Hanoi women ‘plant forests’ on the terrace

Ms. Hoang Ha grows hundreds of kinds of fruit on the terrace, but when you step on it, if you don’t see the rooftops around, it’s easy for guests to get lost in the green forest.

When building a house in 2016, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Ha decided to use half of the total 60 m2 terrace area for gardening. The 43-year-old woman asked the builder to build two tanks, pull the pulley to fill them with soil and dozens of other bags of soil ready to go. Two concrete tanks are designed on the western edge of the terrace, with space more than a hand away from the ceiling, specializing in growing crops that need a lot of land such as cucurbits, melons, and beans.

For the rest, Ms. Ha combines foam boxes (from 2 to 5 boxes) to form adjacent beds, growing green vegetables. Currently, the garden has a row of five barrels divided into two large beds that are placed close together to facilitate harvesting and tilling, and save space.

House in Bac Bien, Ngoc Thuy, near the Red River dyke, so the soil is rich in nutrients, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of work to process. She mixes the soil at the rate of about 60% of the soil with rice husk, coal slag, clean tribat soil, vermicompost, cow and chicken manure.

After making the soil, she planted the seeds and covered them with a thin layer of straw or hay (if any), watered them, and then covered them with whatever is suitable and available such as styrofoam boxes, sacks, plastic…

Ms. Ha does not soak the seeds before sowing (except for coriander), because the dry seeds are sprinkled more evenly. After 2-3 days, turn the coating over to check, the green sprouts are open. When the tree is still young, it should be covered with a cloth to prevent the tree from being crushed by heavy rain.

After each batch of vegetables, Ms. Ha turned over 3/4 of the soil, added bio-waste and covered with a layer of tribat soil before planting new vegetables, not letting the soil rest. The mother of two grows hundreds of vegetables and fruits in the garden. This summer, my house has loofah, sweet potato, spinach, water spinach, cowpea…

According to Ms. Hoang Ha, light and good drainage are two decisive factors for vegetables and fruits to grow well on the terrace.

She also tried growing strawberries, purple sweet potatoes, onions… Strawberries were given to her by a friend in Son La since 2019, having survived two harsh summers in Hanoi thanks to good soil.

Onions sprout or mold, she split branches, puts them in the ground, has left to eat every day, after a few months there are more bulbs. Harvested broccoli with sprouts around, she kept taking care of it, after more than a month, she could eat it again.

In addition to vegetables, the owner of the garden planted more sunflowers, jasmine, buttonholes, roses… Orchid orchids planted in foam boxes after nine months were able to show off flowers.

Ha often stands under this corner to both exercises and watch the flowers bloom. “Every time I go to the garden, the yoga moves I practice are very smooth, having to go down to the house to practice when it rains is not as effective. Perhaps trees bring more positive energy”, she concluded.

For most of the flowers she asked for seeds or seeds from her outings. The purple button-down chrysanthemums growing around the jasmine flowers were collected from the seeds when she climbed the Tay Yen Tu mountain, mint, perilla, basil leaves, fragrant leaves, French mint were requested on the farm in Bac Giang…

This colorful butterfly flower in one corner is the result of a time when the owner of the garden pulled the seedlings from the parking lot at a resort to plant.

This is one of Hoang Ha’s terrace garden photos that received many likes from the community that likes to plant trees. In addition to the group introducing her home garden, Ms. Ha also shared her experiences.

Every afternoon, after work, Ms. Ha goes up to water the plants and breathes fresh air.

There are four members in her family, but she only has to take out the trash once every three days. In the corner of the garden, there are 3 large bins for storing kitchen waste. She stores garbage, covers the bin and waits until the soil is done to add to the bottom.

“Fresh garbage can also decompose, does not smell when it is filled with a thick layer of soil. That will reduce biological waste and have clean and nutritious vegetables to eat. But if the house has mice, do not apply this method. This is okay, because rats are very easy to nest under barrels”, she shared her experience.

Not only watching flowers, enjoying vegetables, every time she goes to the terrace, but Ms. Ha can also see bees coming to attract nectar, watching sparrows perched on the wire around the garden. In the evening, just watching the lotus bloom, the garden owner can also hear the sound of frogs.

In every season, just stepping on the terrace, Ms. Ha’s family can enjoy clean and healthy vegetables.

“My way of gardening does not cost much, so it is suitable for most people’s wishes and abilities. The important thing is to spend some time, have a love for plants and not be afraid of insects,” the woman said. office worker said. Follow vnexpress