Go to Tuyen Quang Na Hang Lake to admire the ravishing watercolor painting

Na Hang is a small district in Tuyen Quang, where there is Na Hang lake called with the beautiful name “Ha Long Bay in the middle of thousands”. In recent years, the magical beauty of Na Hang Lake has been awakened and become a unique tourist destination in Tuyen Quang

About Na Hang Lake 

Lake Na Hang is located in the North district, about 100km from Tuyen Quang city. The lake bed has a fairly large area formed from the construction of Na Hang hydroelectric power plant. With more than 8000ha of water surface and many poetic and majestic landscapes, Na Hang lake bed has become an outstanding tourist specialty in Tuyen Quang. About Na Hang Lake Ho Na HangBeautiful scenery at Na Hang Lake (Photo: dungessovi)

Discovering the magical beauty at Na Hang Tuyen Quang lake will immerse visitors in ecstatic emotions. Because each mountain and river here is beautiful and associated with ancient stories. About Na Hang Lake (Photo: paochou_280)

The poetic beauty of Na Hang Tuyen Quang lake 

Ho Na Hang Lam Binh has been favored by many beautiful words such as “Ha Long on land”, “wonderland”, “legendary land”,… Also, this place has become a topic. creative talents of artists from many different perspectives. And no matter how you look at it, Na Hang ecological lake also has a charming and poetic beauty. Traveling to Na Hang Lake Picture-like beauty at Na Hang Lake (Photo: thudollyyy)

In October, the season of changing leaves, the yellow leaves fall on the lake surface, making the space in Na Hang Lake bring a romantic beauty with a bit of sadness. From November to January next year, Na Hang lake bed becomes more attractive by each layer of hazy fog covering the way, white clouds swooping down to cover the mountain peaks. The beauty of Na Hang Lake Magical beauty in the middle of the lake 

For Na Hang Lake as “Ha Long Bay on land” is not too much because of a large, blue lake surrounded by overlapping mountains. Na Hang Lake is the convergence of two rivers, the Nang River and the Gam River. There are 99 undulating mountains around, very similar to Ha Long Bay. In particular, here is also home to many rare and precious animals, most notably the upturned langur named in the world’s red book. Scenery at Na Hang Lake This place is like a miniature Ha Long Bay on a giant scale

Perhaps the iconic beauty of Na Hang Tuyen Quang lake is “Coc Vai Pha” located upstream in the middle of the lake. This mountain is associated with the famous legend of the giant Tai Ao boy in the past of the great thousand. Highlights of Na Hang Lake Pile A Few Phrases

Interesting activities at Na Hang Tuyen Quang lake

Cruise around Na Hang Lake 

According to Tuyen Quang travel experience , there is nothing more wonderful than exploring the Na Hang lake bed by boat . Each high green mountain range, interesting legends and clear atmosphere blend together to bring a sense of peace and novelty. A towering Pac Ta mountain reflecting its shadow, a hazy and foggy Pac Ma rocky beach, a charming Fairy Mountain,… all of them seem like they are in a dreamland. There are also waterfalls in the distance that make us love this land more. Boat ride at Na Hang Lake There is a discovery boat service here

Sitting on a small boat, gliding gently on the blue lake, enjoying the poetic scenery and discovering the highlights of the lake, the feeling at that time was great. The first place not to be missed is Pac Ta mountain, at the top of which are very sacred Pac Vang and Pac Ta temples, visited by many pilgrims to worship and pray. Services at Na Hang Lake (Photo: mai.ng)

Explore the primeval forest 

In the process of enjoying around the lake, you can take a walk in the primeval forests to see very large trees. The sound of hot birds, the sound of waterfalls, the gentle sunshine through the leaves, … are all wonderful aftertaste in the journey to discover Na Hang Lake . 

Learn about the local culture 

Around Na Hang lake is the living and cultural activities of many ethnic groups such as: Tay, Dao, Mong,… Each ethnic group has its own distinct cultural customs. Coming here, visitors will be attracted by the village’s traditional singing, coi singing, and sweet love songs. Listening to the sound of leaf trumpets, trumpets, … or seeing the brilliant national costumes. Interesting activities at Na Hang Lake The cultural identity here is quite unique

Away from the busy streets to Na Hang Lake , immerse yourself in the vast landscape of heaven and earth, mountains and forests, enjoy peaceful feelings with all senses, perhaps all worries will be resolved by themselves. 

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