Che He – February 3 in Da Lat City, Lam Dong, delicious food in Da Lat

Che He, a tea shop with a very strange name, is one of the most famous Dalat delicacies here, attracting not only locals but also many tourists coming here to travel and explore.

Review of the original Dalat tea shop

Che He Da Lat is an address that is very familiar to locals and tourists. Let’s explore the taste of He Sweet Soup shop with Vinlove!

The original Dalat tea shop

Da Lat Tea has been open for more than 15 years now. A name that has been associated with many memories of local people.

Coming to the shop, diners will be served with more than 10 different types of tea, bringing the typical flavor of Da Lat.

The popularity of the shop not only comes from the delicious taste of the tea dishes but also from the interesting name of the tea name He.

A name that seems to have said the style of the restaurant, and is also what makes many diners curious.

  • Address: 11A, 3/2 street , Ward 1, Da Lat City
  • Opening hours: 15h00 – 21h00
  • Price: 6,000 – 12,000 VND
Directions to He Da Lat tea shop

Tea He Da Lat is located at 11A, 3/2 street, ward 1, Da Lat city.

The tea shop is located in the Hoa Binh area, city center. He Sweet Soupshop has a large street frontage, but finding it is not easy for those who have just arrived in Da Lat.

The address of He Da Lat tea shop is on the corner
The picture of He Da Lat tea shop from the outside

In my experience, if you want to find the easiest shop, the first destination is Lien Hoa bakery .

When you come to Lien Hoa bakery, look at the house next door, to the right of the shop. You will see a 2-story house, no sign with a half-open iron door, which is the original Da Lat He Tea shop.

The interesting thing about the name of Da Lat tea.

He Sweet Soup is not the name of a tea dish or the brand name the owner gives to the shop. The origin of the name Che He is actually because people here passed it on by word of mouth.

Enjoy the taste of tea at the tea shop in Da Lat
Delicious taste of the tea

A tea shop with three nos: no signboard, never full door and never empty of customers.

The impressive point for guests to choose the name Che He is the “powerful iron door”.

When coming to enjoy the tea at the corner, the first thing that makes diners notice is the door that never opens.

On cold days in Da Lat, the iron door is only slightly opened to allow one person to pass through.

Enjoy the taste of He Da Lat tea
Enjoy the authentic taste of He Da Lat tea

But today the weather in Da Lat is not as cold as before and the guests are getting more and more crowded. So the iron door is also opened wider, no longer the same as before.

Great dishes at Che He Da Lat

The special thing at He Da Lat tea shop is that you will be served 2 types of hot tea and cold tea. With more than 10 types of tea for you to freely choose such as: common tea, corn tea, bean tea, pomelo tea, drifting tea, mixed tea…

Da Lat He Tea is a delicious dish not to be missed
Enjoy the taste of floating tea

What makes He tea shop special and famous in Da Lat is not only because the door is always ajar. It is the quality of the Sweet Soup cups here.

Each cup of tea is just right, not too much, not boring for guests. Each cup of tea is each flavor, each agricultural product of Da Lat.

Sweet taste of Dalat tea

With its own features in style and enjoy its own tea dishes. He Da Lat tea shop has become a familiar place for locals, as well as tourists.

He Sweet Soup shop is getting more and more crowded, and the door is opening wider and wider, no longer like the old days. But in return, the taste of the tea always retains the original characteristics.
AGOtourist wishes you a complete and meaningful trip to Dalat

With its very own features, Che He has become a unique culinary brand of the mountain town, becoming an attractive destination in the series of tourists’ journey to discover Da Lat, which has been recognized by locals and tourists alike Come here to register in the list of delicious Dalat dishes not to be missed when stopping in this “foggy city”.