Lang Son tourism visit the famous sacred Bac Nga pagoda

Lang Son is famous for its sacred temple system, Bac Nga pagoda is one of them. If you ever have the opportunity to come to Lang, don’t forget to visit this sacred Bac Nga temple to pray for peace, visit and sightsee.

Where is Bac Nga Pagoda in Lang Son?

Bac Nga Pagoda (also known as Tien Nga Tu), has an address in Bac Nga village, Gia Cat commune, Cao Loc district, a spiritual destination attracting tourists in Lang Son. This temple is associated with folk legends, with a beautiful scene like the fairy scene of Bac Nga pagoda, where fairies often come to bathe, pick flowers and catch butterflies. Later, people in the area contributed money to build a temple to worship the fairy with the hope that the fairies would bless the villagers and have a happy life. 
Bac Nga Temple Lang Son - where?Bac Nga Pagoda (also known as Tien Nga Tu)

How to get to Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda? 

Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda is about 11km from Lang Son city center in the direction of National Highway 4B. Experience going to Lang Son , to get to this temple you first need to move to Lang Son city center according to the instructions below: 

– Bus: From Hanoi you can take a bus from Luong Yen, My Dinh or Gia Lam bus stations to Lang Son bus station. Ticket price is about 100,000 VND – 170,000 VND / depending on each seat class. 

– Train: You can also take the train to Lang Son, there is HDR1 or DT3 route to Lang Son station, the fare ranges from 68,000 VND to 100,000 VND/way. 

– Self-driving car: Go in the direction of Cau Can overhead -> Thanh Tri bridge -> turn QL1 and follow the road leading to Lang Son. Or you can follow Vinh Tuy bridge -> Nguyen Van Linh street -> QL1A through QL279n through QL1B to Lang Son. 

– Motorbike: To take the initiative to travel, you can go by motorbike in the direction: Chuong Duong Bridge -> Nguyen Van Cu -> Gia Lam underpass -> Highway 5 roundabout -> Nguyen Van Linh street -> turn left Thanh Tri bridge -> turn QL1 -> Hung Vuong street -> Dinh Tien Hoang street -> to Lang Son city. 

From Lang Son city center, you follow the direction of Highway 4B from Lang Son to Loc Binh, Dinh Lap, Quang Ninh to reach Bac Nga Pagoda. Distance 12km, travel time 15 minutes to arrive. 
Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda - how to get thereHow to get to Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda? 

Visit Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda 

What does Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda have ? This famous temple in Lang Son is impressive with its location on a wide hillside, the front facing the Ky Cung river and National Highway 4B and the back leaning against the mountain is extremely charming. In terms of architecture, Bac Nga Pagoda is simply designed with Buddha statues, small statues at the Tam Bao ban and merit steles. Although it does not have a grandiose design like other temples in Lang Son, Bac Nga Pagoda is very famous and sacred and has become a top tourist attraction in Lang. 
Bac Nga Lang Son pagoda - pagoda sceneVisit Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda 
Bac Nga Lang Son pagoda - temple sightseeingThe charming scenery of the countryside at Bac Nga Pagoda

Visiting Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda, visitors will be able to walk around the peaceful pagoda and burn incense to pray. Especially, if you have the opportunity to come to Lang after Tet, you will be able to attend the famous Bac Nga pagoda festival held on January 15. This is one of the traditional festivals attracting tourists from all over the world in the Cao Loc district. Participating in the Bac Nga pagoda festival, visitors will be able to participate in many attractive entertainment games and enjoy delicious specialties here. The festival is organized into two parts: the ceremony part and the festival part.
Bac Nga Temple Lang Son - festivalBac Nga Lang Son Pagoda Festival


– Ceremony part: People prepare all necessary items such as roast pig, chicken, sticky rice, and five-fruit tray to offer to the saint and pray for good health, fortune and luck to the entire village. 

– Assembly: With many folk games and unique cultural activities organized to attract a large number of visitors. Among them are: Martial dance, lion dance, Si singing, bao dancing, tong con, Then singing, Lon singing… Especially, when participating in the festival, visitors will witness scenes of people in costumes. colorful Nung, Dao and Tay ethnic minorities. 
Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda - activities at the festivalBac Nga Pagoda Festival attracts a large number of tourists

The most attractive part of the Bac Nga Lang Son pagoda festival is the food. Visitors will enjoy a lot of delicious dishes with special Lang Son specialties such as roasted pork, cakes, yeast wine, fruit seeds…  
Bac Nga Temple Lang Son - food courtThe scene of buying and selling at the festival
Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda - the scene of buying and selling at the festivalLots of interesting culinary activities at Bac Nga Pagoda Festival lễ

Notes when going to Bac Nga Lang Son pagoda 

Here are some useful information you can refer to when visiting Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda : 

– Should dress politely, neatly and without revealing when visiting the temple. 

– Avoid talking loudly, laughing and picking branches and climbing trees in the temple premises.

– There may be an incense offering ceremony at the temple gate area with many restaurants serving. 

– When participating in a crowded festival, so you should pay attention to protect personal property carefully. 

– Do not forget to bring all vehicle documents when traveling by personal vehicle. 

– If you have time, you can combine visiting other famous temples in Lang Son such as: Mother Dong Dang Temple, Bac Le Temple, Ky Cung Temple, Tien Pagoda, Tam Thanh Pagoda… 

– Enjoy special dishes of Cao Loc such as: Roasted duck with magnolia leaves, sour pho, banh coong phu… 

Bac Nga Lang Son Pagoda is a sacred and famous destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit Lang. This promises to be an ideal destination for sightseeing and good luck that you can go at any time to Lang Son. 

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