Trekking and bathing at Giang Tien waterfall in Binh Dinh old forest

The jungle trekking trip, bathing at Giang Tien waterfall (An Lao district) will bring you to a wild and peaceful Binh Dinh.

At the end of hot May, Mr. Tran Van Be (1991) and a group of 5 friends had a trekking and waterfall bathing trip in an old forest in An Quang commune, An Lao mountainous district, more than 110 km from Quy Nhon city.

Mr. Be said: “Away from the scorching heat on hot summer days, we went back to mother nature to purify both body and spirit. This trip was to Giang Tien waterfall located in An Hau village. of the H’re in An Quang commune”.

If starting from Xuan Phong Nam market, An Hoa commune, you have to cross 15 km of the pass by motorbike and then stop at the foot of An Hau heaven gate, where heaven and earth intersect through the clouds. Sending the car here, everyone continues the journey with 3.5 km trekking through the terraced fields of the H’re people in the planting season. The walking distance is not long, you can also see the small, neat wooden houses lying poetically among the terraced fields. It is a place to rest and drink water during hard working days.

Giang Tien Waterfall when viewed from below.
“White silk strip” of Giang Tien waterfall when viewed from the foot of the waterfall. Currently, this waterfall is very few people know because it is located in the wild mountainous area and only local people know the way to move.

Small trails lying in the middle of the mountain, along the clear, cool stream brought the group to the majestic and beautiful Giang Tien waterfall.

The waterfall makes everyone surprised because of the estimated height of 40 m, stretching from the top of the mountain to the foot and winding soft curves like a white silk strip in the middle of the immense green of the jungle. Another special feature is that at the foot of the waterfall, there is an ancient wading tree standing alone among the giant rocks opposite the waterfall. Not only is a check-in point for people who like to take photos, the ancient wading tree is also built by the H’re people with a swing made of strong forest ropes to rest their feet.

After hours of being immersed in the cool water, playing and bathing in the waterfall, Be’s group decided to stay and set up camp and cook. That afternoon, the group went to the rock at the foot of the waterfall while enjoying barbecue in the middle of the forest while watching and listening to the endless sound of the waterfall.

“Our dinner is grilled pork belly, grilled chicken, lam rice, scad soup with wild vegetables and myrtle wine. No matter how late at night you can still see the soft curves of the Giang Tien waterfall flowing in the middle of the river. On the night of the 12th lunar month, the feeling of night falling in the middle of the old forest, the sound of insects and frogs and the sound of waterfalls mingled together like an endless harmony”, Mr. Be shared.

If you are a resident of Binh Dinh, you can go during the day, but if you want to fully experience the An Lao mountain and forest, you should camp for a night to enjoy the scent of the wild forest and bathe in the waterfall both afternoon and morning.

The next day, Be and his group had an early breakfast, then took advantage of bathing in the stream, cleaning the camp and garbage cleanly, returning nature to what it was before returning to the delta.

Mr. Tran Van Be is a guide from An Lao, Binh Dinh, specializing in tours to explore mountains and forests, and now started his business with friends at Easy Kong Adventure company. The trip to Giang Tien waterfall is both to satisfy the “crazy feet” of the epidemic season and also a trip to discover new places in the homeland.

With many years of experience as a guide and also a local, Mr. Be recommends that if you want to go to Giang Tien waterfall, you should have a local guide, because this is an old forest area, so it is not recommended that visitors go by themselves. To swim in the waterfall and sleep overnight, you need to prepare tents, sleeping bags, long-sleeved clothes, socks, full bathing suits because the night in the forest will be colder. In addition, people limit bringing plastic and littering, do not hunt animals and cut down forest trees indiscriminately to protect the environment.

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Photo: Tran Van Be