Back to Phu Tho, remember to visit Bach Hac tourist area – Ben Got

Possessing a charming river scene with many historical sites associated with the Hung Kings, Bach Hac – Ben Got tourist area will be an ideal stopover for visitors to better understand the land of Phu Tho.

Visiting Bach Hac – Ben Got tourist area, tourists can not only enjoy the charming and poetic picture of the river; Besides, you will learn more about the historical and cultural relics associated with the story of the time when King Hung built the Van Lang country. At the same time, this place also has the strength to develop many types of tourism such as entertainment, relaxation, sports activities…Back to Phu Tho, remember to visit Bach Hac tourist area - Got WharfThe river is immense, the boats are busy

A brief look at Bach Hac – Ben Got . tourist area

Location: Located at Hac junction in 2 wards Bach Hac & Ben Got – City. Viet Tri – Phu Tho Province

Bach Hac – Ben Got tourist area is located at Ba Bach Hac junction of two directions, Bach Hac & Got Wharf. Possessing an area of ​​up to 100ha, Bach Hac – Ben Got is divided into 2 parts at the North and South banks of Lo River. The northern part will mainly belong to Ben Got ward, the south part will belong to Bach Hac ward.

In this land, there are always mysterious and thrilling stories, plus many special traditional festivals such as: festival of pounding banh day, festival of swimming… as a witness to highlight traditional cultural activities. of our nation associated with the wet rice civilization and the Red River civilization.

Today, Bach Hac – Ben Got belongs to the old Tam Doi palace and there are many historical and cultural relics, legends or stories about the process of building and defending the country of our ancestors such as: “Hoa Long Thien Tu” in the past. At Thong river wharf, next to the pagoda, there is a rock on the riverside and on the face, there is still a heel mark.

Typical features of Bach Hac area – Got wharf

Bach Hac – Ben Got tourist area has the outstanding features of the Northern midland region and has a harmonious connection between hills, flowers, and rivers. That has painted this place as a beautiful and poetic natural picture with charming rivers. Visitors coming here will wash away all fatigue, worry about finding peace, lightness and hopelessness.

Hac junction confluence by Da river, Thao river, Lo river, so it has created clear and opaque flow. The river water here is vast, as deep as the sea. Far to the left is Tam Dao, to the right is Ba Vi, the two sides of the river are the appearance of lush green villages, fields and gardens, the boat docks on the river are always bustling with bustling scenes… That’s it. The idyllic, peaceful and bustling life contributes to adorning a part of the poetic life at the wharf.Typical features of Bach Hac area - Got wharfBoats are crowded with people coming in and out

Legend of Bach Hac area – Ben Got

Speaking of Bach Hac – Ben Got tourist area, this destination is associated with a thrilling and mysterious legend. Legend has it that, this is the place where Lac Long Quan set up the altar to sacrifice to heaven and was brought down from the sky by his fairy, and sat on a rock to name and clearly define brothers for 100 children born by mother Au Co. out.

After that, this place has developed strongly with the bustling and bustling trading business. Therefore, on the wharf under the boat, it is called Got Wharf. Bach Hac communal house is called Viet Tri village communal house – the place to worship the Hung kings; Lang Dai temple worships 2 boys Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh; Ha Than Temple worships the Song god who helped King Tran Minh Tong to drive out Man Da Giang and calm the country. Bach Hac Temple – the place of worshiping the earth order, whose name is Tran Lan and my brother’s name is Thach Khanh, whose main name is Tran Bao has the magic to cure all diseases for people. He was then transformed into Tam Thanh Quan by the Bach Hac River and was made a god at the confluence of the Hac River…Legend of Bach Hac - Ben Got - tourist areaLegend of Bach Hac area – Gotến

Attractions of Bach Hac – Ben Got . tourist area

Dreamy nature

Bearing the characteristics of the Northern midland region, Bach Hac – Ben Got tourist area possesses undulating terrain that coincides with soft and elegant curves. The North has a position like a peninsula facing the Southeast, which paints a picture of the image of a wharf, a river. Moreover, this place is surrounded by majestic mountains, lush trees, poetic rivers…contributing to a wonderful natural picture.Bach Hac tourist area - Green Got BenBeautiful natural scenery

Space for entertainment and entertainment

Surrounded by majestic mountains and charming rivers below, Bach Hac – Ben Got is a complex for all types of services such as entertainment, visiting garden houses, picnics, camping. , fishing, motels, pavilion… All these types are organized to form the main road for visitors to easily go from the main gate to the memorial floor; at the same time will look forward to the riverside scene; The end is Bach Hac floor.

White Crane Pavilion

The most prominent of Bach Hac – Ben Got tourist area is Bach Hac Lau. The floor is built in the direction of reaching high, both symbolizing the altar of heaven and where visitors can enjoy the distant scenery. Downstairs you will see a memorial stele of 100 children of Lac Long Quan – Au Co. It is also a historical relic so that each visitor visiting this place has the opportunity to better understand the origin and origin of the family of ethnic groups in Vietnam.Bach Hac tourist area - Got Wharf - Bach Hac floorWhite Crane Pavilion

Next to Bach Hac Lau, there is a stone that keeps the footprints as well as the shape of his fairy when he descends to earth and demarcates the second person. This is also the starting point for the flourishing, love, solidarity, and care among the Vietnamese peoples. The southern part is mainly devoted to historical sites and traditional water sports. The rest is for small lodges in the form of ecological gardens, rural gardens. This is also an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy the peaceful natural scenery.

As one of the most favorite landscapes in Viet Tri, Phu ThoBach Hac – Ben Got tourist area will bring many interesting experiences for every Vietnamese child to rediscover a part of the beautiful memory of the Hung Kings in the past. water construction and water retention. At the same time, you will also admire the charming and poetic natural picture that this place brings.

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