Thien Canh Son Cave – a natural masterpiece in Ha Long

Thien Canh Son is a rather unspoiled cave located on Bai Tu Long Bay in Cong Do Nature Reserve. The cave is famous for its unique natural beauty and lyrical landscape, attracting thousands of visitors to the Bai Tu Long Bay area.

Inside the cave, visitors will be impressed by the magical beauty of stalagmites and stalactites with unique shapes formed millions of years ago. Although the area is smaller than Sung Sot cave, Thien Canh Son cave still possesses an irresistible beauty, and the cave does not have too many tourists, helping visitors come here to have the most complete experience. It’s like stepping into a fantasy world where tourists can immerse themselves in their own imaginations of rock flowers, baby elephants, or adorable dwarfs.

Outside the cave, visitors can admire the romantic natural scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay, enjoy the fresh and cool air of the bay. Besides, spending time relaxing at the beautiful white sand beach at the foot of the mountain will be a great experience before continuing to the next excursions.

Where is Thien Canh Son Cave?

Where is Thien Canh Son Cave? Also known as Hang Co in the Cong Do island reserve, located on Bai Tu Long Bay . Cong Do Island is considered one of the most unspoiled islands with an area of ​​23,363 km2 and located about 25km from Bai Chay ship port. The people here also call this cave with a dear name that is Hang Co. With its pristine natural beauty, this tourist destination is considered by many as a fairy-tale paradise on earth or a precious pearl of the ocean.
Thien Canh Son Cave - whereThien Canh Son cave is also known as Co cave

About the most beautiful time to travel to Co Cave? You can visit at any time of the year. However, the best time to appreciate is spring and autumn (from April to October). At that time, the weather was quite cool, suitable for traveling to spring.

Instructions on how to move to Thien Canh Son cave

To move to Thien Canh Son Ha Long, first of all, you need to take a plane, bus or motorbike to Ha Long . Then, refer to the following moves: 

– One is, choose tourist route number 4 to get to Thien Canh Son. 

Second, buy yacht overnight on the bay: This is an experience that many tourists choose. Currently there are many yachts selling tours on Ha Long Bay overnight on the bay. The advantage of this service is that it helps visitors to have more new experiences of watching the bay at night but have more opportunities to explore many attractive tourist attractions, including Thien Canh Son cave .

Third, buying tours from travel agencies: Buying tours from travel agencies, you will not have to prepare tickets and travel procedures. Travel agencies will take care of you from A to Z. They also have a team of guides dedicated to serving tourists. 
Thien Canh Son Cave - moveBuy a tour to explore Thien Canh Son cave

Admire the beauty of Thien Canh Son cave

The road to Co cave lasts about 400 steps and is made from stone steps. This cave is located right under the lush green forest foliage all year round, the air is extremely pleasant, making you feel like this is really a fairytale place.
Thien Canh Son Cave - admire the beautiful sceneryOutside Thien Canh Son cave

The entrance of the cave is quite small, but when you step through the cave, you will be amazed at the magnificent and mysterious beauty of this cave. The first bright spot was that there were tens of thousands of thousands of glowing stalactites. Above the ceiling of the cave is a multitude of lingering spirit stalactites, making you think of this as the dome of a medieval theater with countless stalactites hanging lamps with thousands of years old.
Thien Canh Son Cave - unique beautyAdmire the beauty of Thien Canh Son cave

The special feature of Thien Canh Son cave compared to other caves is that this stalactite has undergone a very long time of formation up to thousands of years. Over time these stalactites naturally created many beautiful images such as flowers, monkeys, seals, lanterns, lotus flowers. This is really a place for those who love the beauty of nature for those with a rich imagination.
Thien Canh Son Cave - beautiful rock formationsStalactites and stalactites in Thien Canh Son cave

Thien Canh Son Cave includes all 3 caves with each cave having stalagmites and many stalactites. To explore this cave, visitors will take time from 35 to 45 minutes. Right at the bottom of the cave is a long, smooth white sand beach, after exploring the cave, visitors can come here to participate in other activities such as kayaking, swimming or virtual living check-in. This is really an interesting experience in the journey to discover Thien Canh Son cave. In addition, at the highest position of the cave you will have the opportunity to admire the vast panoramic view of Bai Tu Long Bay. Everything will collapse in your eyesight will be rocky islands, sad wings in the distance, ships and blue sea, blue and white sand right at your feet.
Thien Canh Son Cave - beautiful landscapeBeautiful scenery of Thien Canh Son cave

Finally like many other caves when you come here you will hear a lot of related legends. Will definitely give you a lot more interesting information around the unique beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay.
Thien Canh Son Cave - famous place in Ha LongBeautiful stalactites

Some notes to know when visiting Thien Canh Son cave

Here are important notes you should understand when exploring Thien Canh Son cave in Ha Long : 

– Do not bring a lot of things, choose comfortable clothes easily.

Sports shoes are the preferred choice when visiting Thien Canh Son cave.

– You should buy yourself a light. In some parts of the cave it will be dark, so carrying a light is essential and helpful when moving into a dark location.

– Wear a helmet to ensure safety when visiting. 

– Bring water and some light foods as needed in case you are hungry.

Thus, with the above information, people have understood more about Thien Canh Son cave. Surely, Thien Canh Son Cave tourist destination will give visitors many memorable experiences in their journey to explore here.

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