Living virtual tired at the sheep hill Bung Rieng Vung Tau

Not only has Suoi Nghe sheep field as beautiful as a fairy-tale place, but Vung Tau also has a picturesque, picturesque hill of Bung Rieng sheep that makes people fall in love.

Located in hamlet 2, Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, opposite Bung Rieng market, 2km in is the large Bung Rieng eco-tourism area, which was opened in May 2020 but immediately attracts many visitors by the green color of the trees, the impressive wooden buildings and the flock of white sheep like cotton that make everyone unable to take their eyes off.

How to get to Bung Rieng sheep hill?

From Take the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway / Highway 01. At the Long Thanh Interchange, go right and follow the signs for Long Thanh / Long Thanh / Bien Hoa / Vung Tau . At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Highway 51.

Just keep going straight and then turn left onto My Xuan – Ngai Giao, then at the intersection with Binh Gia – Da Bac street, turn right. To the roundabout, take the 4th exit to Binh Ba – Da Bac / Xuan Son – Da Bac, pass Suoi Rao – Phuoc Tan to the intersection with Highway 55, then turn left. Go to the gas station opposite to Bung Rieng market, turn left to reach the Bung Rieng ecological sheep field .Living virtual tired at the sheep hill Bung Rieng Vung TauCute sheep stand out from afar (Photo @korinhtuyet)

Memorable experiences at Bung Rieng sheep hill

Virtual life

As soon as you step into the Bung Rieng sheep hill, you will be greeted by a green forest and a grass spreading on undulating hillsides, combined with rustic wooden houses and white sheep that make you I thought I was lost in some romantic countryside in beautiful as Switzerland - the attraction of Bung Rieng sheep hill in Vung TauThe sheep hill is as beautiful as Switzerland (Photo FB Ecotourism Area – Bung Rieng Sheep Hill)

The highlight here is the well-groomed sheep, although not as many as the Ninh Thuan sheep field or the Suoi Nghe sheep field, each one is fat with smooth, white wool that makes everyone want to hug never let go. In particular, these sheep are also extremely gentle, cute and friendly, so no matter how many posts you make, how many styles you take, they are all very cooperative.Fat white sheep - the attraction of Bung Rieng sheep hill in Vung TauSuper cute super cute sheep (Photo @mydyn.02)

In addition, Bung Rieng eco-tourism area also has powerful brown horses that help you experience activities only for “royal” and can be extremely luxurious and genuine.Horses - interesting point at Bung Rieng sheep hill in Vung TauTake great photos with horses (Photo FB Cao Huyen Anh)

Moreover, to serve the virtual living needs of visitors, the resort owner also invests in super beautiful virtual living corners such as: the faithful purple wooden bridge in the middle of the blue sky, the welcome gate. lined with logs filled with shapes, a beautiful rustic wooden house, a dreamy pink bougainvillea frame and even round piles of dry straw stacked on top of each other to form a towering mountain…making not only the Young people, but the bride and groom are also eager to come together to save memorable memories.Purple wooden bridge - virtual living corner at Bung Rieng sheep hill in Vung TauSuper quality virtual living corner (Photo: Trinh Thi Cam Van)Wedding photography - interesting activities at Bung Rieng sheep hill in Vung TauThe soon-to-be-married couple also rushed to take pictures (FB photo of Ecotourism Area – Cuu Hill Bung Rieng)

Take part in water activities

Not only can you live a virtual life, but when you come to Bung Rieng sheep hill, you can also participate in many interesting water games such as: swimming comfortably in the green swimming pool with clean water without chemicals, boating, Duck riding on a large lake, cycling around the eco-zone or recreational fishing by the lake… Oh, just thinking about it makes my heart flutter.Bathing - a memorable experience at Bung Rieng sheep hill in Vung TauGreen swimming pool for bathing (FB photo of Ecotourism Area – Bung Rieng Sheep Hill)Fishing - a must-try experience at Bung Rieng sheep hill in Vung TauFishing is also a very attractive hobby (Photo Facebook Ngoc Bike)

Organize picnic, camping

Surrounded by myrtle trees that bear fruit all year round, providing shade and green grass, so it would be remiss if you came here without relaxing on the chairs under the tree, resting by the wooden huts. around the cool lake or organize a nice outdoor picnic on the grass with the family.

