Discover the most famous Cua Nhuong fishing village in Ha Tinh

Cua Nhuong Fishing Village is one of the extremely attractive tourist attractions in Ha Tinh. Due to its location near the sea, most people in the village are engaged in fishing. When coming here, visitors can not only enjoy the fresh sea fish dishes but also immerse themselves in the idyllic life of the fishing village people, discover interesting cultures. Join Vinlove to discover information about Cua Nhuong fishing village through the article below.

A brief introduction about Cua Nhuong fishing village in Ha Tinh

Cua Nhuong fishing village  , also known as Cua Nhuong fishing village, Cua Nhuong fishing port, is one of the four largest and busiest fishing ports in Ha Tinh. Therefore, this place converges a lot of traders, coming to import and distribute fresh seafood of the entire Cam Xuyen area in particular and Ha Tinh in general. Set foot in  the fishing village of Franchise Stores  in the early morning, you will see the boats crowded tandem, following the return trip or night fishing boats are catching small basket near bo.Nhung fishermen are classified seafood to wait for people to buy. Season of fresh seafood, mixed with the shouts, creates a bustling atmosphere like never before. Surely, visiting this fishing village, you will have an unforgettable experience.Explore Cua Nhuong fishing village in Ha TinhDiscover interesting things in Cua Nhuong fishing village

Time to visit Cua Nhuong fishing village in Ha Tinh

The typical activity of  Cua Nhuong fishing village  is fishing, which takes place all year round. So you can come here at any time of the year. However, according to Ha Tinh travel experience to have more interesting experiences, such as having fun swimming in the sea, summer will be the ideal time for you. What would be more wonderful, when in the morning immersing in the bustling atmosphere of the market of Cua Nhuong fishing village, then swimming, in the afternoon to the fishing village to watch the romantic sunset. Or you can also come here on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month, this is the time when the fishing village holds a fishing festival, so the market space is more noisy and attractive.Time to explore Cua Nhuong fishing villageSummer is the ideal time to visit Cua Nhuong fishing village

Address and how to go to Cua Nhuong fishing village Ha Tinh

Address of Cua Nhuong fishing village: Located in Cam Nhuong commune, Cam Xuyen, Ha Tinh.

Located about 20km from Ha Tinh city center is the beautiful Thien Cam beach. This place possesses a wild and romantic setting, which is a favorite stop for many people. Going along this coast (the breakwater road in Cua Nhuong commune) is about 3km to Con Gio market, where this is the busiest point of Cua Nhuong fishing village. Therefore, to get to this fishing village, you need to catch a car to Thien Cam beach first. After that, you can rent a motorbike for about 100 – 120k/person to explore the fishing village by yourself. Or you can also buy tours.

What’s interesting about Cua Nhuong fishing village in Ha Tinh?

Many people have said that traveling to Ha Tinh without going to Cua Nhuong fishing port is an extremely unfortunate omission. Because this place has too many attractive experiences for tourists to visit. Right from 4-5 am, the market has started to operate, the sounds of selling, inviting customers, making the market space seem to wake up, more bustling. Going deep into the market, you will see fishermen sorting seafood to wait for traders to pick up the goods. You can also go to these free stalls to choose for yourself fresh and delicious squid, octopus, shrimp, and crab at a very friendly price, but the quality is impeccable. This market closes quite early, 9-10 am will end, so if you want to have more time to visit the fishing village, consider coming here a little early. Interesting things in Cua Nhuong fishing villageLively, bustling space at the fish village market

Not only that, the fishing village is also a place to keep many interesting cultures. Visitors can come to learn about the life of the people living by the sea all year round and more especially you can experience a day as a fisherman. Walking around the sea, catching crabs, catching fish by yourself, is also very attractive.Experiences in Cua Nhuong fishing villageFishing activities in the fishing village

In the late afternoon, you can go to the fishing village to watch the sunset which is also very impressive. In the distance, fishing boats began to set sail again, the shining sun was reflecting on the sea surface, creating a romantic scene. You can find beautiful shooting angles to unleash virtual life, save memorable memories for your journey to  Cua Nhuong fishing village  .Interesting activities at Cua Nhuong fishing villageWatch the sunset at Cua Nhuong fishing village

What to eat when coming to Cua Nhuong fishing village in Ha Tinh?

Cua Nhuong fishing village  is famous for fishing. Therefore, coming here to enjoy fresh seafood such as: shrimp, squid, mussels, oysters, … is a great experience not to be missed. You can go to the market early in the morning, choose fresh ingredients and buy them back to the hotel for processing. Or you can ask the restaurants around the fish village to help you cook and eat there. In particular, if you have time and you want to enjoy seafood outdoors, it is also great to buy groceries and organize a BBQ party right at the beach. Discover attractive seafood dishes in Cua Nhuong fishing villageEnjoy fresh seafood at Cua Nhuong fishing village

Above is useful information about  Cua Nhuong fishing village from time to time, travel, play and eat. Hopefully, with the news that Vinlove shared above, you will have a happy, convenient and memorable travel journey.

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