Check-in the first teddy bear museum in Vietnam

KIEN GIANG – Located in Phu Quoc United Center, the first teddy bear museum in Vietnam, belongs to the top 5 largest Teddy Bear Museum in the world with 500 models.

What is Phu Quoc Bear Museum?

Phu Quoc Bear Museum is the 8th museum in the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum chain of 400 teddy bears of all sizes. raw materials according to JS&F’s high standard.

The highlight at the Teddy Bear Museum Phu Quoc is the teddy bear house that tells the story throughout the 5 subdivisions. The scene here is inspired by the famous Indiana Jones movie. At Phu Quoc Teddy Bear Museum, Indiana Teddy Bear is personified into a famous explorer, taking visitors on an adventure to each land that explorers go through right away: South America, Ancient Egypt. Great, Atlantis …

Where is Phu Quoc bear museum located?

The Phu Quoc Bear Museum is located in the United Center Phu Quoc resort complex. The bear museum is invested uniformly by Vingroup in a complex of “sleepless city” as raising tourism to a new height. You experience all the attractions in a single place in Phu Quoc.

How to go to the Phu Quoc Teddy Bear Museum

We will no longer show how to go to Phu Quoc bear museum because we simply have too many guides to Phu Quoc United Center and VInwonders. You just need to go straight to Duong Dong – Cua Can – Ganh Dau route to North Island to see this massive play complex.

What does Phu Quoc bear museum have?

Phu Quoc teddy bear museum has an area of ​​1,500 m2. With such an area, the Teddy Bear Museum in Phu Quoc is in the top 5 of the world’s largest Bear Houses. Here you will be spoiled for viewing 500 unique versions of the famous Teddy bear character.
Phu Quoc Teddy Bear Museum is modeled after a unique Donut with a modern design and interwoven diamond structure, you will be warmly welcomed by a friendly 15m-high Teddy bear.

Entrance to the Phu Quoc Teddy Bear Museum

When coming to Phu Quoc Teddy Bear Museum,   visitors can see right in front of the museum is a giant bear 15 m high, leaning against a 4-story building. Inspired by the unique donut circle design, the museum is one of the outstanding architectural works in the heart of the “sleepless city” Phu Quoc United Center and Grand World Phu Quoc .

Check in inside the Phu Quoc bear museum

The main space of the museum is located on the 2nd floor with special exhibitions, exhibitions, and interactions. Right from the entrance, I was impressed with the shape of bear archaeologist Teddy Jones – the main character in the adventure of amazing lands in the world that I am about to join.

Map of exploring the world of the teddy bear

The main space of the Phu Quoc bear museum is located on the second floor with special exhibitions, exhibitions, and interactions. Right from the entrance, visitors will see the bear archaeologist Teddy Jones – the main character in the adventure of amazing lands in the world. visit and the location of the artifacts he found.

It also displays antiques that archaeologist Teddy Jones collected from distant lands or mysterious civilizations around the world. There are 12 models here, especially the Teddamerica sculpture, which was salvaged from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean – one of the largest antiques on display here.

Ancient teddy bears

At the Phu Quoc Bear Museum, there is a gallery displaying the oldest teddy bears in the world. All 15 teddy bears are displayed here. Of these, the bear with the longest “lifespan” was produced in 1910. These teddy bears produced in 1920, classified as “very rare”, have a size of about 46 cm. Although manufactured a hundred years ago, many teddy bears still have their fur and clothes intact.

World imprints with a teddy bear

This is the most special space in the museum – which recreates the archaeologist’s adventure through 14 diorama, from attending the parade of the South American Maya tribe, exploring the painting. mysterious Moai statue in Chile, exploring the seabed of Atlantis to excavate the tomb of Tan Thuy Hoang, parachuting into the imperial capital of Hue … Each model is programmed to move and play different music. This helps the tour become more lively and interesting. I use my phone to take pictures of my favorite models.


Next is the symbol “Goddess of freedom” found by Teddy Jones while exploring the mangrove forests in Vietnam. This work is an interesting combination when adapted from an iconic project of the same name in the US with the magnificent beauty of Vietnamese nature. If you notice, you will see around the base of the statue are the roots of mangroves – a common plant species in mangrove forests.

Egyptian guards

This is a guard in the Egyptian sanctuary. I was quite surprised because even though it was a teddy bear model, from the costume to the setting, it was faithfully constructed in every detail. The tail of the eyelids is lined with a cat’s eye style, which accurately represents the typical ancient culture of this country.

The image of the teddy bear follows the cultures of many countries around the world

Based on the culture of each country, the Teddy Bear Museum will blow indigenous souls into the models, creating unique, cultural journeys of that country. At the Teddy Bear Museum Phu Quoc  at the United Center, this is evident through the charming Ao Dai and the uniforms of Vietnamese players.

There is also a small display corner introduced as Oc Eo relic found by archaeologist Teddy Jones in Vietnam. The statue is over 2 meters tall with 4 faces showing different expressions.

In addition, the Vietnamese hallmark exhibition is the visit of Teddy Jones in Ha Long Bay. Walking along the small corridor, I was very excited to see the image of the Vietnamese player holding the AFF Cup 2018 championship in the “Teddy Bear” version. The expression of joy, the image of the golden trophy rising high, made the proud memories of that year’s victory rushed back.

Design your own teddy bear according to your preferences

After visiting the exhibition and exhibition area, visitors will come to the live sketch experience area with a drawing machine table where people are allowed to design bears according to their preferences. Once completed, the drawing appears on the screen. Thanks to modern technology, the bears will dance and walk around alive. This experience attracts the attention of many young people.

Restaurants at the teddy bear museum 

After visiting, you can stay at the coffee area on the 1st floor. The menu here features candy, cakes and whipped cream with eye-catching, ton-sur-ton decoration with the owner. the subject of the museum.

Next to it is a souvenir shop with many colorful teddy bears, bearing the characteristics of each land. Visitors coming here without “bouncing” about a child are really flawed.

Ticket price Phu Quoc Bear Museum

Ticket price at Phu Quoc bear museum is 250,000 VND / person / time for adults, 150,000 VND / person / time for children (1-1.4 m high) and free for babies under 1 m tall. Quite a lot of parents and children lined up to buy tickets to visit the museum.

Opening hours of Phu Quoc Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum is open from 8:30 to 21:00 every day. Now, without having to go abroad, we can still visit Teddy Bear Musuem right in Phu Quoc. With the meticulous investment in every little detail in the first “bear house” in Vietnam, Phu Quoc United Center contributes to bringing the unique experiences that are only available abroad closer to the Vietnamese.

Pictures of Phu Quoc Bear Museum

What are you waiting for without taking a plane to Phu Quoc and checking in with the teddy bears at the Phu Quoc Teddy Bear Museum and enjoying lively moments at Phu Quoc United Center? And do not forget to contact Phu Quoc Xanh to buy cheap Phu Quoc Bear Museum tickets.