What does Lam Dong have besides Da Lat?

Leaving the center of Da Lat, visitors can experience many unspoiled landscapes and other interesting activities of Lam Dong.

Da Lat is the most famous tourist destination in Lam Dong. However, this province still has many other destinations that are attractive enough for tourists. In case you want to go far, explore more, you can go to these places.

Mong Dao Nguyen

In the cherry blossom season in the morning, many tourists flock to Da Lat but forget the dream of Dao Nguyen (Lac Duong). This spot is near the Lang Biang mountain area, with pristine scenery, which is considered the “fairy scene” of Lam Dong.

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Mong Dao Nguyen is likened to a fairy scene in the middle of the mountains. Photo: Quynh Danh.

The biggest difference between Dao Nguyen and Da Lat center is that this area has many years old peach trees. The flowers here bloom in clusters, grow close together, creating distinctive pink patches. The flower forest interspersed between the pine forest creates a poetic scene.

However, the road here is quite difficult, bad, and rocky. You should make sure you have a firm grip on the steering wheel to cross this road.

Masara Rose Grass Hill

This is a romantic trekking spot in the Duc Trong district. After coming to this district, you only need to go about 5 km more on the red dirt road, to Ta Nang commune, the poetic grass hill will appear right in front of your eyes.

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The dreamy grassy hills are suitable for picnics. Photo: Thewilddaisylover.

Bare hills with only a few trees scattered, creating a large space for camping. Far from the city, the color of the sky here is much more beautiful than Da Lat. At sunset or dawn, the unique colors from warm orange, vibrant red or cool green… can become the perfect “background” for visitors’ virtual live photos.

The best time to come here is at the end of the year, from early November to late December. Pink grass appears to create a unique and rare scene in Vietnam.

Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda

The entertainment activities filmed here to make the temple become an attractive tourist destination when coming to Da Lat.

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The temple “in the clouds” is a favorite hunting spot for young people. Photo: Everdreamwandering.

After the journey over the high slopes, only about 40 cm wide, you will witness the image of dew covered the way, like being lost in a fairyland.

The temple is located on a high hill, hidden among the forest and tea garden, surrounded by green grass. The early morning clouds covering the mountains and forests is a beautiful moment that many people want to enjoy when coming here.

Phuoc Lac Tea Hill

Lam Dong has many tea hills for tourists to explore. If you are too familiar with the famous tea hills on the “tourist map”, you can find Phuoc Lac tea hill (Bao Loc).

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Phuoc Lac tea hill still has few visitors, so you can comfortably “live virtual”. Photo: Phuoc Lac Tea.

The green, straight, and eye-catching tea hills are a check-in point worth visiting. In addition, this tea hill area is also quite a few visitors, so it is easier to take photos.

After exploring the tea hill, visitors can visit the factory and enjoy the fresh taste of oolong tea here.

Da Don River

Da Don River is a section of the Da Dang River (Da Dung), flowing through the territory of Lam Ha district. Here, visitors can experience interesting pontoon boating, watching the unspoiled river route.

travel to Vietnam 5
Adventure experience on the Da Don River. Photo: Lam Dong newspaper.

The pontoon boat is enough to carry 2-8 people and is released into the water right at the foot of the bridge. The river is rocky, but has been eroded by the water over thousands of years. Therefore, you can rest assured when you join this experience with the captain – who is also a guide.

Visitors will have to overcome 2 vertical waterfalls 6 m high and 12 m high. The higher the waterfall, the greater the pressure falling, so the stronger the water. The experience promises to be suitable for adventurous travelers.