Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve – an attractive destination for tourists when coming to Quang Tri

Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve attracts visitors with its fresh climate, rich flora and fauna, and beautiful landscape. If you are planning to visit this famous place in Quang Tri, you should not miss the useful information through the article below. 

Where is Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve in Quang Tri?

Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve is located in the northern area of ​​Huong Hoa district, where natural resources and diverse biological systems are preserved. The reserve plays an important role in protecting the watershed protection forest system, protecting the environment and regulating water sources. Besides, Bac Huong Hoa conservation area is also an attractive place for tourists to visit with beautiful natural scenery and diverse fauna. 
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - where?Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve

How to get to Bac Huong Hoa Conservation Area in Quang Tri?

Experience going to Quang Tri, to move to this place of interest first you need to take a bus or motorbike to Huong Hoa district. From the center of Huong Hoa district to this reserve about 69.5km, the fastest way is to follow the Ho Chi Minh West route about 1 hour 47 minutes. If you take a bus, you can hire a motorbike taxi or taxi from the central bus station of Huong Hoa district. As for traveling by motorbike, the best way is to look up the route according to google maps combined with asking people along the way.    
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - how to get thereHow to get to Bac Huong Hoa Conservation Area in Quang Tri?

Visiting Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve

Bac Huong Hoa Quang Tri Nature Reserve is located in the low mountains, south of the North Truong Son range. This place has a mountain range about 1000m high running along the Southeast – Northwest direction, along the border of Quang Tri and Quang Binh provinces. The climate in the reserve has an average annual temperature of about 24-25 degrees Celsius. Winters are quite cold, with high humidity and heavy rainfall. With such characteristics of topography and climate, it has brought about the unique nature of the nature reserve. 
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - beautiful sceneryVisiting Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve

What does Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve have? The total area of ​​the reserve is about 25,000 hectares of forest and land. Visiting Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve, guests will be immersed in the natural scenery here and learn about the animals. The ecosystem at Bac Huong Hoa conservation area is diverse with rare and precious species of flora and fauna such as: Agarwood, orchid, pineal, saola, white-crested pheasant, Ha Tinh langur, striped rabbit, large gill… 
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - natureConservation area for diverse bird species

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Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve in Quang Tri is currently a place to preserve about 920 species of higher plants belonging to 130 families and more than 500 genera. Of which, there are about 27 species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. Statistics show that in the Bac Huong Hoa nature reserve, there are 125 species of woody plants, 44 species of ornamental plants, 160 species of plants used as medicine and about 89 species used for food processing. Species composition at the reserve is typical with 42 species of mammals, belonging to 6 orders and 17 families. In addition, there are 171 bird families of 32 families and more than 30 species of reptiles and amphibians. 
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - sceneryNatural scenery in the reserve area
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - faunaDiversity of rare and precious animals are preserved
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - EcosystemMany precious birds and chickens in the reserve

Combine to explore famous destinations in Huong Hoa

Experience going to Bac Huong Hoa nature reserve , usually it only takes about a morning or a day to explore the beautiful scenery here. In addition, you can combine visiting attractive destinations in Huong Hoa district such as:

– Lao Bao border gate: A place that attracts tourists to visit and shop with all kinds of items imported from Thailand at super cheap prices. Besides, you can combine with visiting Savannakhet province of Laos.  
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - Lao Bao border gateVisiting Lao Bao border gate

– Lao Bao Prison: Considered a “living witness” of the crimes of the French colonialists in the early years of the twentieth century. Coming here, visitors will be able to witness first-hand scenes of brutal torture and cruelty, as well as listen to stories about prisoners being held.    

– Ta Puong Waterfall: The famous waterfall in Quang Tri is 35m high, possessing majestic natural scenery and a white waterfall flowing day and night. In addition, when visiting Ta Puong waterfall in Quang Tri,  you can also admire the beautiful colorful stalactites. 
Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve - Ta Puong waterfallTa Puong waterfall is beautiful

– Ta Con Airport: The place to witness the crimes of the US imperialists in the battle of Khe Sanh. Today, it still displays tanks and planes from the wartime. 

– O O Waterfall in Van Kieu village: Attracting tourists with its unspoiled natural scenery and fresh climate. O O waterfall is 40m high, divided into 3 sections when flowing from above. Visiting this place, you can move up to see the beautiful scenery and go deep into the village to learn about the life of the Van Kieu people. 

Notes when visiting Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve

Let’s “pocket” the necessary notes when visiting Bac Huong Hoa Quang Tri nature reserve for the upcoming trip below:

– The reserve has a very large area, so you should hire a guide or know the terrain here to avoid getting lost. 

– Bring sports shoes that are easy to move, because the process of visiting the reserve you need to walk quite a lot. 

– Should bring snacks and drinking water, because there is a lot of walking and no development services. 

– If you want to eat and rest after sightseeing, you can go to the center of Huong Hoa district. 

If you are looking for a place with beautiful scenery, diverse flora and fauna, and a fresh climate, then Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve is the ideal destination that you should not miss. 

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