The ‘flower paradise’ blooms brightly on Ha Long Bay

Under the warm sunlight, hundreds of thousands of blooming flowers, covering the campus area of ​​FLC Ha Long (Quang Ninh), create colorful carpets.

FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 1FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 2
Walking among the colorful flower streets and admiring the magnificent space of Ha Long Bay from the height of 100 meters is an emotional experience for visitors to FLC Ha Long (Quang Ninh) on April 30 as well. this summer. With the theme “The color of flowers in the heart of wonders”, the campus area is decorated with hundreds of thousands of hydrangeas, infrared, celery, jade, five colors, begonia …
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 3FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 4
Under the skillful hands of artisans, many flower miniatures attract the attention of visitors such as the giant peacock, the national flag, the graceful heart flower gate or the piano … In it, ” Dance of Love ”is a scene of 3 giant peacocks 6 m high with a wide tail to 3 m wide, made up of about 20 species of flowers including red poinsettia, seaway, doe eye, calimero chrysanthemum, pearls, peony, green apricot tree, five-color confetti, chrysanthemum and crest flower … Each flower is meticulously arranged by the artist according to the color array to recreate the splendid dances of the birds.
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 5FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 6
A tourist from Hanoi checked-in with 3 peacocks on the afternoon of April 30 and was very surprised to see this brilliant scene. In addition, “The Palace of Love” has 6 heart-shaped flower gates, which are composed mainly of small rose, orange rose and chrysanthemum, calimero … The brilliant rose arches create a romantic space, so poetic next to the romantic sea and sky in Ha Long, attracting the attention of many tourists.
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 7FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh brother 8
Thousands of bright red and orange ostrich flowers stand out on the green leafy carpet of Thien Dieu Island, making visitors excited. From Thien Dieu Island, visitors can capture the magnificent and poetic scenery of Ha Long Bay in sight, with limestone islands looming in the distance on the vast ocean waves.
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh brother 9FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 10
By the infinity pool and fountain of the FLC Grand Hotel Halong, a hydrangea garden of colorful flowers blooms brilliantly, creating a sparkling, poetic scene that attracts visitors to check-in. A piano with prominent white keys is placed on the veranda of the hotel, inspiring the sweet melodies in the romantic resort space of the complex. This piano is made up of thousands of white deer-eyed trees, red moss, white moss, sun daisies, pearls, pearl chains and velvet moss …
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 11
Many families take pictures of check-in amidst the carpet of flowers, behind is the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay. The flower festival “Flowers in the heart of wonders” continues this summer to create more attractive landscapes when coming to FLC Ha Long.
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 12
Also on Van Nghe hill, right next to the flower festival, hundreds of visitors enjoy checking-in with a unique bronze gargoyle sculpture called “Ha Long Prosperity” (Lucky Bull). Previously, this gaur welcomed thousands of visitors, although it was not officially launched.
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 13
With a height of more than 3 m, length of 6-7 m, and weight of 12 tons, this is considered a sculpture of large gaur in Vietnam today. With a lovely smile with a steady forward posture, the gaur “Ha Long Prosperity” sends the message of luck, friendliness and joy, as a tourism ambassador welcoming visitors. to Ha Long.
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 14
“There is no carnaval and fireworks like every year, but the family still has a lot of fun. Avoiding crowded spots, we choose many private activities in small groups such as golf by the bay, walking among flower gardens, yachting and enjoying Ha Long specialties or watching the sunset from the swimming pool. infinity campus population. In general, this year in Ha Long there is no crowded situation, especially the epidemic prevention is fully implemented from public areas to the resort, making us feel more secure ”, Ms. Thu Thuy – a Tourists staying at FLC Ha Long – share.
FLC Ha Long, Quang Ninh anh 15
According to the population representative, to ensure a safe vacation for tourists, epidemic prevention measures are strictly implemented according to the 5K rule of the Ministry of Health: Spacing, temperature measurement, medical declaration , wearing a mask and not crowded, arranging hand sanitizer, cleaning regularly in common areas … In particular, the scale of hundreds of hectares on the high hill area is an advantage so that the population can layout dining space, spacious entertainment for visitors, to meet the requirements of distance. In the first day of the holiday alone, Ha Long welcomes about 75,000 visitors. The number is not as high as initially expected at about 120,000, but Quang Ninh said epidemic prevention is still being tightened with many synchronous measures to ensure safety for visitors.

Young people take photos of yearbook on Ha Long beach

The holiday lasts up to 4 days and with nice weather, many groups of students come together to Bai Chay Tourist Area in Ha Long City to relax and take advantage of posing to take photos of the yearbook.

Chup me to love you 1
On the afternoon of April 30, Bai Chay Tourist Area, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh welcomed thousands of visitors to the beach and go out on holidays.
Chup I love you 2
Many groups of students from localities such as Hai Phong, Hanoi, Hai Duong … come here to relax and take advantage of taking photos of the yearbook.
Chup you love me 3
On a nearly 3 km long beach, a group of students created yearbook-style photos of a dragon snake game in the clouds.
Chup me to love you 4
Another group chose to capture the yearbook in the “virtual live check-in” style.
Chup I love you 5
This young person uses a smartphone to take pictures of the chill in the afternoon sun covered with gold and sandy beaches to post on social networks.
Chup I love you 6
Others turn the beach into a catwalk, letting photographers relax.
Chup I love you 7
NHP (from Hanoi) said that after consulting the locations the whole class decided to choose Ha Long beach (Quang Ninh) to take photos of the yearbook. “The scenery here is very beautiful, after this trip, if I have a certain opportunity I will invite the whole family to Ha Long to visit”.
Chup I love you 8
In addition to taking photos and swimming, many young people choose to fly by parachuting to explore the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from above. “I find the scenery of Ha Long very beautiful, today the sky is clear and the sun is light, so the landscape is very clear,” said a visitor from Hanoi.
Chup I love you 9
On holidays and weekends, many companies choose the beach in Ha Long to organize team building activities for their employees.
Chup I love you 10
Everyone join in game activities on the beach to dispel fatigue after long working days. Follow zingnews