What is the best season to go to Ta Dung? Good experience to save now to keep up with the upcoming trip

Ta Dung is a wonderful landscape of Dak Nong that no matter how many times you go, you still have not stopped falling in love with the magical beauty of this place. So when to go to Ta Dung to be able to enjoy the most perfect beauty of this landscape? 

Dak Nong is gradually becoming a prominent destination on the tourist map of Vietnam thanks to the appearance of countless beautiful landscapes, the most prominent being Ta Dung which is likened to Ha Long of the South with wonderful scenery. In the midst of thousands of thousands, the intertwined green oases bring wonderful scenery that enchants people. As an extremely HOT destination of Dak Nong, the number of tourists looking to check in this place is very large, but not everyone knows which season to go to Ta Dung to enjoys the most “ripe” scenery of Dak Nong. this place. 

What is the best season to go to Ta Dung? Going to Ta Dung in any beautiful season is a concern of many tourists. Photo: Thu Le

What is the best season to go to Ta Dung? Experience for those who go for the first time

The weather of Dak Nong in general and Ta Dung in particular is a sub-equatorial monsoon tropical weather with two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Specifically, the rainy season in Ta Dung lasts from May to November and the dry season is from December to the end of April next year. 

When is the best season to go to Ta Dung and detailed weather?Ta Dung weather has two distinct seasons. Photo: @Khanhvannguyen25

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To know which  season to go to Ta Dung is the most beautiful not only based on the weather but also on the water itself because this place is a large water storage area of ​​a hydroelectric lake. Specifically, the most ideal season to come to Ta Dung is the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season, ie from about July to the end of December. At this time, there is not only ideal weather, little rain but also the scenery. of Ta Dung becomes the most perfect because this is the time when people accumulate water to prepare for the dry season.

When is the best season to go to Ta Dung and detailed weather?The best time to go to Ta Dung is the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season. Photo: @tranthanhbich

Coming to Ta Dung from July to December, visitors will enjoy the wonderful scenery, the lake water rises with clear green color, the trees on the small islands are full of life thanks to the rains. Traveling this season, you can take a boat to the back of the floating islands, to admire and fully explore the beauty of the unique ink painting in this great Central Highlands. 

When is the best season to go to Ta Dung?From July to December, the scenery of Ta Dung is enchanting. Photo: Nguyen Doan Thanh

In addition to the ideal time from July to December, at other times of the year you do not need to worry too much about which season to go to Ta Dung because each time this place has its own beauty. Accordingly, in the dry season, although the water level in the lake is not too abundant, the scenery is still very poetic, especially the weather is very favorable for you to enjoy and explore.

When is the best season to go to Ta Dung?In other seasons of the year, Ta Dung is still very beautiful. Photo:@nanadalla

At the beginning of the rainy season, when the rains are just beginning, Ta Dung Lake is still an ideal place for you to visit and check-in, the rain density in Ta Dung is not too thick at the beginning of the season, so you can still come here to admire. Beautiful scenery, combined with watching the “specialty” scenes of this place such as coffee flowers in February to March or wild sunflowers in November every year. 

Ta Dung tourist information – beautiful scenery of the Central Highlands 

Ta Dung is located in the nature reserve of the same name in the territory of Dak P’lao and Dak Som communes, Dak Glong district, Dak Nong province. This place is also known by another name, Dong Nai 3 hydroelectric lake because this is the main water storage place of the hydroelectric power plant with a total area of ​​up to 5000ha, the lake stretches to the territory of Bao Loc city. , Lam Dong Province. In Ta Dung, there are more than 40 large and small islands spread across the lake, looking from above this place has a scenery like Ha Long Bay with undulating islands creating a very beautiful scene. 

When is the best season to go to Ta Dung?Ta Dung is a great place to check-in with many young people. Photo:@ori_olivian

In addition to information about which season to go to Ta Dung , how to move to this place is also something many people are interested in. To get to Ta Dung, you can follow many roads, but if you want to move smoothly and can enjoy the scenery along the way, you should choose the bow from Ho Chi Minh City, follow Highway 20 to Di Linh and then turn to the country. Highway 28 to Ta Dung. Although the road is winding, there are many steep passes and bends, but in return, the scenery on the way is wonderful, the higher you go, the more beautiful it will be. From Gia Nghia town to Ta Dung, it will take you about 1.5h to 2h by motorbike with a distance of 45km.  

When is the best season to go to Ta Dung?You can choose different routes to Ta Dung. Photo:@huaan_99

Coming to Ta Dung, if you want to sightsee, camp or relax, you can choose homestays around the lake like Ta Dung Topview Homestay, to explore more deeply you can rent a boat to go deep into the lake to enjoy the scenery. 

What is the best season to go to Ta Dung by boat?You can rent a boat to go deep into the lake to enjoy the view. Photo:@miaoo

With the above experiences, you must have known which season to go to Ta Tung is the most beautiful and the basic information and this tourist destination. Ta Dung is very beautiful and poetic, so if you come to Dak Nong, do not miss the opportunity to explore this attractive destination. 

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