Chu Pah travel experience – Gia Lai’s green paradise

As the convergence of many beautiful landscapes of Gia Lai, Chu Pah is a great rendezvous for you to start your journey to discover the mountain town, where there are majestic mountains, green grass hills, and waterfalls like a waterfall. cheering day and night in the middle of a thousand waiting for you. 

About Chu Pah Gia Lai

Traveling to Gia Lai , one of the beautiful destinations that you should not miss is Chu Pah. If Pleiku is a paradise of unique architectures, historical and culinary destinations, then Chu Pah is likened to a village girl of the highlands with the wild and liberal beauty of the mountains and landscapes. wonderful natural beauty. If you are planning to explore this mountainous region, the Chu Pah travel experience below will be the perfect guide to help you discover and experience this land to the fullest.Chu Pah travel experienceChu Pah, the enchanting green paradise of Gia Lai. Photo:@buoc.quynh

Chu Pah is a district capital located in the north of Gia Lai province, the administrative center of the district is Phu Hoa town, adjacent to Sa Thay district of Kon Tum and Pleiku city. Chu Pah district not only has great potential for agricultural and industrial development but also is one of the attractive destinations for tourist followers when it has a series of attractive destinations, including many tourist attractions. to the key tourism of Gia Lai province. Chu Pah travel experienceThe beautiful mountainous region has many attractive destinations. Photo: @tkaonki_04

What is the best season to travel to Chu Pah?

 In Chu Pah, each season has its own beauty, but there are special moments in these five countries possessing breathtaking beauty, which are the golden moments for you to come and explore. The most favorable time to travel in Chu Pah is the dry season from November to May next year, at this time the weather is dry and sunny, the scenery is beautiful and poetic, very suitable for you to visit and explore.Chu Pa travel experience, time to visit Should travel to Chu Pah in the dry season from November to May next year. Photo: @xiuxiuiu

Chu Pah travel experience when choosing a time to visit that you should not miss is to come here near the end of the year, from November to December, at this time the scenery in Chu Pah becomes so splendid with beautiful scenery. Ripe rice fields, pure yellow of wild sunflowers and vibrant rows of cassava. In particular, this season is also the time when the deciduous rubber forests create a beautiful romantic scene like Korea. If you want to hunt for coffee flowers, go to Chu Pah in February or March, when the coffee flowers are in full bloom, creating a truly splendid landscape. 

How to move and stay when coming to Chu Pah

According to Chu Pah’s travel experience shared by many people, moving here is very easy. If from other localities you can go by bus or plane to Pleiku, then from Pleiku city you can travel by motorbike, car, or taxi to Chu Pah. However, to be able to see the natural scenery as well as have the most complete experience, traveling by motorbike is the optimal choice. 

Chu Pah travel experience where to stay

You can visit Chu Pah by motorbike and stay in Pleiku. Photo:@somaly_ng

Because Chu Pah is located not far from the center of Pleiku, most tourists will choose to stay in the city center and then move to Chu Pah to visit and explore. In Pleiku, you can choose to stay at central hotels such as HAGL, Se San, Hoang Vu Bien Ho, or outstanding homestays such as Lake View Homestay, The Stay Villa Pleiku, XOM Organic Farm Stay… 

Chu Pah travel experience: beautiful destinations

Chu Dang Ya 

Originally an inactive volcano, Chu Dang Ya today is a fertile farming area for people around the region, not only that, but this mountain is also a beautiful check-in place that is loved by many tourists. by the green color of the lush fields thanks to the rich nutrition of the fertile basalt soil.Chu Pah Chu Dang travel experienceChu Dang Ya is the hottest check-in point in Chu Pah. Photo:@ha.phuong.hehe

In particular, until the next appointment, the wildflower season in November turns this mountain into a dream paradise for anyone who loves the wild beauty of this beautiful flower. Not far from the top of Chu Dang Ya, going to the foot of the mountain you can also check-in at the H’Bau synagogue, a mossy architecture with impressive beauty. Although it is no longer intact, it is the desolate appearance and wild plants that have created a rare beauty for the landscape of this place. Chu Pah travel experience to visit H'bau synagogueH’bau Church at the foot of Chu Dang Ya. Photo:@lyckng

Chu Nam Mountain 

Chu Nam is a beautiful mountain located right near Chu Dang Ya and is also Gia Lai’s favorite emerging trekking paradise. If Chu Dang Ya has a fresh and vibrant beauty, in Chu Nam you will feel a wild but attractive beauty. From the top of Chu Nam, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful plains at the foot of the mountain, hunt clouds and enjoy memorable night camping.Chu Pah travel experienceChu Nam Peak is the destination of many trekking enthusiasts. Photo: FB/ Chu Pah my hometown.

