Weekend trekking Langbiang, cold bathing at 5 degrees C 5

LAM DONG – Visitors will trek 7 km of forest road, bathe under cool waterfalls, camp in the middle of Langbiang mountain, and enjoy grilled meat marinated with forest spices.

25 km from the center of Da Lat to the top of Langbiang is Tam Tham waterfall. This place is also called An waterfall, because it is well hidden in the deep forest and people rarely approach it. However, the terrain here is suitable for tourists who love to experience near nature, camping or simply immersed in the cold water of 5 degrees Celsius. If you want to experience a completely new Da Lat, do not miss this 24 hour exploration.

At 8am, the car took the group from the center of Da Lat to Lac Duong town, then transferred to a jeep through the forest roads and streams to reach the trekking point. At 10am, before departure, everyone is equipped with climbing sticks and ionized drinks.

The trekking route to reach Tam Tham waterfall is located behind Langbiang peak, 7 km long with hills, mountains and streams. The road to Tam Tham waterfall is not difficult, so it is very suitable for those who are new to trekking. The path between the pine forest is not too dense with trees, the most difficult thing is probably crossing the stream on monkey bridges made of planks or simply a tree trunk. During the rainy season, the tree trunks become slippery so be very careful.

This area is mainly coniferous forest, typical of Da Lat, and a little tropical forest along the stream. In the rainy season, the amount of water flowing to the waterfall will be larger, the water will be colder, and the vegetation cover will be thicker. There is a saying “golden flies, silver mosquitoes, diamond graters”, enough to see the proliferation of various insects when it is wet. Mushrooms are also more abundant around June-August. At the beginning of the dry season, local people will burn the vegetation under control once a year, so along the way you will see some patches of dry forest.

On the way to move along the forest, you can see the K’Ho ethnic people going into the forest to herd cattle, farm, or fish in streams. In addition, the people here are responsible for controlling and protecting the forest, the forest is divided among households to look after, under the supervision of the forest management unit. They are very hospitable and happy to see groups of tourists visit.

On the uphill road going through the coniferous pine forests, you will hear the sound of the pines ringing like rain. When going downhill, you will see small streams flowing from the cool source of Tam Tham waterfall and everyone takes advantage of washing their faces, hands or simply listening to the sound of the stream flowing while resting.

Trekking trip to discover Tam Tham waterfall. Video: Thanh Hang – Dala Travel

At 12 o’clock, the group approached Tam Tham waterfall. From the top of the waterfall, you can enjoy a panoramic view of a forest. Stopping at the waterfall, people can take souvenir photos, bathe in the waterfall, soak their feet until they are numb from the cold water.

The rainy season from about May to October, the amount of water poured into the waterfall is more, the temperature is also low from 6-5 degrees Celsius, and in the dry season from November to April, the water is cold about 7 degrees Celsius . in cold water brings many health benefits such as increasing blood circulation, strengthening the immune system.

Tam Tham Waterfall is 25 m high.  The area around the waterfall is quite humid, creating conditions for the squeegee to multiply, so you are easily bitten by the squeeze.  The trick of the local people to treat squeezing is to apply saliva on the bite to easily remove the squeegee.  Photo: Dala Travel
Tam Tham Waterfall is 25 m high. The area around the waterfall is quite humid, creating conditions for the squeegee to multiply, so you are easily bitten by the squeeze. The trick of the local people to treat squeezing is to apply saliva on the bite to easily remove the squeegee. Photo: Documentation

While you take pictures at the waterfall, a field lunch will be prepared by the guide. Around 14:00, lunch ends, everyone will return to the overnight camping site.

On the way back, visitors will hear the locals talk about forest trees, some of which can be used as spices, as well as edible vegetables. To serve the evening barbecue, the kitchen prepares some wild pepper, which the K’Ho people call tiu bre . This type of pepper has a strong aroma but not pungent, both seeds and leaves can be used to marinate or spice up dipping sauces.

At 15:00 to the camping site of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, you have more time to rest, take a bath, change clothes and then help the kitchen prepare for dinner. At 6pm, the whole group grilled meat, had dinner in the cold space of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. Next to the burning donkey kitchen, close stories will begin, all fatigue in the city will be put aside. Around 21:00, the group went to the tent to sleep so that the next day they would wake up early to welcome the dawn.

Camping site in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park.  Photo: Thanh Hang
Camping site in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park. Lang Biang trekking and bathing Tam Tham waterfall have just been exploited but already have a tour unit for 2.5 million VND. Photo: Thanh Hang

If you want to catch the first rays of the sun, enjoy the fresh, cold air that is rare in the city, you have to get up at 5:30. This time is also suitable for hunting clouds. Breakfast starts at 6:30, with tea and coffee. After that, the whole group cleaned up the tents and waited for the jeep to pick them up to Lac Duong town, ending the journey in the center of Da Lat at 8:30 a.m. Follow vnexpress