Besides, space where the Bung Rieng eco-sheep hill in Vung Tau will also be very suitable for you to participate in games such as teambuilding to bond, make a delicious outdoor BBQ or set up a camping tent to enjoy. Magical beauty shimmering like the galaxy of the night sky.

Enjoy delicious – nutritious – cheap food 

As a tourist area, it is not difficult to understand that the Bung Rieng sheep hill also has a separate food court to serve visitors with delicious Vung Tau specialties such as: Grilled shrimp, Crab, sweet steamed crab, Grilled squid with salt and chili passionately, or Ca Bep hot pot, Mackerel … are processed in a rustic but attractive way.Food court - eating spot at Bung Rieng sheep hill in Vung TauThe food court is decorated super prominently (Photo FB Dao Minh Duong)

In addition, there is also a large fruit garden with countless delicious and sweet fruits such as coconut, longan, jackfruit, guava, dragon fruit, rambutan … for visitors to enjoy comfortably, can only Let’s say that the word ê lasts forever.

Visit the famous tourist attractions of Vung Tau nearby

Near the hill sheep Bung Rieng has numerous tourist attractions nực far and near Vung Tau as: Ho Tram , Ho Coc , Long Hai beach , sea Loc or hot springs at Binh Chau … with beautiful views as poetry, so if If you’ve visited here for a long time, don’t rush back but set foot to visit those places first, it will definitely not make you disappointed.

A few notes at Bung Rieng sheep hill that you can refer to

Opening hours for sightseeing : from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily.

Entrance ticket price : 

  • Children under 0.8m: free 
  • Children from 1m and above and adults: 30,000 VND /ticket
  • Wedding photography team: 200,000 VND / Ticket / team of 5 people (The 6th person or more, buy a normal entrance ticket). In which, you can borrow a turtle car for free to pull wedding photography.

Picnic service price :

  • Large stove (40cm x 60cm) + 2kg of coal: 100,000 VND / Piece
  • Small stove (30cm x 40cm) + 1kg of coal: 50,000 VND / piece
  • Swimwear (baby pool): 15,000 VND / set 
  • Bathing buoy (children’s pool): 10,000 VND / piece /
  • 20 liter water bottle: 25,000 VND / Bottle / Return of the bottle
  • Seat tarpaulin size 4m x 4m: 60,000 VND / Sheet / Turn
  • Seat tarpaulin size 3m x 3m: 50,000 VND / Sheet / Turn
  • Seat tarpaulin size 2m x 2m: 40,000 VND / Sheet / Turn
  • A-shaped tent: 150,000 VND / set (10 people)
  • Small stage space: 3,000,000 VND / Day
  • Single umbrella (diameter 15m): 2,500,000 VND / Day
  • Double umbrella (diameter 20m x 30m): 4,000,000 VND / Day
  • Printing, decorating banners, banners – hiflex (printing, construction): 120,000 VND / 1m2
  • Arrangement of outdoor stage size 3m x 5m, with carpet: 500,000 VND / rate /

Camping service price :

  • From 15 people to 50 people: 60,000 VND / person
  • From 51 people to 100 people: 40,000 VND / person
  • Outdoor sound for groups of less than 300 people: 3,500,000 VND /180 minutes 
  • Campfire including firewood + gasoline: 950,000 VND / Rate

Price for overnight room rental :

  • Double room: from 1,000,000 VND / room for up to 6 people (additional person surcharge 70k)
  • Single room: from 600,000 VND / room for up to 3 people (additional person surcharge 70k)

Traveling to Vung Tau, don’t just focus on swimming or climbing mountains because the tourist areas here, such as Bung Rieng sheep hill, also have a lot of interesting things for you to explore.

Photo: Internet