Come to Bai Tu Long National Park to learn the unique ecosystem

Bai Tu Long National Park is known as a national biosphere reserve with the most unique ecosystem in Southeast Asia. If you have the opportunity to visit Van Don, Quang Ninh, once come to this famous place to admire the beautiful scenery from nature. 

Where is Bai Tu Long National Park?

First, where is the location of Bai Tu Long National Park ? Bai Tu Long Garden is located in the complex of Bai Tu Long Bay in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province . This tourist destination is located about 200km east of Hanoi’s capital. This national park includes a marine ecosystem with an area of ​​​​sea surface accounting for over two-thirds of the national park area. This is also the place to store many rare and precious flora and fauna genes included in the Red Book.
Bai Tu Long National Park - where is it located?Bai Tu Long Garden is located in the complex of Bai Tu Long Bay

How to get to Bai Tu Long National Park?

How to get there: To get to the famous sights of Bai Tu Long National Park, you can choose to travel by private car, motorbike, passenger car or plane.

The distance from Hanoi to Van Don is about 220km if traveling by car, it takes about 4 to 5 hours. The route from Hanoi – Van Don or Hanoi – Cua Ong then moves by taxi to Van Don .

Or for convenient transportation, you can choose quality bus companies running the route from Hanoi to Van Don such as: Vietkite Travel, Ha Thanh Limousine, Hung Duc bus. Or if you want to be quick and convenient, you can move to Van Don by plane. Currently, airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, and Bamboo Airways are operating flights to Van Don.

Note that this place is about 7.5km from the center of Van Don. However, this national park is outside the island, so visitors need to travel by canoe to reach this attractive place.
Bai Tu Long National Park - how to get thereHow to get to Bai Tu Long National Park?

Admire the beautiful scenery of Bai Tu Long National Park

So what is there to visit Bai Tu Long National Park ? When coming to this place, visitors will feel amazed by the extremely wild and interesting beauty here with the long stretches of islands on both sides of the sea creek. Especially with the undulating tropical forests covering the mountainside. Here, there are mountains, heaven, and vast green trees along with hundreds of species of aquatic plants and animals. All this helps visitors feel strangely peaceful and love nature more.
Bai Tu Long National Park - visitAdmire the beautiful scenery of Bai Tu Long National Park

According to the current survey data, the national park in Bai Tu Long Bay has about 106 species of corals living and growing in tidal flats and lagoons, 132 species of vertebrates, 178 species of aquatic plants and 119 species of aquatic plants. species of fish and many kinds of Burmese hawks, Japanese hawks, black hawks, fire warblers, large conifers, Hainan flycatchers.
Bai Tu Long National Park - sightseeingUnique ecosystem in Bai Tu Long National Park

As for the geological structure of this national park, there are rocky islands interspersed with rocky islands such as: Tra Ngo Nho, Tra Ngo Lon, Ba Mun, Sau Dong, Lo Ho, Mang Ha Nam, Dong Ma, Hon Chinh. , Di To, Mang Ha Bac, Soi Nhu, Chay Chay have limestone ranges surrounded by vast valleys forming light valleys creating an ideal environment for many plants and animals living in the area. here.
Bai Tu Long National Park - beautiful sceneryDestinations that attract tourists when coming to Quang Ninh

The most special thing here is the Bat Cave located in Cai Lim on Tra Ngo Lon island. The topography of Hang Doi valley has no contact with sea water when sea water flows through rock holes or underground caves with fresh water on the side of the mountain, creating a diversity of flora and fauna. It is possible to name some living species such as frogs, frogs, snakes and many saltwater species such as shrimp, sam, and sam.
Bai Tu Long National Park - beautiful nature in Van DonThe majestic rocky cave system of Bai Tu Long National Park

Bat Cave is located at the end of the mangrove forest, this is the residence of many bats. In particular, there are golden-haired white-breasted monkeys living here and many other animals such as otters, civets and foxes. The national park at Bai Tu Long is not only a conservation area of ​​natural landscapes but also a place of cultural and historical preservation along with other archaeological sites such as Soi Nhu cave along with the discovery of The existence of the ancient Viet people about 14,000 years ago. 
Bai Tu Long National Park - faunaAnimals in Bai Tu Long National Park

Located in the population of Bai Tu Long National Park, Minh Chau Commune is home to a very fine white sand natural beach about 2km long. This place is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Tonkin . At the top of the beach will be a primeval brooch forest stretching with an area of ​​​​about 14 hectares, which is very suitable for the development of ecotourism. 
Bai Tu Long National Park - EcosystemExplore the undersea ecosystem of the national park

In addition to visiting and discovering many interesting things in the national park, don’t forget some experiences of going to Bai Tu Long National Park such as: You should prepare shoes for convenient movement, you can rent bicycles for rent. quite cheap but it will be very convenient to move here.

Above are some sharing about some fun experiences to explore Bai Tu Long National Park. Hopefully, it will help visitors have more information about this tourist destination and have a fun and meaningful discovery journey with many new experiences. 

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