Lake Tea and hundreds of years old pine 

This is a very hot check-in point for Gia Lai tourism followers because the landscape here is beautiful and poetic and lyrical. The tea hill is only 13km from Pleiku center in the area of ​​Nghia Hung commune, Chu Pah district. With a wild and vibrant natural setting, this is the first tea plantation of the French in Gia Lai. Coming here, you will be mesmerized by the immense green color of the tea hills.Chu Pah travel experience to visit tea hill Beautiful tea hill with a fresh green look. Photo: travelmag

Especially, the ancient pine road leading to the entrance to the tea hill is also an attractive destination where the devotees are often checked-in by the romantic scenery not inferior to Korea. The fresh space and green nature here will surely bring you moments of relaxation. Chu Pah travel experience to visit the pine roadThe road of hundreds of years of romantic pine. Photo:@nganly7889

Buu Minh Pagoda

Buu Minh Pagoda is located near Ho Che Beach and the pine road, this is one of the first pagodas in Gia Lai born in the early 20th century. Buu Minh Pagoda has impressive architecture that combines Japanese and Taiwanese temple designs with Northern temple architecture and space is in harmony with the landscape, so many people love and come to check-in. Chu Pah travel experience to visit CHAU BAU MINHThe temple is located among thousands of trees. Photo: @dvt.81

Tan Son Dam 

According to the Chu Pah travel experience of many tourists, this is one of the destinations not to be missed. Tan Son Dam is located in Nghia Hung commune, right on the way to Chu Dang Ya from Pleiku, so you can combine sightseeing conveniently. With an area of ​​​​up to 18 square kilometers, Tan Son Dam stretches to attract the eyes and is covered by the lush green of vast trees, creating a very charming scene. Chu Pah travel experience to visit Tan Son DamTan Son Dam fascinates young people. Photo:@-iam.peachy.95

Princess Waterfall 

With a gentle beauty like its name, Princess Waterfall in Mon village, Ia Mo Mong commune is an attractive destination of Chu Pah that makes many people fascinated. Princess waterfall hidden at the foot of the mountain flows through the rocks with a very light and peaceful flow like not rushing to create a peaceful scene, this is what creates a very unique highlight for this waterfall. .  Chu Pah travel experience to visit Princess WaterfallPrincess Waterfall is as beautiful as a muse. Photo: Gia Lai newspaper

Yaly . Hydroelectricity 

After the Hoa Binh hydropower plant, the Yaly hydropower plant is the largest hydropower plant in Vietnam and a source of energy for a large area. Yaly Hydroelectricity is located on the hydroelectric dam on the Sesan River, check-in in here you will learn about the work of the workers at this large hydroelectric power plant as well as see the Sesan River and the hydroelectric project. scale, grandeur.Chu Pah travel experience to visit Yaly hydroelectricityA majestic corner at Yaly Hydroelectricity. Photo:@_peachdthw

What to eat in Chu Pah tourism? What to buy as a gift? 

In addition to checking in and visiting attractive destinations, it is certain that traveling devotees will hardly miss delicious dishes when coming to Chu Pah. This land has all kinds of delicious dishes, but the most prominent one is grilled chicken with rice lam . The Chu Pah travel experience that you should immediately pocket is to check-in at Plei Teng restaurant, which has the most delicious specialty grilled chicken with lam rice in Chu Pah as well as Gia Lai. There are also grilled pork dishes and can wine are also very attractive. In addition, other attractive dishes such as two-bowl pho, red vermicelli… are also attractive options. Experience traveling to Chu Pa with grilled chicken Plei Tieng grilled chicken is delicious. Photo: Gia Lai TV

Chu Pah is a rich land, so when you come here, besides enjoying delicious food, you also do not forget the special fruits and vegetables. At Chu Pah, the most delicious are still durian and avocado, these are two famous fruits that have long been popular. Experience traveling to Chu Pa with grilled chicken Gia Lai durian is famously delicious. Photo: Gia Lai Newspaper

Want to buy gifts after the trip, you can buy avocado, durian if you come here in the right season, in addition, you can buy coffee, honey or other famous forest products here. 

The above Chu Pah travel experience is a useful guide that promises to help you explore this wonderful land to the fullest. Come to Chu Pah to immerse yourself in the romantic scenery of hundreds of years old pine trees, Tonle Sap tea hill, or admire the majesty and immensity of Tan Son dam, this beautiful land will surely have many that makes you fall in love. 

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