The rice shop changes dishes every day, bringing customers back to the old Da Lat

LAM DONG – Quan decorated in nostalgic style, menu with familiar dishes of Vietnamese families, priced from 40,000 VND/dish.

During the journey to discover Da Lat City, food vlogger Max McFarlin stopped at a restaurant on Tran Nhat Duat Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City to have lunch. The place is decorated in a nostalgic style with old items. Max said that there are many restaurants like this in Da Lat.

Entering the restaurant, diners seem to be returning to their grandparents’ house in the past, a clean old house, smooth cement floors, small TV cabinets, table lamps, old sewing machines, steps. Inside, guests can still hear the radio playing the news. “The decoration is simple but there are many things that remind me of Vietnamese childhood,” said Max.

The space of the restaurant is covered with green trees.  Photo: Three Meal a Day Restaurant
The space of the restaurant is covered with green trees. Photo: Three Meal a Day Restaurant

Outside the restaurant is a small garden planted with all kinds of green trees, diners can sit indoors or outside to have lunch, currently the shop is open from 10:30 to 15:00 every day. The menu here is constantly changed daily depending on the market so that customers always have fresh and delicious dishes, the menu is not printed on stickers but is handwritten according to savory dishes, side dishes, rice, soup, and drinks.

Instead of preparing and arranging dishes for customers, the restaurant puts both chopsticks and cups neatly in a bamboo basket, customers will compare their chopsticks and take the bowl to eat rice according to the number of people coming to the shop. “I like to compare chopsticks like this, it took me a while to look for a pair of chopsticks. I don’t know if the two chopsticks I took are a pair, but they look similar,” excited American food vlogger.

The dishes at the restaurant are not elaborately processed, simple cooking brings a familiar feeling like a Vietnamese family meal. Savory dishes include: fried cutlet rib, chicken with fish sauce, deep-fried scad, beef stir-fried with vegetables, fried egg… Guests can order more side dishes such as fried onion salad, tofu, eggplant. With onion sauce, sauteed chayote with carrots… the price of the dish is from 40,000 VND to 80,000 VND/dish, the meal can’t be without white rice and hot soup dishes.

Max ordered 3 savory dishes and 2 dishes with steamed rice and soup, water. He was impressed with the dish of chicken with fish sauce, with thigh meat, chicken breast, pepper, adding a little cilantro to decorate with lots of onions and red bell peppers. At first glance, this dish looks like Vietnamese braised dishes, but with a thick sauce with the sweetness of cooked onions, the spicy taste of chili mixed with common seasoning makes the dish more special. .

Max commented that each Vietnamese rice dish has its own delicious taste and impressed him.  Photo: Max McFarlin/YouTube
Max commented that each Vietnamese rice dish has its own delicious taste and impressed him. Photo: Max McFarlin/YouTube

Besides, sauteed carrot with a layer of greasy oil mixed with the sweet taste of vegetables also catches rice. The simplest dish is fried egg with meat and sweet fish sauce, eating salty with white rice is very suitable.

Max’s meal is about 355,000 VND (nearly 15.5 USD), he is impressed with the rice dishes in Vietnam whether it is broken rice, popular rice or family rice like just enjoying, each type has its own deliciousness. The food is very delicious even though it is simple and unfussy. “Rice in Vietnam is on another level,” he said. Follow vnexpress