Doc Khoai relic site – an attractive destination for tourists to visit when coming to Co To pearl island

Not only owning beautiful beaches, but coming to Co To pearl island you can also visit many famous historical sites. In particular, the Doc Khoai relic is associated with the heroic sacrifices of the heroes in the defense of the sea and islands during the resistance war against the French.

The famous Doc Khoai relic site Island Co To

Doc Khoai relic site is a historical place of special significance in the Co To island district. Specifically, in 1961, Uncle Ho had the opportunity to visit Co To island. On March 23, 1994, Co To district was established and on December 23, 1994, Co To island was officially born. In 1961, Uncle Ho moved to Tra Co to Co To island to visit the people living on the island and the production facilities here.
Doc Khoai relic site - where?Doc Khoai relic is a historical site of special significance in Co To island district

The people of Co To island district asked Uncle Ho’s permission to build a statue on the island and a memorial house and stele. The relic area includes Uncle Ho’s monument located in a spacious green campus, a souvenir house, and Doc Khoai. The reason it is called the Doc Khoai relic is that this is where Uncle Ho used to go to look for potatoes. A place to record the victories of our army and people in the struggle against the French colonialists to protect the sovereignty of the sea and islands. Doc Khoai is located behind the Uncle Ho relic site, close to the town center of Co To island district.  
Doc Khoai relic site - famous placeAdmire the ruins from above

Besides the meaning associated with historical events of the nation, Doc Khoai is also known as a famous place to watch the beautiful sunrise that is loved by many tourists. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to come to Co To island, you can wake up at dawn or dusk to admire the romantic beauty of this place. You will enjoy the fresh air blowing from the sea and own yourself with beautiful shimmering virtual live pictures. In particular, near Doc Khoai, Co To Island, is a famous love road located along the Nam Hai Sea, a romantic place to stroll and check-in.      
Doc Khoai relic site - historical site in Co ToDoc Khoai relic area is also a beautiful place for sightseeing and taking pictures. Photo: tindulich

Visiting the Doc Khoai relic site on Co To island, you cannot ignore the famous place that is Uncle Ho’s memorial house. This famous relic was built in an area of ​​2,209m2, including 5 compartments. The middle space places Uncle Ho’s monument on a prominent podium with a red brick background. The two side rooms are where Uncle Ho’s bed is displayed, with flower pillows and white sheets. Next to it, is a display cabinet of Uncle Ho’s daily personal items and a chair. The next stop is a model of a house on stilts, displaying pictures of Uncle Ho’s visit to Co To Island and medals. 
Doc Khoai relic site - Uncle Ho statueVisiting Uncle Ho statue

The next attraction is the salt field in Nam Hai, near the medical center of Co To district. Salt field is a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, with wide openings to the sea.  
Doc Khoai relic site - memorial areaUncle Ho memorial site on Co To island

D ia famous tourist spot near relic Doc Potatoes  

You can also combine visiting famous places near Doc Khoai relic such as:

– Cau My rock beach: Located on the island side of the large Co To island, famous for its sedimentary rock layers eroded by the sea creating beautiful scenery. In particular, the sedimentary rock layers at Cau My rock beach have many beautiful colors, layered on top of each other with many unique shapes. Visiting Cau My rock beach, you can not only admire the beautiful scenery but also enjoy the beautiful virtual check-in. 
Doc Khoai relic site - Cau My rock beachCheck-in Cau My stone beach. Photo: liontrip

– Nam Hai Beach: The famous Co To the beach is not known to many people, so it is very wild and has clear water. Visiting Nam Hai beach, you will be immersed in relaxation with cool water. Let’s go sightseeing, have fun and enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood. 
Doc Khoai relic site - Nam Hai beachNam Hai beach on Co To island. Photo: vietsensetravel

– Co To Lighthouse : Located in the eastern area of ​​Co To island, about 5km from the town center. On the way to Co To the lighthouse, you will admire the beautiful forest and purple myrtle. Standing from the top of the lighthouse, you will have a panoramic view of the beautiful Co To pearl island.      
Doc Khoai relic - Co To lighthouseCombined visit to Co To lighthouse

N -heartedly noted visiting Doc relic Potato Co

This is a relic of historical significance, so when visiting the Doc Khoai relic site, you should “pocket” a few notes below:

– Dress politely and discreetly to show respect for Uncle. 

– You can take pictures as a souvenir with Uncle Ho’s statue and beautiful scenery here. 

– To see the best scenery, you should visit the ruins in the early morning or late afternoon. 

– Do not arbitrarily touch the artifacts in the Uncle Ho memorial area. 

– The relic is about 3km from the center of Co To island, you can easily move by motorbike or take a taxi.  

Above is the whole experience of going to Doc Khoai relic site on Co To island . Hopefully, it will help you have the most useful information when you have the opportunity to visit this famous historical place in Co To. In addition, you can refer to: Co To island travel experience .  

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