bringing close, dear breath to the wilderness.people - interesting features of Ho Ton Dung The image of the worker making the lake more attractive (Photo: Fb Hoang Le Thuy)

Although the water was so full of beauty and charm, when the water receded, it revealed undulating mounds covered with green moss, and fragile young branches and tops of grass trying to rise out of the face. water to enjoy the precious rays of sunshine, creating a private attraction, making people’s hearts flutter.

Things not to miss at Ton Dung Lake

1. Virtual life

Coming to the charming water-ink painting of Ton Dung Lake , what most visitors cannot ignore is virtual living. Especially when this place has the advantage of being a blue color, so when taking pictures, it will feel “very youthful”.

Revealing, the most popular photography angle at the lake is the stone staircase leading down from the top of the hill with green grass on either side, helping you whether standing or sitting can “grab” the satisfactory photo.stone road - virtual living spot in Ton Dung Lake An image of youthfulness (Photo @______thuong)

In addition, beside Ton Dung hydropower lake , there are also some beautiful miniatures for virtual living purposes such as: the orange-brown wooden door placed on the grass right next to the lake or the concrete bridge is painted in color. Red and white stand out in the middle of the bridge, while being able to sit and watch the surrounding scenery, there’s nothing more wonderful than this.wooden door - virtual living corner at Ho Ton Dung The door to a pretty virtual life (Photo @minhnhor)bridge - beautiful checkin corner at Ho Ton DungGoing to the bridge while enjoying the wind and taking pictures, it’s good! (Photo by Thien Thanh Fb)

2. Boating on the river

The activity of walking along the shore has not made you feel “already”, but still tired, exhausted, there is a better suggestion is to rent or borrow a local fishing boat to paddle out. between Ton Dung Lake and going down the water, and then watching the scenery on both sides while playing with the cool swirls of water, oh happy just as simple as that.boating - exciting activities at Ton Dung Lake Is it okay to row a boat out in the middle of the lake (Photo @ lid0611.official)

However, this activity can only be used for the wet season. Because when the water is dry, you can only find crabs and snails on the bottom of the lake.

3. Camping

Being favored by nature for a large grassy field, what is the crime that we do not bring a cloth and food to make a great outdoor picnic right? For those who love to experience and travel in large groups, you can bring tents and electricity to camp by Ton Dung Ba To Lake at night.camping - experience should try at Ho Ton Dung Camping overnight is also quite a fun experience (Photo @ hanie.94)

In addition, you can also bring a grill and pre-cooked fish and fish dishes on the shore, the sizzle of the cooked meat blends with the scent of spices, dissolves into the wind. everywhere, it will cause trouble to see.grilled food - a good experience at Ho Ton Dung Self-grilled meat by the lake (Photo FB Doan Nguyen)

4. Enjoy the cuisine

If you forget to bring food but still want to satisfy your hungry stomach, do not worry, because currently on Ton Dung Quang Ngai lake there are business households to invest and serve tourists.

Some of the specialties here that you should not miss are: grilled wild boar, buffalo cooked with soap, roasted urchin meat, greens cooked with snail, grilled chicken and some wild vegetables. folk … extremely strange and delicious, making you “full your belly” but still attached to wanting to eat more.

You can even fish or whip the fish’s eyes from the lake and then bring them up to ask the owner to process them into a grilled fish dish or boiled fish with fragrant salt and chilli, drink with a little wine to warm. … make sure to forget the melancholy.

5. Explore tourist attractions nearby

Hint, if you were traveling the lake Chun Dung , do not hesitate to visit a multitude of straight scenes enchanted others in Ba To, such as: mining Lung Oh ,  waterfall Pờ Hey, lake Mountain Landscape, prairie Bui Hui , Lien River and discovering unique culture in the brocade weaving village of the Hre people nearby… will definitely not disappoint you.O valley waterfall - destination near Ton Dung Lake Beautiful sights – Lung O waterfall nearby (Photo FB Nguyen Thang)

How to move to Ton Dung Lake

From the center of Quang Ngai city, visitors can follow provincial road 624 through Nghia Hanh district, or national highway 1A and national highway 21 to Ba To. In which, the first road is shorter but has to go through 2 passes, Lam pass and Vi O Lak pass , while the second road is long but has to pass only 1 pass.

Therefore, if those who are afraid to pass the pass, choose the road 2. For hard drivers or professional riders, choose the first route, because the scenery on the two sides of the road is extremely attractive, with the blue color. Thousands of mountains and forests, adorned with colorful flowers, stand back and make a few photos that are absolutely beautiful.

After arriving in Ba To town, you ask the local people for the way to the Ba To museum, then follow a small path to reach Ton Dung freshwater lake . Rest assured that the road is easy to go and easy to find, even a car or motorbike can go straight to the lake.motorbike - means to go to Ton Dung Lake Passing beautiful roads is arriving (Photo @ boboxi.28.9)

Youth trips, so what are you waiting for without asking your best friends to make a trip to keep your youth at the poetic Ton Dung lake in Quang Ngai!

Photo: Internet