Long My Lake – the ideal picnic spot in Quy Nhon

Forget the noisy, crowded at famous beaches like Ky CoEo Gio because Quy Nhon also has a peaceful and poetic Long My lake to relieve stress on the weekend.

Where is Long My Lake?

Long My is a freshwater lake with an area of ​​about 6.5 km2 and a capacity of up to 3 million m3 located in Phuoc My commune, about 18km from the center of Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, specializing in supplying water to the wings. of the villages of Long Thanh, My Loi, Thanh Long, Long My… to serve the people’s lives.

However, because the lake is located in such a beautiful location, surrounded by lush green mountains and forests, far away are immense fields creating a lyrical and poetic beauty, so it immediately attracted a lot of people. Many people come to visit and become a famous picnic spot of Binh Dinh .Long My Lake - the ideal picnic spot in Quy NhonThe scenery of the lake is picturesque (Photo @benz.mind)

The clear and pure beauty of Long My Quy Nhon lake

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Long My freshwater lake welcomes visitors with cool breezes carrying the fresh scent of nature and fresh air, no dust, no noisy car horns. Peace is like in a fairy tale world.

Moreover, around the lake are undulating hills and covered with green forests, combined with the immense blue of the high sky and the lake as clear as a giant mirror reflecting the clouds in the sky. Space is more and more full of green, attracting people’s souls.green - outstanding scenery at Long My Lake The whole green space at the lake (Photo FB My Nuong)

In particular, every time the water dries up in the middle of Long My Lake, a protrusion of land like an independent oasis looks extremely eye-catching.Long My Lake - the ideal picnic spot in Quy NhonUnique cliffs emerge in the middle of the lake (Photo @voo.vtn)

Each time the lake has a different beauty, but the most beautiful is probably in the early morning when the fog is still covering the lake’s surface, looking fanciful and poetic like a fairyland, and when the sunset falls. The lake’s pink color creates a beautiful oil painting that takes your breath away.early morning - beautiful time at Long My LakeIn the early morning, the fog is blurry (Photo FB Nguyen Le Anh Tuyet)

Great experiences at Long My Lake

Next to the lake there is a concrete dam to prevent water, but it is also an ideal place to take a scenic walk and take youthful photos at the steep steps among the green grass hills, so don’t forget to dress up. Dynamic, young to create a virtual life here.Virtual living - indispensable activity at Long My Lake On the lake, there are many good angles to take pictures (Fb photo of Belgium Ngan Candy)

In addition, along Long My Lake are green lawns that are suitable for you to lie on the grass watching the vast sky and return to your childhood with an interesting cloud guessing game. And it will be more interesting if you bring food to make an outdoor picnic or set up an overnight camping tent. 

The ideal schedule to have a picnic at the lake for you is to come here in the late afternoon when the sunlight has weakened, no longer too harsh and dazzling. After taking pictures with the sunset, then light a fire to grill food and set up a camping tent, and when night falls, they begin to gather around the fire to eat and drink. Then when the night comes, you can talk while watching the starry sky shimmering like the Milky Way, surely all your worries and fatigue will disappear immediately.picnic - interesting experience at Long My Lake Hồ Picnic is an activity not to be missed at the lake (Photo @rongtuech_vth)

Not only that, at Long My Quy Nhon lake, there is also an extremely interesting experience of rowing SUP in the middle of the lake, both helping you to exercise your hands and feet to exercise while discovering the poetic beauty of the lake, ensuring It’s always fun to forget.SUP rowing - interesting activity at Long My LakeSUP paddling on the lake is quite interesting (Photo @min.ldm)

After admiring the scenery of the lake, follow the trail on the left side of the lake for about 800m to reach the famous Long My rock stream or Ngang stream nearby, with strangely shaped rocks stacked in layers. Cross over each other and the white water flows straight down from above like soft silk strips that some fairy forgot, creating a majestic, wild and poetic beauty, enchanting people’s hearts.Long My Rock Stream - Destination near Long My Lake The poetic scene in the rocky stream (Photo FB Thanh Phuong)

On sweltering, hot summer days, there is nothing better than enjoying the dreamy, green beauty of the clear lake and being immersed in the cool water of the rocky stream and fresh nature. this.

Some notes when going to Long My Lake picnic

How to get there : from Quy Nhon city center, you ride a motorbike or car along Highway 1A along Cu Mong pass, turn right at Long My intersection and go along the concrete road through Long My industrial park about 3km then turn left to get there.motorbike - popular means of transport to Long My Lake Hồ Motorcycles are a popular means of transport to the lake (Photo @vinhieu_tu)

Time of arrival : If your purpose is picnic and sightseeing, in the summer, the ideal time to visit Long My Lake is in the time frame around 3-4 pm because at this time the sun is not too strong. Perfect for photography and picnics. If you go in the winter, you should go earlier in the afternoon and leave early to ensure your safety because it will get dark very quickly at this time.

Equipment needed : Should bring sunscreen, long-sleeved clothes, hat, sunglasses to protect the skin and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. If there is a need to eat and stay overnight, you should prepare food, water, and a stove and firewood for cooking.food - what to bring when coming to Long My Lake Should bring food and water (Photo @amyyanhh_)

How to behave : After eating, drinking and playing by the lake, before returning, please clean up the garbage that you have thrown out to protect and keep the landscape here always fresh and clean.

When you are too tired of the hustle and bustle of the prosperous city, please do a trip to Quy Nhon at  Long My Quy Nhon lake  to let the beautiful nature soothe your soul.

Photo: Internet