Make a list of places to visit Giao Thuy on the weekend

Country Museum, Quat Lam Beach, Xuan Thuy National Park… are some familiar places to visit in Giao Thuy and Nam Dinh that are visited by many delegations on weekends or Tet holidays.

Each countryside, each place has its own beauty to invite visitors to visit. And so is Nam Dinh. Instead of majestic mountains, the same message appears, Thanh Nam attracts visitors by its unique church architecture, ancient temple buildings, rich culture, and cuisine or beautiful pristine beaches. shy.

And on the journey to discover Thanh Nam, let’s experience and discover the place to visit Giao Thuy – a place full of pristine and diverse beauty of a peaceful and peaceful countryside of the Northern homeland. The set.Make a list of places to visit Giao Thuy on the weekendPopular attractions in Giaoshui

TOP 6 places to visit in Giao Thuy you should definitely visit

1. Con Lu – Ngon Ngan

For those who love mangrove eco-tours, of course, Con Lu – Con Ngan is an ecological area that you should visit when you return to Giao Thuy. Coming here, you will be overwhelmed by the immense natural scenery, green and beautiful. In particular, you will be surprised when this place converges many rare and unique birds from the North to migrate here. That has made the picture of Con Lu – Con Ngan eco-zone become more vivid and attractive than ever. Once you arrive, you won’t want to leave.Places to visit Giao Thuy - Con Lu - Con NganCon Lu – Con Ngan

2. Xuan Thuy National Park

Xuan Thuy National Park is also a familiar place to visit Giao Thuy for many people when they set foot in Nam Dinh. About 150km from Hanoi in the southeast direction, Xuan Thuy National Park is often visited by many delegations on weekends.

The national park owns 7,100ha spread across Con Lu – Con Ngan – Con Xanh. And those who love nature, heaven and earth want to explore and learn about the panorama of migratory birds, this is a great destination for you.

Every October, November until March – April next year, the national park gathers tens of thousands of birds from far away to come here to avoid the cold. From spoonbills, gulls to spoonbills, pelicans, spoonbills… are all rare and precious birds listed in the international red book. However, Xuan Thuy National Park is likened to an international “station” of birds – a place to stop for food and accumulate energy for a long migration process.Places to visit Giao Thuy - Xuan Thuy National ParkXuan Thuy National Park

3. Country Museum

The Country Museum is also a destination to visit Giao Thuy that many local delegations and tourists come here to learn about it. This is a cultural project founded by teacher Ngo Thi Khieu herself. Coming to the country museum, visitors will admire the whole picture of the countryside of the ancient Northern countryside, clearly reproduced through images: landlords, middle farmers, or rudimentary tools such as: vases, copper trays, rice mills, antique tables and chairs… From there, you will understand more about the idyllic life of the people in the Northern Delta region in the past and present.Places to visit Giao Thuy - country museumCountry Museum (Photo: @FB Tuyet Tuyet)

4. Quat Lam Beach

For those who love the sea and want to immerse themselves in the cool water, surely you can not ignore the destination is Quat Lam – Giao Thuy beach. As a famous place to visit Giao Thuy , every year in the summer, the number of tourists from neighboring provinces flocking here is increasingly crowded and bustling. On weekends or short-term holidays, many delegations come back here to enjoy the peace and freshness on the beach.

The sea water here is very cool, the sand is very smooth, so you can swim comfortably. However, the waves here are also quite strong and if you want to play and have fun, you should equip a life jacket to swim safely.

And now that you’re here, let’s catch the sunrise or sunset on the beach. At this time, the sunset brings with it golden streaks of light, reflected in the sea, making the scene here become incredibly beautiful. At this point, just pick up the camera and take crazy pictures, you will own many beautiful pictures that are as beautiful as Nha Trang beach.Places to visit Giao Thuy - Quat Lam beachQuat Lam Beach

5. Bach Long salt field

And of course, there is a quite familiar destination in Giao Thuy that always attracts photographers to come here to take pictures, which is the Bach Long salt field. As one of the most beautiful salt fields in the North, Bach Long salt field shows up with a rustic beauty associated with the saltwater life here.

Coming here, you will not only understand the salt making process and how to collect pure white salt grains, but you will understand better the life of the salt-carrying people. They worked extremely hard and diligently. Although it was so hard, but at the end of the day, when he collected the salt carts full of friends, his black face soaked with sweat still had a bright smile. And to own beautiful pictures on the salt field, it is best to go in the early morning or late afternoon.Place to visit Giao Thuy - Bach Long salt fieldBach Long salt field

6. Ba Lat estuary

And finally, it is impossible not to miss the Ba Lat estuary – one of the destinations to visit Giao Thuy that many tourists find. Ba Lat estuary is in the North – where the Red River flows into the Gulf of Tonkin between Giao Thuy district on the south right bank and Tien Hai – Thai Binh on the north left bank. Ba Lat estuary is also the place where the Red River flows into the East Sea associated with mysterious stories that make everyone curious.

Coming here, you will admire the immense picture of the river and experience the idyllic and peaceful life of local residents living by the gate of Ba Lat.Place to visit Giao Thuy - Ba Lat estuaryBa Lat sea gate

The places to visit Giao Thuy are not as beautiful as many other regions. However, it is the idyllic, rustic, and genuine simplicity that is the advantage that knocks visitors back to this land. So what are you waiting for, book your appointment now! Surely, this will be a great trip for you to understand more about the cute life of the coastal people!

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