Visit Dinh Ba Phu Quoc to learn the legend of discovering the beautiful pearl island

Phu Quoc tourism is not only famous for its beautiful islands but also attractive with many famous landmarks such as Dinh Ba. Visiting Dinh Ba Phu Quoc, you will have the opportunity to learn the legend of the first person who discovered this beautiful pearl island.

Where is Dinh Ba in Phu Quoc?

Dinh Ba Phu Quoc is also known as Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau, a famous spiritual tourist destination in the pearl island. Dinh Ba is located at 44 Vo Thi Sau Street, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang. Visitors to Dinh Ba are free of charge. In the beginning, when it was first built, the palace was just a column of pearls and the thatched roofs were later restored to look like today. Dinh Ba is a destination that attracts tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to Phu Quoc, the palace worships the goddess Kim Giao, also known as Mrs. 
Dinh Ba Phu Quoc - where?Dinh Ba Phu Quoc is also known as Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau

How to get to Dinh Ba Phu Quoc? 

Dinh Ba Phu Quoc is about 3km from Duong Dong town center. Experience going to Phu Quoc , to get to this attraction you can go by speedboat or plane to Phu Quoc. To go from Phu Quoc airport to Duong Dong town center, you can take a taxi, bus, or shuttle bus at the airport.  

If possible, you can take a taxi directly to Dinh Ba for 220,000 VND / time. Or rent a motorbike to actively travel, suitable for those who plan to explore Phu Quoc by “iron horse”. The nearest way to go from Duong Dong town center to Dinh Ba is DT 45 -> turn Nguyen Van Thu street -> Nguyen Trung Truc street -> go straight to the intersection of Vo Thi Sau street -> continue 1 section will reach Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau . 
Dinh Ba Phu Quoc - how to get thereHow to get to Dinh Ba Phu Quoc? 

Visit Dinh Ba Phu Quoc and listen to legends 

What does Phu Quoc Palace have ? Visiting this famous spiritual place in Phu Quoc, you will hear the legend of Dinh Ba and participate in the festival with many special activities.

Legend of Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau 

The legend of Dinh Ba temple has been passed down from generation to generation. Thuy Long Thanh Mau was originally from a noble background from the kings of Cambodia, when the dynasty collapsed, she moved to Phu Quoc to start her life. The first thing she started to do on the island was to expand the herd of grass for the buffalo herd and began to reclaim and cultivate crops. Currently, in Dinh Ba Phu Quoc, there are still vestiges of reclamation and is called Dong Ba. 
Phu Quoc Palace - visitVisit Dinh Ba Phu Quoc famous spiritual place

When it comes to Thuy Long Thanh Mau , the people of Phu Quoc always respect and show their respect to her. They consider her as the one who discovered Phu Quoc island and worshiped Thuy Long Thanh Mau. In Phu Quoc, there are currently two temples worshiping Dinh Ba in Duong Dong and Cua Can. In this article, Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau will be mentioned. 
Phu Quoc Palace - the altar to worship the Holy MotherThe area for worshiping the Holy Mother

Unique Phu Quoc Dinh Ba Festival

Visiting Phu Quoc Dinh Ba besides learning about legends and sightseeing, you can also participate in the festival with many special activities. Every year, on the full moon day of the first lunar month, Phu Quoc people hold a sacrifice ceremony to pay respect to the female Kim Giao. The area of ​​​​the altar of the Holy Mother on festival days is decorated extremely dignified and splendid. Therefore, to learn about the typical cultural features and mingle with the exciting activities of the festival, you should come to Phu Quoc around this time. 
Dinh Ba Phu Quoc - festivalImmerse yourself in Dinh Ba festival hội

Dinh Ba Thuy Long Thanh Mau is not spacious, the most impressive is the gate built very dignified and majestic with dragon and phoenix. Inside the palace are two large columns with cranes on either side, adding to the majesty of this spiritual place. 

Popular places to visit near Dinh Ba Palace

Dinh Cau, Phu Quoc ridgeback conservation center, Ngoc Hien pearl farm, Ong Lang beach are famous places near Dinh Ba Phu Quoc that you can combine to visit:

– Dinh Cau : About 150m from Dinh Ba, the famous place of the pearl island is located on the cliff and you need to go 29 steps to visit inside the palace. Inside Dinh Cau Palace, worship God and his two uncles, who have protected the lives of fishermen in the fishing village. The attraction of tourists when coming to Dinh Cau is the natural scenery in front of them and the mossy ancient features. 
Dinh Ba Phu Quoc - Dinh CauDinh Cau is about 150m from Dinh Ba

– Ong Lang Beach : 9.9km from Dinh Ba, is known as the place to admire the most beautiful sunrise in Phu Quoc island. Ong Lang beach is famous for its wild beauty, soaring coconut trees, golden sand and crystal clear turquoise sea. 
Dinh Ba Phu Quoc - Ong Lang beachCombined visit to Ong Lang beach. Photo: place

– Ridgeback Dog Conservation Center: 11km from Dinh Ba, is the place to preserve and take care of the famous ridgeback breed in Phu Quoc Island. Visiting this place, you can explore many different areas such as: Training area, breeding barn, wilderness area, racetrack, convalescence …

– Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm: About 6km from Dinh Ba, a destination that attracts tourists with beautiful pearls. Here, you will have the opportunity to watch artisans make, culture, grind and pick up pearls. Besides, you can also choose to buy real products from pearls as gifts. 
Dinh Ba Phu Quoc - pearl baseVisit the pearl farm

Notes when visiting Dinh Ba Phu Quoc 

Here are some notes you can refer to when visiting Dinh Ba :

– Should dress politely and discreetly because Dinh Ba is a dignified place. 

– Only burn incense and place rituals in areas where the palace allows. 

– You can visit Dinh Ba at any time of the year. Or you can go to the festival season, full moon day to participate in the sacrifice ceremony of the people here.

Dinh Ba Phu Quoc is a place that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the pearl island, to better understand the unique spiritual culture here. Hopefully, the information above will help you have the most complete tour and discovery of Dinh Ba. 

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